MrKablamm0fish's (lack of support expected) Release Thread - Nay on the requests

Started by MrKablamm0fish, October 25, 2020, 05:29AM

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I'm MrKablamm0fish, and I generally make skins, but I've dabbled with other things with varying success and this is my release thread. The last time I made a thread on any forum was around the mid 2000s, I like making things, not particularly on thread upkeep, so don't expect too much on the forums.

Everything in this thread is for MUA1 2006 PC only, I'm not saying no to other version releases, I just don't know the details of console modding or play on those versions.

First of all, everything I've "released" is in this folder:, if they're not on the forums, it's either because they're in the category of "Not finished but I don't feel like working on it in the foreseeable future), or I'm lazy and only posted on discord.

The folder names have the source of the original assets and some work I've done to them (texture edits are a given, so not pointed out unless it's a design change)

All skins are designed for advanced lighting, they'll work without advanced lighting, but the contrast of some skins may feel a bit strong.
Also no mannequins or icons atm, want do do them, but lazy.

Anyway, lets begin, click on the images/links to download. Future formatting will probably required, but for now, everything's in header post.

p.s. How do format? D:

Character Mods
Full Character Mods:

Psylocke: :psylocke:

Default Characters:

Iron Man: :stark:
MCU Marks 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,17,20,21,24,28,31,39,42,43,44,46,47,50

Probably will need its own section.
29/OCT/2020 Update: Mark 44 is designed to work with this Hulkbuster Booster by ZuluViking.

Comic Model 4 [Marvel Heroes (Left) or End Time Arena (Right)]

Comic Model 8

Comic Model 70 (Support for PC2006/PS3 and Remaster/X360 for XML2 Version

MCU Iron Monger

Currently I use it for Outsider/ZuluVikings Iron Man/Hulkbuster mod, no rocket fist support.

Invisible Woman: :iwoman:
Invisible Woman (MFF)

Invisible Woman with MFF Future Foundation head (MFF)

What? I like this face more, don't judge

Carol Denvers (Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel): :warbird:
(22.3k Poly) Carol Denvers Captain Marvel (Marvel Duel), wasn't created with boosters in mind back then so might be missing some functionality.

OCP/XML/XML2/Mod Characters:

Black Widow :blackwidow:
(29k Poly) Black Widow - Marvel Duel

Don't look at the thumb on power1 too closely, I'm not fixing that...

Charles Xavier (from XML2 Characters Mod or OCP 2): :xavier:
Professor X - House of X (MFF)

Prof X with his head stuck inside Cerebro, Shiny.

Emma Frost (from XML2 Characters Mod or OCP 2):  :emmafrost:

Scarlet Witch (from XML2 Characters Mod or OCP 2): :scarletw:

Uncanny Avengers (MFF)

All New All Different (MFF)

Super War (Super War)

Civil War/Infinity War/Endgame (Super War)
In my hubris of "I've done this rigging stuff before" I started my MUA modding journey with this. Don't do capes/trench-coats kids, it's bad for your health.

Classic + Variants (MFF,MH).

Spider Gwen/Ghost Spider (for Outsiders Mod): no icon ;_;
Gwenom (Spider Man Unlimited, Feet from Marvel Hero Tales) (A version of this already included in Outsiders Mod)

War Machine (Designed for Blaw's version of the Mod or any future version designed with skinsegments):  :warmachine:
Mark 1 (IM3 Game)

Mark 2 (IM3 Game)

Mark 3 (Marvel Heroes)


Clea (Marvel Heroes)

AI J.A.R.V.I.S (Avengers Academy)

It's animated, very tedious, I may have accidentally turned J.A.R.V.I.S into a miniature sun before fixing the textures.

Lockjaw (Contest of Champions)

Ultron Drone:
MCU Ultron Drone (Marvel Heroes)

MCU Ultron Mark I (MFF)

Stark Lab Avengers Tower Hologram (Avengers Alliance 2)

Replaces the Iron Man Hologram in Act 1, asset from AA2, bounce animation from original hologram, rotation animation merged from XML2 briefing hologram.

XML 1 + 2 "coin" Pickup replacer

Replaces the shield coin with the diamonds from XML1+2, created by retexturing the igb with the correct channel mixed texture and slapped a igGlobalColorStateAttr on it to fix the glowing bits.

General Fixes
Attilan floor flag transparency/Alpha fix

Fixes the alpha channels of some of the flags on the Attilan Maps in Act. Not required if using OCP 2, it's included, iirc.

Helicarrier red alert light fix

The pc model of the red alert light in some helicarrier maps is missing the light and beam that is in the ps2 version, this adds them back in (not exactly high quality though).

Tools (for modders)
Bat file to reset Alchemy 5 evaluation time limit
A bat file that removes the registry entry that tracks how long you've been using Alch 5 eval (limit 2 months), this resets the flags.

2c Hex Replacer
After saving igbs using Alchemy 5, you need to change the hex value of the igb at 2c to 08 or it crashes the game; drag and drop igb on this and it'll do it for you. (Source included in 7z in case you want to build it yourself.)

The bat file allows for batch processing of igbs, place exe and bat together in a folder, place any igb that requires processing in said folder, double click bat file, all igbs in folder will have value at 2c changed to 08.

Batch Files for processing xmlb(and other variants) using Nikitas Raven Formats
Batch files for processing the commands instead of tedious cmd commands everytime. Batch ones compile/decompile all the ones in the same folder, the other two are for drag and drop like the ones from xmlcui.

Drag and drop ones process anything you throw at it, the batch ones have a extension filter, so if I missed any in the decompiler one, let me know.

OP Change log:
29/OCT/2020 Updated Mark 44.
25/NOV/2020: Added Mark 50, Iron Monger, Classic Scarlet Witch.
12/DEC/2020: Added AI J.A.R.V.I.S and Black Widow (Marvel Duel) Skins.
13/DEC/2020: Added batch file for batch processing on 2c Hex Replacer.
18/DEC/2020: Added batch files for processing using Raven Formats.
28/FEB/2021: Psylocke mod.
14/JUN/2022: Added Mk48, Model 4, Model 70; Mk28 and Mk39's been uploaded since last year, updated Mk50 with tweaks. Added Emma Frost DoX skin from MSF. Added Ultron Mark I NPC skin made last year.
18/JUN/2022: Added End Time Arena version of the Model 4

wow it's really dope. why i haven't seen this before. very good work man.
-this site and all modders here help me too much. thanks a lot to keep MUA game alive-

Small update, Iron Man Mark 44 has been updated to work with Zuluviking's Hulkbuster Booster.

Textures have also been updated using the way I do newer skins.

Download in OP, Iron Man MCU Section.

Disclaimer: There is clipping, depending on which animation is playing, including all the shooting from hand animations (Silly gold arm things).

1/Nov/2020 Update: Some rigging tweaks on the shoulders and feet.

25/Nov/2020: Added some skins, Mark 50 is in Iron Man MCU Section folder, Iron Monger in Iron Man section.

12/Dec/2020: Updated OP, added J.A.R.V.I.S and Black Widow skin.

I like your skins and fixes.

One question: Can I batch replace 2C with your Hex Replacer? If yes, how would I do that?

Thanks :D

You can't :/ I should get back to figuring out a batch script that can handle it. Or edit the code, that'd probably take longer though.

Edit, after about 5 minutes: Heh, I edited the batch file from fbExtractor to work with this, works like a charm. Will update download.

Edit 2: Updated the 7z archive with the bat file, place all your igbs in the same folder as the bat and exe, double click bat, it'll replace 2c for every igb file.

Psylocke MUA2 (Old Gen) Backport.


This was a creative blackhole so I'm dumping it, everything works, tried to get it as close to the original as possible, possible balance issues, but using original values, anything different is listed below (copied from the readme).

Changes from MUA2 Oldgen

Ok this is the big one, "toggle abilities disabling themselves after running out of power" I could not get to work, couldn't find a function, script, affecter anything to emulate this.
So after quite a few months (Apparently started this back in Aug 2020 according to the oldest files.) gave up, change the abilities to require power to activate and has a time duration as well as energy drain.
The energy drain is modified from the original MUA2 energy drain, reduced because of cost of activation, energy drain kept because the Psyblade/Katana and invisiblity powers have pretty powerful buffs, there needed to be a downside.
The toggle function is still there, you can toggle off abilities before the duration runs out if you need the power regen back earlier.
Telekinesis as a heavy attack refuses to work, tried every implementation from xml mua1 and mua2.
Ported MUA2 Nextgen animation to replace heavy attack, therefore creating a 3rd melee heavy attack for Psylocke, changes based on her Katana level and if the power is active.
Heavy attack glow is attached to hand, I tried to tie it to the foot, result looked like a glowing posterior.
Telekinesis has been moved to its own power. No power use like in MUA2 Oldgen, basically a 4th heavy attack but uses a power button.
Her orbiting butterfly power has been changed, MUA1 seems to have a 6 entity limit, anymore and they don't spawn, trying to bypass this caused memory issues and hangs.
Reduced her butterfly entity number to stay at 6 at higher levels, but increased damage on the butterflies.
Her fusion attacks won't work obviously, so I've converted the vortex with butterflies one to turn into a Xtreme.
Has a script to disable hostilities when it fires up, so unlike MUA2, enemies won't keep hitting her when the vortex starts spinning.
Her Cerebral Bolt has the damage type DMG_Telekinesis, which doesn't damage barrels and stuff, the "dmgmod_environment" damagemod refuses to work, so that's something missing in this port.
Fixed the Butterfly projectile entity sound, originally the coding disabled the sound, probably because the sound file had a delay at the start so the timing was off, fixed the sound, reactivated it in entities.
Animation change for the Katana power, functionality wise nothing has changed, but the implementation is entirely different to MUA2.
But it works, so whatever.
Extra skins, comes with MUA2 Old gen skin (obviously) 3002, HD version of her XML1 skin 3003, Future XML1 skin (needs more work) 3004, and a copied Dark Psylocke Skin 3006, so replacing won't affect the npc.
More passives, matching how MUA1 does it.
Hero name is "Psylocke_hero" matching OCP

20/May/2021 Edit: Resampled audio to 44100hz and fixed mipmap issues with the xml1 skins that I missed for a few months.

These are so good! Love the emma skin so much. Was wondering which actor files correspond with each other? As in if 19801 is the regular skin and 19805 is the diamond form, what about her other skins?