Would you recommend getting a PSP or DS?

Started by jonchang, August 26, 2007, 12:31AM

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I would have to say DS, because the PSP has some decent games, but the controls suck, the graphics, are crappy, and yeah besides the music you can store on it, i think you can put movies on it I think? Nonetheless, the DS is always a good buy because you've got the classics like Castlevania, then you have the Metroid Games that are out for it, then you've got the new and improved Mario Kart for DS, and the fact that it has two screens is pretty damn entertaining. So I would go with the DS.

It depends on what kindof games you like to play.  If you like racing, shootem ups, stuff like that (teen and adult games) I'd say PSP.  If you want something different get a DS.  You got Nintendogs, which is suprisingly addicting, Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart DS, plus brain teaser type games.

If you like to mod your consoles the PSP has a bigger modding scene, like playing the NES/SNES catalog on it with hacked firmware etc...

That said I have a PSP and rarely use it.  Everything I've heard about the DS is great.

I'd recommend a PSP, since I have one. If you have a Custom Firmware, it gives you a possibility of running a lot of interesting programs, including emulators (even GBA), downloading special plugins for cheating or capturing screenshots in commercial games and more. It's a really powerful handheld :)
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I have both and, I must say, the DS (game-wise) is infiniely better.  However, the PSP's haxxability allows it to be able to play games for free.

Thanx guys, but I still need more voters. I need a bigger ratio to see which handheld system I should get.

Quote from: Midnight Curse on September 03, 2007, 03:50AM
Thanx guys, but I still need more voters. I need a bigger ratio to see which handheld system I should get.

:orly: then why did you claim you already had a psp. Or did you just forget.

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I have most next-gen. consoles, all except a Wii, plus I have a PS2, and a PSP.

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You have up to 3 options.
I have MUA on PS2, PC, and PSP.

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You can call me that. I have also have MUA on PS2, PSP, and the 360.

OMG!  :runaway:

(Heh, always wanted to use the runaway guy).
Anyways, if I was in your situation, I'd either get a DS, since I've heard better things from it than from the PSP. Or toss a coin, that works fine too.

*waits for excuse about the PSP belonging to a brother/sister/cousin/friend/hamster*

No, not excuse, just a favor I owe a friend.

Yeah, but you said above that you wanted to get a PSP.  Yet you already have one.

Why not just tell us flat out what the thruth is.

still no reason to lie, or perhaps for him it is

Well, my friend's b'day is coming out soon, and it's a favor I'd like to return for getting me mine.