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Started by Enchlore, May 20, 2020, 10:06AM

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Welcome to my mod release thread! Here you'll find many different types of mods for MUA1. Please report any error you may encounter with the contents or download links.

Please keep in mind that I DO NOT take on requests for characters, skins etc. Making these is a long process that I do in my free time when I'm in the right mood for it.
But these mods are all free to use for anyone - if you want to use them as part of your own mod, or modify them in your own way, feel free to do so! I have no objection. Every now and then I get messages from modders asking me about this and I'm not always online to answer so it might seem like I'm against it, but it's really okay. The only thing I ask is that you credit me when using my work. Giving me a heads up would be cool too, just because I like to see where my mods end up, but it's not really necessary.

This thread is undergoing a revamp and is currently under construction. Expect it to look different and more organized as I continue updating.

These are full mods that add a new character to your roster. Click on the "more details" link for a document containing the mod's moveset, features, screenshots and other comments.

Video preview

Mega Man X
Video preview


All my skins have texture maps that make them pop when you're playing with Advanced Lighting. They also all have the Global Color fix applied, which means they won't turn pitch black when your character is under a status effect or getting hit. Most come with HUD heads, some with a mannequin, but that doesn't apply to all of them. Click on the image to download the skin.


Black Panther

Black Widow

Captain America

Captain Marvel (Genis/Mar-Vell)




Doctor Strange:

Hank Pym


Iron Man

Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)





Wonder Man

NPCs and others

Skin packs

Old/deprecated skins:
These skins have either received better models or have upcoming big updates. They are kept here for completeness and for archival reasons, and in the case someone for some reason wants to use them instead of the new versions.
Modular Armor Iron Man (old version, uses MvC3 model)
West Coast Avengers Hank Pym (old version, very low quality)
Fantastic Four Skin Pack (NEW VERSION COMING SOON)

These modify a previously complete character to add improvements or miscellaneous changes. Click on the "more details" link for a document detailing changes included in the booster and other comments.

A power boost for Spider-Man that turns him more into an attack character, with new offensive powers and a new Xtreme. Be careful as this booster has a lot of fightmoves in the powerstyle file and can cause errors with other characters in a team and game crashes in resource-heavy levels.
More details

Squirrel Girl
Includes several power, sound and aesthetic improvements to Polygone's Squirrel Girl mod, as well as a new power and special conversations. It is not necessary to have the original mod to install this.
More details
Special conversations preview

Hank Pym
A mini-booster for Outsider's Hank Pym mod. All it does is add two Ant-Man powers (Bullet Ants and Ant Swarm) and make Pym shrink when flying.

NPCs and conversations
These include new NPCs and conversations to your game. Some will replace existing features, some will add - I will specify for each mod.

War Machine friendly NPC
Adds a War Machine NPC at Stark Tower (in Iron Man's lab) that you can talk to. He has fully voiced lines and will not appear if he's already on your team. This will not replace any NPCs or items in the level. You don't need to have a War Machine mod installed for this to work, but if you have one, I advise you not to paste the "actors" and "hud" folders because it might overwrite custom skins or HUDs you use.
Preview video

Electro boss
Replaces Lizard in Asgard with Electro. Will not conflict with any playable Electro character mods, though if you have one installed, be careful as this mod uses 19901 as the boss skin and might overwrite the one you already have. He has fully voiced conversations (a normal one and a special one with Spider-Man) and working powers. The only problem is that there will be no combat music - once you start a battle there will be no music. Unfortunately I wasn't able to fix this.
Preview video

Scarlet Witch friendly NPC
Replaces Spider-Woman with Scarlet Witch in the Sanctum Sanctorum. This was my first NPC mod but it had a lot of issues at the time, such as the HUD not showing up and music glitching (and I didn't know how to add a new NPC to a hub area). I have cleaned it up so that everything displays correctly without replacing any files for the Spider-Woman playable character, and music plays correctly. You don't need to have a Scarlet Witch playable character mod for this to work, as I even included her default skin from XML2 as a placeholder for people who don't have anything for her.
Preview video

Cyclops and Jean conversations
Adds the two conversations between Cyclops and Jean at Murderworld, before and after you fight her at the Big Top. This will replace the default intro with Invisible Woman and the OCP's custom conversation with Magneto. It will also replace Cyclops' voice file - if you have a custom voice pack for him, you'll have to port the dialogue over using ZSM Editor.

Reed and Sue conversation
Adds two brief conversations between Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman in Valhalla when you meet her as an NPC (no voice clips). Now Reed won't ask her if she's married to Mr. Fantastic. If you use any other character from your team the default conversation will play as always. These conversations already refer to the Invisible Woman NPC instead of the playable, so even if you don't have her in your herostat her icons and name will display as intended.

Loading screens and HUD heads. All HUD heads are properly hex-edited to avoid conflicts with NPC icons. Group downloads lead to a Drive folder where you can pick up the ones you want.

Retro comic loading screens
Loading screens using classic artwork. Each one has two versions: with and without a character logo.
Previews + Download

Standard HUD heads
Icons using the standard MUA template. Includes HUD heads for many characters, including NPCs. Artwork is taken from various sources.
Previews + Download

Retro comic book HUD heads
Retro styled icons for mod characters, some alternate costumes and NPCs. These were made using James Yusufi's template and are meant to be used along with his own HUD heads.
Previews + Download

Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom loading screen
A Fantastic Four/Dr. Doom loading screen with artwork from Marvel Future Fight. This was a request from Master Reaver. I gave the file a generic name because you can use it as any of the F4's loading screen.

These will replace music, sound effects or voices in your game.

Capcom arcade music
Replaces the default MUA soundtrack with themes from the Marvel fighting games by Capcom (X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom). Remember to turn combat music OFF while using this mod.

Thor voice pack - Travis Willingham
Replaces Thor's default voice with his Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite voice provided by Travis Willingham.

Captain Marvel voice pack - Crispin Freeman
This is for the official Captain Marvel character in MUA - that is, Genis-Vell or Mar-Vell depending on what skin you prefer. It replaces his default voice with clips from Superman in Justice League Heroes as portrayed by Crispin Freeman.

Smash Bros. Melee menu sounds
Replaces some of the default MUA menu sound effects with sounds from Super Smash Bros. Melee. I just thought it would sound cool. This replaces the x_common.zsm file.
I'm a modder from Brazil. Check out my mods!

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This is so cool! I added him to the catalog

 :rockon: Definitivamente, esse mod já está adicionado a minha equipe  :bowdown1: . Continue o belo trabalho  :applause: e muito obrigado por compartilhar  :thumbsup2:

:rockon: Definitely, this mod is already added to my team :bowdown1: . Keep up the beautiful work :applause: and thanks so much for sharing :thumbsup2:
Marvel Skins Here

DC Skins And Others Here

Hey, this is really awesome! So happy to finally have Mega Man X in here! Very nice work!

Thanks for the kind comments!

Everyone, minor update: the loading screens were glitching so I reuploaded the mod with a fix. If you already downloaded it, just rename the loading screens to 9901 and 9902.
I'm a modder from Brazil. Check out my mods!

Enchlore, parabéns cara, seu mod ficou muito legal!
Agora vc é um modder completo. Vc cresceu rápido aqui no fórum, a imaginação é o seu limite pra MUA.
Deixa eu te te falar. Eu pretendo fazer um vídeo demonstrando o seu mod e alguns outros e por isso eu gostaria de saber se seria muito difícil pra vc corrigir os pequenos bugs de animação que têm no mod.
Mas caso seja inviável, saiba que o mod tá muito divertido e isso não prejudicará em nada a demonstração.
Sendo seu primeiro mod completo, isso de forma alguma desmerece o louvor da obra no geral.
Mais uma vez, parabéns! Estou ansioso pelo próximo mod. Valeu!
:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

Quote from: andersonbrazil on May 21, 2020, 04:06AMEu pretendo fazer um vídeo demonstrando o seu mod e alguns outros e por isso eu gostaria de saber se seria muito difícil pra vc corrigir os pequenos bugs de animação que têm no mod.
Você encontrou mais algum além do canhão continuando ativo em alguns momentos? Esse eu não tenho como consertar totalmente, porque é causado por parar uma animação muito de repente, o que acaba não ativando os gatilhos que escondem o canhão e mostram a mão direita novamente. Mas hoje pensei numa solução rápida - vou adicionar esses gatilhos nos códigos de ataque normal, assim você pode apenas dar um soco normal e o canhão e a mão direita ficam como devem ser sem gastar energia.
I'm a modder from Brazil. Check out my mods!

I have yet to try Mega Man X myself, but if these comments are any indication, then your debut as a character modder shows a ton of promise. Always good to see a new modder enter the fray. Well done.

One more update: I had forgotten to include some effects and coding for Shotgun Ice. It should work as intended now. The issue with Flash Laser was also minimized and some other effects were updated. Please redownload.
I'm a modder from Brazil. Check out my mods!

Agora está funcionando beleza Enchlore!
Esse é um belo trabalho, eu estou ansioso pra fazer um novo gameplay com ele. Vou apenas terminar algumas peles pra essa estréia.

Muito bom! É ótimo ter novos modders!
Very good! It's great to have new modders!
Canino passed away in April 2022. He will be dearly missed by the community

Two updates: first up, I decided to move all of my releases to one thread for ease of navigation and to avoid clutter.

And second, a new mod for Rogue has been released! Check her out, as she's now very different from her XML2 conversion.
I'm a modder from Brazil. Check out my mods!

If you already downloaded Rogue, please do so again, as I updated one of her powers with a better animation.
I'm a modder from Brazil. Check out my mods!

There was an error with Rogue where her Power Drain ability wasn't leading to a stun effect on enemies. This has been fixed, so please redownload her.
I'm a modder from Brazil. Check out my mods!