Spacedude's Out Of This World Models (Spider-Man 4 Skin Pack, more)

Started by tubularspacedude, July 18, 2020, 06:43PM

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Greetings and welcome to my Model Releases! I've only just picked up model conversion so it will probably be a while between releases tbh!

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As many of you know, Sam Raimi was originally going to make a fourth Spider-Man film to be
released sometime in 2011, featuring both the Vulture and Felicia Hardy, as well as Mysterio!

That movie never got made, but two prototypes were later discovered/unveiled for a cancelled tie-in game.

The first, developed by Radical Entertainment for the 360/PS3, has only been seen via screenshots.
Elements from it were later used in Prototype 2.

The second, developed by Eurocom for the Wii, was discovered on a developer Nintendo console and
has been dumped and released online.

This second prototype contained a unique and fully finished Spider-Man model based off of his appearence
from the Second and Third movies. However, it contains some unique details from the 2002 suit which
have never been seen in any other Raimi Suit game model (in particular, Peter's ears being overtly visible under
the mask) while also being a very clean model overall.

I decided, as my first skin, that I would convert this otherwise forgotten model into a skin for Spider-Man
across MUA and XML2 so it wouldn't go entirely to waste!


Spider-Man 4 Suit Skin

2002-2003 Suit Skin

Spider-Man 3 Black Suit Skin

( All three skins have a poly-count of about 4600, and use PNG8 textures. they were only tested on PC
but it should work on the XBOX, and [maybe] the Wii version of MUA )


Three Mannequins (in a standing pose) for Each Skin

For XML2

Three 3D Heads for Each Skin

(Screenshots included in Download!)

The SM4 pack has been updated to feature a modified version of the skins better fitted to MUA's proportions, fixing previous issues such as Spidey's leg's being too long for his upside down pose.

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This model, designed for XML2, although by extension, compatible with MUA, is Marvel Duel's Captain Mar-Vell.

This release contains an XML2 compatible version with cel-shading, and a 3D head. While it does work with MUA, I would recommend you download UltraMeg's MUA Only Version instead!,10196.0.html See UltraMeg's page for the MUA version!

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As some of you know, Captain Marvel was converted to XML2 a long time ago by NoDoubtJr! The mod in of itself is fantastic and I can't recommend it enough as one of the best MUA to XML2 conversions, however the mod was made before the proper Wii and even PSP models of Marv could be converted.Because of that, it uses inferior custom models.

So, using the Wii Marvel models UltraMegaMagnus recently converted, I ported the Wii models of Marvel to XML2, complete with 3D heads and cel-shading, making for a much better experience!

The history and nostalgia of these suits hits hard. Not to mention getting play, not just see, using the 4th movie's suit. This is a great pack for any Spider-Man fan :spiderman:!

- Jraco

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I've converted the Ben Reilly mod from MVC 3 as a reskin for AventureIronMax's MVC 3 Spidey skin. Check it out!

Back to Basics!

This is a skin for Spider-Man based off his new Future Fight Classic Skin, Back to Basics!

This release includes two versions of the skin, one with and one without shiny reflective webbing! It also includes a custom hud, mannequin and more.

As as a special bonus, this also includes a cel-shaded skin for use in XML2, as well as a 3D Head. All skins have been hex-edited to their respective first slots in both games. Enjoy!


Hannah - Model rip, and initial rig, Mannequin, HUD

Spaceman (Me) - Initial weighting fixes, cel-shading, 3D head, release,

UltraMegaMagnus - Additional weighting fixes

Enchlore - Specular textures and applied spec textures to skins, as well as the creator of the shiny web version

Netmarble and Marvel - Spider-Man, the model, hud art, etc...