Blizz's Custom Character Hut: PUNISHER (09/24); LIZARD (10/05)

Started by BliZZ, July 23, 2007, 06:38PM

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could you by any chance fix Blobs stance when in stark tower, or any other base.

His legs are to close to each other.

Unfortunately you can't.  Not easily anyways.  Those are common animations for all characters.

Hey i downloaded you  lizard character and he cant attack any reason why?
We are the Venom :venom:

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I love the Punisher Mod! Epicness and I love the powers.
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the look of your mods makes me wanna download them, i'll do it when i have the game. great mods!

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I wish I could use the punisher mod for XML2 any way of doing this or is it impossible?

the electro and punisher mods are jst perfect, they will never leave my roster...... well at least for a long time

 :namor: hello mr blizz, to run the sounds of Namor, where I put the files?
in which letter of the folder eng? :namor:
help pls!

Sorry to bump an old thread ..

But there is a problem with Rhino. His normal and heavy attack animations don't show. They ARE triggered because the enemy does take damage, it's just that you don't actually SEE Rhino doing anything to inflict that damage.
Up to this point I would have said that you simply forgot to put the animations in the pack.. but "sometimes" I do see the animation: when I press the "normal attack" button and rapidly after that the "heavy attack" button. So.. what then? Is there an error in the code, the triggers .. somehow?

And I'm pretty sure the problem is not in my PC, cause I have another mod from this thread (Quicksilver) and he's flawless.


I have a problem with  :namor:, sorry. In the character selection menu his head is on fire...

This is because I replace him from  :ghostr:, if that helps...
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You gave the answer you were looking for. The spot for Ghost Rider is meant for Ghost Rider. If you want to remove the flames there, you need to look around on the forum on how to remove those flames there.

hello I have one problem, I have get Lizard and instaled it but I can't use, I use the PC version