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Re: Maegawa's Stuff
« Reply #315 on: February 11, 2018, 09:34pm »
Hum...interessante :D vou usar esse novo NPC mod assim que eu for comeÁar um novo game ehhehe ;)
Valeu Max :)

I love this! The NPCS in this game need a lot of love, and I'm glad you're giving them some ;), awesome job!
Thanks :D

I agree. Despite what we can edit being rather limited, it still opens up lots of possibilities... who knows in the future I make more NPC mods...
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Re: Maegawa's Stuff
« Reply #316 on: February 11, 2018, 09:41pm »
You know I honestly didnít even think it was really possible to make new NPCs, so Iím glad you were able to.

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Vision Mod v1.01
« Reply #317 on: February 11, 2018, 09:42pm »
Version 1.01

A long time ago I made a poor attempt at a pseudo-booster for the Vision mod by idrinkdrpepper; the pseudo-booster, as the name suggests, added little to the mod. More recently, as my modding skills and knowledge have both increased a lot, I decided to start a new Vision mod from scratch, taking inspiration primarily from Marvel Heroes, and also from both the MUA and XML2 Vision mods... And the result is pretty satisfying, as I believe I managed to make Vision a very unique character. In the future I might release a complementary mod that adds Vision to the game's story, with a comic mission (the one from the old booster won't work BTW) and special dialogues...

1. Added 2 new skins by BaconWizard17, Movie and Movie (Classic Colors), and also 1 new loading screen to go with them.

2. Minor changes to the powerstyle.
   -> Fixed the delay after Solar Bolts.
   -> Grab Smash now works while Minimum Density is active.
   -> Physical Disruption now hits enemies lying on the ground.

1. It is recommended to have the Official Characters mod installed before any other mod.

2. The passives are only manageable through the 1st outfit slot, but they affect every outfit.

3. This mod replaces files and requires you to edit one or more files, remember to backup any file you are replacing/editing, as I am NOT responsible for the loss of any file.

- 1 new playable character: :vision: Vision.
- 3 loading screens.
- 7 powers, 2 boosts and 1 Xtreme.
- 8 hex-edited huds.
- 8 hex-edited skins.
- 14 mannequins. (7 flying, 7 standing)
- Ability of Mental Immunity.
- Assigned number #144.
- Unique icons.
- Unique effects. (They will change according to Vision's outfit)
- Unique soundset with sounds from Marvel Heroes and MUA2.

1. Solar Bolts: Instant blasts that originate from Vision's solar gem and deal Energy Dmg.  (Rapid tap)

2. Physical Disruption: Vision phases his hand through an enemy and solidifies it, causing internal Damage. Small chance of getting a critical hit.

3. Solar Beam: A powerful beam that can be focused to pierce enemies. If unfocused, it will cause Knockback.  (Chargeable)

4. High-Density Slam: Grabs an enemy, takes them into the air and throws them down, then crashes into them at great density, causing radial Damage.

5. Sunlight Blast: Vision builds up solar energy and releases it in a large explosion, causing Energy Dmg and Knockback.

6. Dense Strike: A strong blow that causes major Knockback with a high chance of getting a Deadly Strike.  (Chargeable)

7. Channeled Sun: From both his eyes and solar gem, Vision channels a continuous stream of solar energy towards his target. Chance to ignite enemies hit.  (Press and hold).

8. Minimum Density: Vision becomes intangible, allowing him to phase through all objects, enemies, and walls in his way. Blocking, jumping, and high-density powers will deactivate Minimum Density. Energy regeneration is reduced during it.

9. Maximum Density: Disables Flight and gets 10% slower, but adds Bruiser Resistances, new devastating melee attacks and reduces Damage taken. Phase powers will deactivate Maximum Density.

10.Vision's Wrath: Vision flies into the upper atmosphere and targets his enemies, assaulting them with solar blasts, then proceeds to increase his density and crash down like a meteor, causing massive radial Damage.

1. Critical Chance: Increases critical hit chance.

2. Diamond Hard: Vision's hardness is increased, allowing him to withstand more Damage while hurting melee attackers.

3. Stats Boost: Boosts Body, Focus, and Strike stats.

4. Solar Power: Allows Vision to store more Energy and increases the Damage of all solar energy attacks.

5. XP: Increases XP earned.

6. Phase Dodge: Gives Vision a chance to occasionally phase in order to dodge incoming attacks.

7. Defense: Increases Defense.


- AdrianoAp: flying mannequin.
- aventureiromax: base texture used for most of the skins.
- BaconWizard17: Modern, Movie and Movie (Classic Colors) skins.
- idrinkdrpepper: inspiration, original Vision mod.
- Maegawa: coding, huds, icons, loading screens, skins.
- Marvel Heroes developers: major inspiration.
- MUALover: sound rips from MUA2.
- nickjustint: sound rips from Marvel Heroes.
- nodoubt_jr: inspiration, XML2 Vision mod.
- Overload: standing mannequin.
- Quentin Hex: Stealth skin.
- whiteking: phase script from Moonstone mod.
- Anyone else I forgot to credit.
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Re: Maegawa's Stuff
« Reply #318 on: February 12, 2018, 05:22am »
Thanks for adding those in!

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Re: Maegawa's Stuff
« Reply #319 on: February 13, 2018, 04:59am »

"It doesn't matter what you do, but how you do it."

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Re: Maegawa's Stuff
« Reply #320 on: February 18, 2018, 07:03am »
This Vision mod is INCREDIBLE.  So much fun.  Thank you!