Stickbro's Voice Pack Superthread: MUA3 Voice Project!, MUA2 Gambit release

Started by Stickbro, May 25, 2019, 07:21AM

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Hey there! Thank's to Nick giving me a proper tutorial on how to do voice mods I can finally replace the voices that I'm not very too fond of with soundsets that haven't been done yet! Check back here periodically to see what I'm up to next!

Deapool (Nolan North): Features a ton of the signature fourth-wall breaking lines He's known for!


Spider-Man (Christopher Daniel Barnes): Featuring of non-stop
Sensational quipping that's sure to sound Amazing and make your next playthrough Spectacular!


Thor (Rick D. Wasserman): Feauturing over 40 lines of godly one-liners! Charge into battle with this Mighty soundpack!


Iron Man (Eric Loomis): Featuring snarky Stark lines to channel your Invincible Iron Avenger! Get it here to be awesome3000!


Carnage (Sean Schemmel): Channel your inner Maximum Carnage with this crazy new voicepack courtesy of Pinball FX3!


Spider-Man 2099 (Christopher Daniel Barnes): A much more developed and complete soundpack than the previous one :) Grab it today to have CDB reprise his role from Edge of Time :)


Juggernaut (John Dimaggio): Courtesy of UltraMegaMagnus, his MUA2 voice files were provided to me, as a result I was able to make a complete soundset for this quiet, but surely fearsome Unstoppable beast! Get it here!


Spider-man (Josh Keaton): Don't wanna use the CDB voice pack? That's fine! The Ultimate Spider-Man might be able to suit your needs :) Comes with about 70 lines!


Songbird (MUA2 PC): The original voice pack that comes with Songbird by default is good, but it's mostly the PS2 voices which are pretty low quality and there aren't much voice clips to begin with! Enter, this new one that uses newly converted MUA2 PC sounds courtesy of UltraMegaMagnus, get it below :)


Ghost Rider - Johnny Blaze (Fred Tatasciore) : Featuring 8 Ghastly Xtreme lines, it's a blast to wreck up foes with this soundpack to enact your vengeance upon the Masters of Evil!


Nova - Richard Rider (Troy Baker): Tackle enemies to the ground as the Human Rocket with this explosive soundpack featuring the voice of Troy Baker!


Beserker Wolverine (Steve Blum): Beserker Charge your way into your foes and slice em up with this soundpack!  Combines both his soundsets from MVC3 and MUA2!


Magneto (Tom Kane): Show the power of the Mutant race with this powerful soundtrack courtesy of the legendary Tom Kane :)


Human Torch (David Kaufman): Flame on with this voicepack from MUA2! Torch your foes with witty lines and a ton of fire puns straight from the guy who also voices Danny Phantom and Johnny Storm in Avengers: EMH!


The Thing (Fred Tatasciore): Clobber your enemies away with the Ever Lovin' Blue Eyed Thing with this voice pack from MUA2! Fred also voiced Thing in Avengers: EMH!


Cyclops (Nolan North): Lead the X-men into battle with this soundpack featuring the talented Nolan North! Dreams don't die!


Ant-Man - Scott Lang (Crispin Freeman): Crush your enemies with this Giant-Sized voicepack for the tiniest Avenger, Ant-Man!


Gambit (MUA2): Channel the energy of the Rajun Cajun with this energizing soundpack!:



MCU-like Spider-Man (Lego Marvel 2): A smaller, bonus soundpack featuring a voice that's a great stand-in for MCU Teenage Peter Parker!

Spider-Man 2099 (Lego Marvel 2): Spice up your shockin future with this bonus soundset courtesy of Lego Marvel Superheroes 2!


Quicksilver (Marvel Super War): Speed past your foes with the Super War soundpack featuring the voice of Yuri Lowenthal!


Spider-Man (Yuri Lowenthal):

Miles Morales (Nadji Jeter):

Iron Man (Eric Loomis):

Magneto (Tom Kane):

Mysterio (David Kaye):

Deadpool (Nolan North):

Wolverine (Steve Blum):

Juggernaut (Peter Lurie):

Carol Danvers (Erica Lindbeck):

Cyclops (Scott Porter):

Crystal (Mary Faber):

Venom (Steve Blum):

Nova (Robbie Daymond):

Thanos (Isaac Singleton Jr.):

Star-Lord (Scott Porter):

Gamora (Vanessa Marashall):

Groot (Adam Harrington):

Thor (Rick D Wasserman):

Storm (Mara Junot):

Blade (Imari Williams):

Moon Knight (Gideon Emery):

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Quote from: Tobi777 on May 25, 2019, 11:48AM
Which Spider-Man is it? Is it Josh Keaton's?

Still deciding!

It's either gonna be Josh Keaton or Christopher Daniel Barnes :)

I'm kind of biased here I would personally go for Josh Keaton. He is my personal favorite Spider-Man of all time. However, Christopher does have more lines to pull from

I gotta give it up to Christopher Barnes, he's the Kevin Conroy of the webslinger.

Chris Barnes has my vote. He's always been the voice of Peter Parker I hear in my head when reading the comics.

Everyone, the Christopher Daniel Barnes Spider-Man soundpack is now available for you to grab :)


Double Update! I've actually manage to finish Thor's and Iron Man's soundpacks tonight!

Get them in the first post!  :thor: :stark:

Awesome work!
I hate to be that annoying guy, but do you do requests?

Go for it! I have plenty of sounds ripped from various Marvel games, if it's possible I'll try to do my best to squeeze in a complete sound set!

Speaking of, everyone, a new BONUS soundpack has been released: Spider-Man 2099 featuring his voice from Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2  :spiderman:

It's only a bonus pack because it doesn't have as much sounds as my other sound sets but it's something I whipped up to have Miguel have a unique voice :)

Any chance you could do an Agent Venom or Miles Morales pack?

You got it! Agent Venom coming right up next  :venom:

Gonna do someone else after Agent Venom before I get to Miles though

Agent Venom is released!!  :venom: