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Started by Ceamonks890, October 31, 2020, 05:24AM

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October 31, 2020, 05:24AM Last Edit: July 10, 2023, 06:28PM by Ceamonks890
Hey everyone, this is where I'll be posting all my character mods that I release over time from here on out. So please feel free to try them out when you can!

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that my mods only work on the original 2006 PC port of MUA1 and will NOT work on the delisted 'remaster' release on Steam from 2016.

-Do not edit or re-release these mods without my approval. It took a lot of work and invaluable assistance from fellow modders to get these created.
-If you plan to edit them, please ensure to give me and other modders credit for our respective contributions.
-Don't claim any of these as your own work. I may be a nice guy, but even I have my limits for general intolerance.
-These mods of mine are exclusive to the Marvel Mods forum. Do not re-upload them anywhere else or attempt to make money off them. If I discover anyone has done this whilst being a member of this community, severe punishment will be enforced. No exceptions, got it?
-Back up all of your original files when adding any of my own custom content, in case something unexpected goes wrong. Don't complain to me if results end with your game being in a worse state than before, as you all knew what you're getting yourselves into.
-When making character mod requests, keep in mind that I may have to use placeholder assets if more convincingly authentic custom skins or imported models from other games are not available. I'm also just one guy, so depending on the complexity of the mod, they may take less time or last a while to bring to life in a satisfying way.

DISCLAIMER (31/12/2021): There have been reports from numerous members on the Discord server that the audio for a lot of my mods is far quieter than it should be. Unfortunately, attempting to raise the audio for affected mods of mine usually results in unpleasant audio spike glitches.

This issue can be resolved to some degree in-game by bringing the music volume down significantly in your game's options menu and better allow affected members of our community to hear the voice and power/grunt audio for any mods of mine clearly.

I greatly apologize for the minor inconvenience, but there's not a whole lot I can do to solve this issue (as the mod audio is as high as it gets without any audio spikes occurring upon conversion to a v_zss or m_zsm file).

UPDATE (11/7/2023): Officially opening up the floodgates for character mod requests from others that will be pursued in-between bringing more characters that I find interesting to life in MUA. So if there's a favourite character of yours who is not playable, then by all means, post away.

October 31, 2020, 05:27AM #1 Last Edit: October 19, 2021, 06:29PM by Ceamonks890

So you've decided to download and try out my first-ever character mod, Jack of Hearts!

An often forgotten Marvel hero created back in the 1970s by Bill Mantlo & Keith Giffen, this half-human, half-Contraxian Avenger has the unfortunate burden of being effectively a walking energy bomb just waiting to go off at any time, after being exposed to an experimental 'Zero Fluid' substance and forced to inhabit an armor for proper safe relegation.

But despite the odds being staked against him, this guy's not about to let the Masters of Evil put the fate of the universe in jeopardy and will do whatever it takes to save the world he calls home.

So what are you waiting for? Put this literally volatile hero to good use and show Doctor Doom why you don't mess with the Avengers!

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of flight, might, healing factor, 50% resistance to physical damage
-3 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using Genis-Vell's Captain Marvel voice from MUA1 PSP.
-Uses assigned number #1 (shares with Blade - will clash in mannequin).

1. Z-Energy Stun: Jack of Hearts gets right up close to an enemy and punches them in the chest real hard with a Z-Energy imbued punch, dealing physical damage.
2. Z-Energy Blast: Jack of Hearts uses his tried and true technique, firing quick energy blasts from his hands.
3. Z-Energy Shockwave: Jack of Hearts generates enough energy from his body, to deal damage to surrounding enemies whilst standing in place.
4. Z-Energy Concussive: Jack of Hearts generates enough energy to fire a concussive energy projectile at targeted foes, knocking them down from the force of the attack.
5. Z-Energy Burn: Jack of Hearts generates enough energy from above to deal fire damage to all surrounding enemies.
6. (Boost) Full Power: Jack of Hearts taps into his full strength, with his damage potential increased for a time.
7. (Boost) Scanalyzer Enhancement: Thinking at speeds equilivalent to a supercomputer, Jack of Hearts reveals all nearby enemies on the minimap whilst increasing speed for all regular attacks temporarily.
8. (Xtreme) Z-Energy Immolation: Jack of Hearts uses all his reserved energy to completely incinerate all surrounding enemies.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation and coding, icons, hex-editing etc.
BaconWizard17- Invaluable guidance for XML2 side of things and MUAPS2Skinner, being a generally supportive, patient guy
BloodyMares- Assistance with resolving icons display bug
Dr. Bruce Banner- Jack of Hearts Classic, Modern & Ultimate (Marvel Trading Card) skins
Maegawa- Fixed coding for XML2 Bishop powers, which without, much of Jack's power animations would not work as intended.
Outsider- Loading screen, huds, mannequin, invaluable tutorials and guidance for MUA side of things, helping me out of many modding jams, being a generally supportive, patient guy

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?w6mdrmg99k6o1ah

EDIT(13/11/2020): Icon pics now properly fit in with portrait UI

Great work! Can't wait to see what you do next!

Hey, this is really cool!

I remember you'd always come out with really cool moveset ideas for all kinds of cool characters! Now that you're making mods yourself, I'm excited to see what you do with them!

Congratulations on your first mod. Less than 1% of the Marvel Mods community has even dared to try to take this first step. From here on out, future mods will be a breeze. Looking forward to what you've got cooked up down the line
All units, we have a high priority situation in data/powerstyles.

Damn proud. As I've always said, "The first mod is always the hardest." You are officially a modder now. Enjoy your new accomplishment.

Everyone, please download Jack of Hearts again as his icons are now fixed (or at least better compared to before, as I'm not exactly great at drawing circles with GIMP's Ellipsis tool). Huge thanks to BloodyMares for providing some much-needed tips and a more appropriate icon template to work with.

November 15, 2020, 08:57PM #9 Last Edit: July 02, 2024, 05:11PM by Ceamonks890

Oh come now, you really expected him to just return to business as usual on the Omega Base after what Doctor Doom did to him?
Well, think again. He's dying for a bit of payback and Nick Fury knows better than anyone else, that once Dugan has his mind focussed on something, its nearly impossible for him to be convinced otherwise.
So like it or not, he'll be joining the team and seeing this mission through. Don't get on the bad side of this SHIELD operative or you'll be in a world of hurt!

-4 powers, 3 boosts and an Xtreme
-Ability of 25% chance of resurrection (via his consciousness being transferred to a different LMD body)
-3 hex-edited skins, HUD, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using Neal McDonough's voice.
-Uses assigned number #50 (will clash with Robbie Reyes and Shazam in mannequin).

1. Angry Veteran: Dugan grabs an enemy and slams them to the ground really hard, dealing physical damage.
2. Bullet Spray: Dugan pulls out a pistol and fires several shots, causing physical damage and knockback to enemies.
3. I'll Cover Ya!: Dugan pulls out a submachine gun and fires it, so long as button is held down. Capable of strafing whilst this power is used!
4. Target Eliminated: Dugan pulls out a powerful sniper rifle to take down a single enemy. Charge attack for max damage! Chance of instant KO for struck foes will depend on whether they're stunned or not before being shot at.
5. (Boost) Moral Repression: Remnants of the virus generated by the villainous John Garrett cause Dugan's behavior to drastically change briefly, increasing the damage of his attacks.
6. (Debuff) Blinding Snapshot: Dugan flings a flash bomb onto the ground, stunning enemies and lowering their overall damage output.
7. (Boost) Motion Sensor: Dugan pulls out some custom SHIELD tech to reveal all enemies on the minimap. Will also decrease damage taken for the entire team.
8. (Xtreme) Barbecue Time!: Dugan flings several explosive grenades into the air, dealing fire damage to all nearby foes.

-Loop sound for Power 3 doesn't work properly. From what Outsider has told me, the way Nick Fury's SMG power is coded acts very strangely with loop sounds when reverse-engineered for other characters (even when mapped to the correct 'Event' in the sound file). So there's nothing which can be done to fix this at present.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUD, icons, loading screen, effects, sounds etc.
Outsider- Assistance with resolving mod issues I had not previously dealt with before
Raven Software- Hex-edited Dum Dum Dugan Classic model, various weapon and gadget models
UltraMegaMagnus- Dum Dum Dugan mannequin
Zignutus- Dum Dum Dugan Modern and Cyborg skins

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/17dd9ztna7w9o7p/Dum_Dum_Dugan_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

Triple D in the house! Looks like I'll need to update the dossiers on the Agents of SHIELD... well done.

December 02, 2020, 01:11AM #12 Last Edit: July 11, 2024, 09:37PM by Ceamonks890

If you've been a part of the MarvelMods community for a long time, then you'll know how much I've wanted to see this guy be made playable in his own right within MUA1, entirely seperate from Hulk.

Often forgotten nowadays and relegated to a mere cosmetic costume in many modern Marvel games, the Gray Hulk (or Joe Fixit as he prefers to call himself), represents Bruce Banner's teenage years and what he considers the worst aspects of his personality.

Successfully managing to outsmart the stronger Savage Hulk persona within Bruce Banner's mindscape in what's considered a rare victory for his comparatively weaker levels of physical strength, Fixit finds himself having to reluctantly side with his 'friends' for the sake of not allowing the Masters of Evil to destroy everything he's built back in Las Vegas.

So engage with caution, because this mobster Hulk persona is a lot more devious and crafty than he looks!

DISCLAIMER: This mod uses one minute worth of music from the 1996 Hulk cartoon originally composed by Shuki Levy. I take no credit for the use of it.

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might, healing factor and usual Hulk immunities
-8 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using Michael Donovan's voice from the 2003 Hulk movie game tie-in.
-Uses assigned number #157 (will clash with Luke Cage).

BLOCK + Jump (Theme Music)- Plays the underrated 90s Hulk cartoon theme which was Fixit's first appearance outside the comics, when he debuted in the second season.

1. Dizzying Knuckle: Joe Fixit delivers a strong punch that will stun struck foes for a time. Charge attack for max damage!
2. Size 24: Joe Fixit stomps the ground, generating a shockwave as radial damage is dealt to affected enemies.
3. Short Fuse: Joe Fixit pulls out his dual tommyguns and blasts away so long as button continues to be held down, dealing physical damage.
4. Bone Shattering Shock: Joe Fixit leaps into the air and punches the ground hard, dealing radial damage to nearby foes.
5. Come Here Kid!: Joe Fixit lunges forward, tackling an enemy to the ground and beating them relentlessly, dealing physical damage.
6. (Debuff) Cocky Arrogance: Joe Fixit mocks opponents and their general insecurities, lowering enemy defense as they are angered by his 'classy' insults.
7. (Boost) Steel Fists: Inspired by the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game, Joe Fixit manages to put together a pair of crude-looking steel boxing gloves, to increase the damage of his blows for a time.
8. (Xtreme) Little Friends: Joe Fixit pulls out his dual tommyguns, leaps into the air and rains bullets down before performing a 360 degree shootout on the ground, dealing physical damage.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation and coding, HUDs, icons, hex-editing etc
ak2yny & Julio Cabral- Assistance with fixing gameplay bugs
Andersonbrazil- Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and Wolverine Vol. 2 Fixit costume models, tommygun models (Marvel Contest of Champions and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions)
BLAW- Joe Fixit and Gray Hulk skin models from Marvel Heroes, mannequins
epicanddragon94- Streamlined carryguy fightstyle files
Escanor610- Custom steel fist boltons, custom Joe Fixit Immortal Hulk powerup variant skins
Outsider- Loading screen, assistance with fixing many other gameplay bugs
Teancum- Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction game official skin
tubularspacedude- Gray Hulk audio rips from the 2003 Hulk movie game tie-in and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
uncannyknack (Deviantart user)- Second Joe Fixit loadscreen: https://www.deviantart.com/uncannyknack/art/Grey-Hulk-2021-902411553

SIDE NOTE: New Fantastic Four skin (which is the MUA1 Gold Fixit model), is much smaller than the Joe Fixit and Gray Hulk models from Marvel Heroes. Nothing I can really do to fix the drastic size difference unfortunately, but hey, its there for those who want to play as him in that costume.

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/60kh3bd3b83rlp1/Joe_Fixit_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file