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The X-Man known as Colossus has been many things during his tenure as a defender of both humans and mutants alike.

A devoted family man, brother, friend, superhero, Acolyte, Defender, savior of the mutant race against the Legacy Virus, one of the few former hosts of the Phoenix Force... If there's any role he's been able to fill, Piotr Rasputin is usually on call to take it on. But undoubtedly, one of his more interesting former positions was as the self-proclaimed 'Unstoppable Colossus', started up during the 'Fear Itself' event.

Furious at his empowered avatar for betraying him to the Norse God Serpent, Cytorrak took the power of Juggernaut back from Cain Marko and with a noble offer from Piotr to spare his sister Illyana from burdening herself with Cytorrak's granted power, took on the role of Cytorrak's new avatar on Earth.

Unfortunately, this granted power came at a great price and Colossus found himself afflicted with a overwhelmingly constant desire to inflict destruction and mayhem which conflicted with his personal values and over time, found himself beginning to take on more traits of Cytorrak himself than Cain Marko ever found himself having to deal with.

Terrified of losing control of himself and accidentally harming innocent people, he would voluntarily imprison himself in an alternate dimension alongside his sister, only deciding to come out again when the X-Men really needed him.

Encountering the Exiles team during his tenure in voluntary confinement, he agreed to come with them to help his friends and allies-in-arms within an alternate universe and stop the newly-formed Masters of Evil residing there, from enacting a plan that is likely to destroy the omniverse if left unchecked.

Knowing that he can do at least some good with this undesired power, this version of Colossus fights alongside his new teammates in the hopes of creating a better future for this world than the one he left behind...

-Power 4 charge sound doesn't loop properly. Nothing can be really done about it unfortunately at time of writing.

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of Unstoppable Strength (various resistances and defence against specific damage types)
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using Jim Ward's voice for Colossus from X-Men Legends II.
-Uses assigned number #78 (will clash with Volstagg of the Warriors Three, as well as his official MUA1 Colossus counterpart and the version from Outsider's X-Men Retro Collection).

1. Enigmatic Fist: Colossus does a Cytorrak-empowered ground slam which deals radial damage to surrounding enemies.
2. Wicked Blitz: Colossus spins around in place, hitting any surrounding threat hard.
3. Round of Applause: Colossus does a booming thunderclap, dealing physical damage to struck threats.
4. Battering Ram: Colossus charges forward, knocking back any enemy in his way so long as button is held down.
5. Russian Crimson: Colossus performs a series of quick punches, racking up physical damage with each hit (so long as button continues to be held down).
6. (Debuff) Unnerving Presence: Colossus slams his fists together threateningly, causing foes to run for their lives in fear.
7. (Boost) Durable Skin: Colossus shares portions of Cytorrak's power, reducing damage for the entire team whilst adding energy damage to their regular attacks.
8. (Xtreme) Unstoppable Demolition: Colossus leaps into the air and slams the ground hard, generating a portal to the Crimson Cosmos dimension as energy flows out, stunning and damaging foes.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUD, icons etc
Blaw- Unstoppable Colossus model and mannequin
epicanddragon94- Streamlined carryguy fightstyle files
ZuluViking- Some Juggernaut booster effect files

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/h5i6j6di31qxq6y/Unstoppable_Colossus_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

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I am Uatu, the Watcher.
Throughout countless millennia, I have bare witness to many realities and the denizens that inhabit them with their own stories to tell, including your own.

Many strange and fascinating beings of varying morality from across time and space have all found themselves flung back to this specific Earth and timeline, in order to achieve a common goal.
For what reason, things aren't immediately clear to our ever-expanding team of heroes and villains.

But as the journey progresses, they'll find themselves having to make challenging, almost compromising choices for the sake of their own existential survival.

Now comes the inevitable question... What if a Watcher aided in attempting to restablize the omniverse, brought on by the disruptive stolen power and influence of the Earthling known as Victor Von Doom?

Well fellow observers, wonder no longer as we view a different version of myself breaking the sacred vow of the Watchers to never interfere, putting his own life on the line for the sake of beings we both possess a strong fondness for.

Go now... Experience what I see for yourself.

-3 powers, 4 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of flight, might, 100% chance of resurrection (due to Uatu's strong willpower), 55% resistant to physical and energy damage, immunity to mind control
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using a modified version of my own voice.
-Uses assigned number #109 (will clash with Squirrel Girl and Martian Manhunter in mannequin).

1. Cosmic Blast: Uatu fires a powerful blast of cosmic energy from his hands, dealing energy damage to threats in the way.
2. Forced Containment: Uatu traps an enemy in one of his generated forcefields and flings them away. Disables access to their special abilities for a time.
3. Better Look: Uatu teleports himself to a different position, causing damage to enemies upon reappearing.  If an ally is directly infront of you, they will teleport with you.
4. (Boost) Cosmic Senses: Uatu sees into the future briefly, revealing nearby enemy positions whilst increasing overall attack speed and chances of enemy attacks being unsuccessful in landing.
5. (Boost) True Size: Uatu uses his size alteration powers to grow back to the size of his NPC model for a time, temporarily increasing the strength of his attacks, max health and overall defense. Cannot regain energy.
6. (Boost) Power Augmentation: Uatu temporarily grants a portion of his vast cosmic energies to his willing teammates, adding additional energy damage to their attacks.
7. (Boost) Mental Invisibility: Uatu uses his incredible telepathic powers to seemingly render himself and his teammates invisible to foes for a time, reducing damage received from enemies.
8. (Xtreme) Cosmic Storm: Uatu generates a supernatural storm and rains down cosmic rays upon foes. Increases the damage of his teammates' Xtremes if available.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, icons, loading screen, effects, sounds etc.
Raven Software- Hex-edited Uatu the Watcher skin, hud
UltraMegaMagnus- Uatu The Watcher mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/a9mc6v1l7kkjuw4/Uatu_the_Watcher_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

May 21, 2021, 04:08AM #47 Last Edit: May 21, 2021, 04:58PM by Ceamonks890

A member of the royal family within the Shi'ar Empire, Lilandra found herself on the run from her insane older siblings D'Ken and Deathbird upon uncovering a plot to assassinate her, obtain the Shi'ar throne and gain access to the limitless power of the M'kraan Crystal for themselves.

Learning of the planet Earth and the vast number of recorded superhuman beings residing there via the documented Shi'ar archives, she had a loyal servant serve as a convincing decoy in her place as she escaped in a small starship for Earth.

Deciding to take a chance and land her ship near the Xavier Institute upon detecting students using their powers in the school grounds, she explained to the X-Men why she was there and was allowed to lay low under their watch, D'Ken and Deathbird being none the wiser as they started to put their plan into action for 'Lilandra'.

Residing in the training room within the basement of the X-Mansion one day (Lilandra in the control room, having been trained on how to use it), it wouldn't take long before a telepathic message from Charles via Cerebro, would halt their current session and alert them to an emergency call from SHIELD.

Being brought up-to-date on what's going on, Lilandra decides to go with her new allies to the Helicarrier, rushing to the X-Jet as they set off to the skies above New York City...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Ability of leadership (+20% XP and +20% damage from combos)
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using ripped audio of Courtenay Taylor's voice for Wonder Woman from Justice League Heroes.
-Uses assigned number #24 (will clash with playable U. S. Agent and Batman in mannequin)

Energy sword weapon model isn't properly held in Lilandra's hand if you look closely. Nothing can be done about this, due to the animation used.

1. Defensive Counter: Lilandra pulls out a defensive combat knife and combined with her great strength, slices them up into the air as bleed damage is dealt.
2. Battlestaff Slam: Lilandra leaps into the air and slams a Shi'ar battlestaff into the ground, generating a damaging shockwave for surrounding enemies.
3. Shi'ar Markswoman: Lilandra pulls out an energy blaster used by forces of the Shi'ar Empire, firing a quick shot from it as energy damage is dealt to a target.
4. Royal Knife: Lilandra pulls out a defensive combat knife from one of her boots, flinging it at a target. Charge attack for more damage!
5. Sword Spiral: Lilandra pulls out an energy sword and performs a spin attack with it, dealing energy damage to struck foes.
6. (Boost) Majestrix Battlescars: Lilandra utilizes a Shi'ar battlestaff for a time during combat, boosting her damage output.
7. (Boost) Telepathic Link: Lilandra makes a psychic connection with her teammates, sharing her knowledge of nearby enemy positions whilst increasing chances of successful dodges.
8. (Xtreme) Shi'ar Artillery: Lilandra orders loyal Shi'ar forces to air strike all foes in her way. Also increases damage inflicted by any teammate attacks during the Xtreme.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, icons, loading screen, effects etc
hemlot- Ripped Wonder Woman Justice League Heroes voiceclips from Wonder Woman XML2 mod
Julio Cabral- Star Wars lightsaber bolton
Outsider- Kano bowie knife bolton, Lilandra mannequin, secondary loading screen
Raven Software- Lilandra model & HUD, Shi'ar enemy weapon boltons

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vd4y47m29g6fopo/Lilandra_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

May 27, 2021, 11:14PM #48 Last Edit: August 18, 2022, 12:48AM by Ceamonks890

Originating from the future, a much more intelligent and heroic version of Dragon Man found himself flung back in time alongside Franklin & Valeria Richards during an accident, being seperated from them as he finds himself stuck in the past and unable to return home, without ensuring Franklin and Valeria were safe and accounted for.

Discovering he was back during the time of the Masters of Evil and Doctor Doom's ultimately failed scheme to abuse Odin's power for his own ends, he does what he can to keep the timeline consistent with his future whilst explaining to Nick Fury and the alliance, that he was reformed from where he came from and only desired to help out against the current threat whilst keeping an eye out for his time-displaced students in the meantime.

With both brains and brawn available for this Dragon Man, let's show the villains of the Marvel Universe what true power feels like!

-4 powers, 3 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of flight, might and Android Resistance (cannot be grabbed, stunned or mind-controlled, resistant to most damage types)
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using Richard Doyle's voice for Beast from X-Men Legends 1.
-Uses assigned number #67 (will clash with Agent Venom, Negasonic Teenage Warhead & Saint Seiya's Virgo in mannequin).

1. Tail Swipe: Dragon Man flings his tail to the side hard, dealing physical damage to surrounding foes.
2. Immolating Flames: Dragon Man breathes fire out of his mouth upon foes, dealing fire damage.
3. Claw Concussion: Dragon Man spins around, slashing foes with his claws several times as physical damage is dealt.
4. Dragon Stomp: Dragon Man stomps the ground with one of his feet, generating a shockwave that deals radial damage to foes in his way.
5. (Boost) Gilbert Invention: Dragon Man uses invented tech from Mr. Fantastic to reduce damage taken by the entire team for a time.
6. (Boost) Omnivore Consumption: Using his unique physiology to his advantage, cost for all of Dragon Man's powers is temporarily reduced as his body absorbs unseen energy around him.
7. (Debuff) Beastial Scare: Dragon Man lets out a monstrous roar, scaring away foes as their overall defense is reduced.
8. (Xtreme) Monstrous Smash: Dragon Man leaps into the air and crushes the ground hard with his fists, dealing major radial damage to surrounding threats.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, loadscreen, icons etc
Raven Software- Dragon Man model, hud & animations from his MUA boss counterpart
UltraMegaMagnus- Dragon Man mannequin, custom blocking animations

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0ad3ug5l2pwjecy/Dragon_Man_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

May 30, 2021, 10:29PM #49 Last Edit: June 16, 2021, 07:42PM by Ceamonks890

Known as the God of Speed for a very good reason on Asgard, Hermod usually finds himself in the role of a royal messenger to Odin.

But during the arrival of Thor and Earth's various other superheroes in Niffleheim, Hermod happens to overhear Lady Sif's distraught fear during her discussion with the heroes between realms, the dreaded Twilight sword having been shattered into pieces... on Odin himself.

Fearing the worst himself, Hermod puts his responsibilities as a messenger aside and runs as fast as he can through the realm of Niffleheim to hopefully beat the strike team to Raven's Peak and aid them in their fight, knowing Loki would undoubtedly have been involved in the defeat of Odin.

Making one of his hands into a fist briefly, Hermod continues on, aiding his allies in what will be a fight for the ages...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might and 10% faster than non super-speed powered characters naturally
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using Josh Keaton's voice for Mar-Vell's Captain Marvel from Marvel Heroes.
-Uses assigned number #147 (will clash with Shatterstar and Speed in mannequin)

1. Erratic Projectile: Hermod utilizes his speed to his advantage, seemingly teleporting to a nearby threat and uppercutting them into the air, dealing physical damage.
2. Unavoidable Outcome: Hermod sprints forward, knocking back any foe in his way from the strength of his speed breaking the sound barrier.
3. Reflexive Action: Hermod performs a spin kick attack, dealing physical damage to struck foes.
4. Special Delivery: Hermod moves at great speeds, generating hurricane-calibur winds behind him that damages and stuns everything in their path.
5. Howie Strikes: Hermod moves between foes at impressive speeds, dealing physical damage to all struck targets.
6. (Boost) Asgardian Gifts: Hermod pushes his powers to the max, increasing his overall movement and attack speed even further temporarily.
7. (Boost) Godly Speed: Hermod increases his speed enough to the point that the world seemingly slows down around him for a time, reacting to events even more quickly.
8. (Xtreme) Destructive Tornado: Hermod moves around in place really fast, generating a powerful tornado that deals physical damage to struck threats.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, loading screen, icons etc
Canino- Reverse-engineered effects from Quicksilver booster mod
Maegawa- Reverse-engineered effects from Flash mod
Raven Software- Hermod Classic model & hud
tubularspacedude- Josh Keaton Mar-Vell Captain Marvel voicepack
UltraMegaMagnus- Hermod mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/g0je9difih7llau/Hermod_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

June 07, 2021, 05:27AM #50 Last Edit: June 18, 2021, 04:44AM by Ceamonks890

A persistently loyal member of the Imperial Guard, Neutron found himself among the forces of tyrants who seeked to overthrow Princess Lilandra from the throne, time after time.

However, these constant betrayals led to Neutron's family effectively disowning him and with nothing left to his name, became all the more devoted to his role as a member of the Imperial Guard.

Don't let his coincidentally similar design to Colossus fool you, as his distinct origins as a walking black hole have benefitted the Shi'ar Empire during conflicts with combative enemy races many times.

But don't take my word for it - check him out for yourself.

-3 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of flight, might, 30% resistant to physical and energy damage, immunity to knockback, grabs, stuns and finishers.
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using his in-game MUA1 boss voice provided by James Sie.
-Uses assigned number #51 (will clash with Blindfold, Kamala Khan & The Darkness in mannequin).

1. Mass Step: Neutron alters his mass to increase the weight of his steps, dealing physical damage when near an enemy.
2. Ground Stomp: Neutron leaps into the air and stomps the ground hard, dealing radial damage as enemies are knocked back from the impact.
3. Destructive Bolts: Neutron releases stored energy from his body as force bolts, dealing energy damage.
4. (Boost) Quantum Singularity: Neutron uses the power contained within his body to become temporarily invincible to damage from enemies.
5. (Boost) Black Hole: Neutron absorbs unseen energies from the environment into his body, temporarily reducing cost for his powers.
6. (Xtreme) Imperial Loyalist: Neutron leaps into the air and comes back down, slamming his fists into the ground as radial damage is dealt to surrounding foes.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, effects, icons etc
Raven Software- Neutron skin, HUD, voice clips
UltraMegaMagnus- Neutron mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/57bte446dvordvu/Neutron_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file


Originating from an alternate reality where the planet Sakaar wasn't blown up by the ship which brought the Hulk to it and the deranged Red King & Miek were executed for treason, things have been mostly routine for this extremely powerful incarnation of the Hulk who has learned to better control his limitless strength and rule a vast kingdom justly, with his devoted wife and queen, Caiera, an ever-resourceful guide to the daily lives of their citizens.

However, this peace is short-lived for the 'Green Scar' as he receives a visit from a group calling themselves 'the Exiles', humoring them as he sat in his throne and listened with great interest about why they had chosen to appear before him this day.

Coming to understand everything he's rebuilt from the tyrannical Red King's ashes is at inevitable risk of being destroyed forever by yet another power-hungry version of Victor Von Doom and his apathetic concern for the potential destruction of the omniverse itself, Green Scar asks the Exiles to leave while he thought it over.

Understanding the severity of the situation but refusing to leave his citizens unprotected in his absence, Caiera reassured him that if anything happened, she and his Warbound would take care of it (reevaluating the importance of dealing with this vast universal threat).

Awkwardly thanking Caiera for her opinion, Green Scar kissed her and decided he would go with the Exiles to this alternate universe in the morning.

Arming himself with an assortment of weapons and determined to make sure nothing bad would happen to the ones he'd come to care a great deal for, Green Scar took one last look at the planet he'd come to consider his new home as the Exiles' ship set off for parts unknown...

-6 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might, healing factor, 50% resistant to psychic damage and usual Hulk immunities
-5 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using ripped audio of Rick Wasserman's voice from the animated Planet Hulk movie adaptation.
-Uses assigned number #18 (will clash with War Machine and the Red Ranger from Power Rangers in mannequin)

1. Cork Destroyer: Famed for his early exploits in the Sakaarian arena, Green Scar pulls out a sword and swings it twice at foes, knocking them back as they're left stunned from the strength of the blows.
2. Aftershock: Green Scar leaps into the air and stomps the ground hard, enemies knocked back from the impact.
3. Mace Throw: Green Scar flings a battlemace at foes with impressive accuracy, the strength of the throw being so strong that its unblockable. Charge attack for max damage!
4. Vicious Beating: Green Scar charges forward, tackling an unlucky foe to the ground and beating them to a pulp as physical damage is dealt.
5. Battlescars: Green Scar pulls out an axe and swings it at foes, dealing physical damage. Attack is delivered with such force that it gets stuck in the ground briefly.
6. Warrior Smash: Green Scar leaps into the air and slams his elbow into the ground upon impact, causing a small tremor for surrounding enemies.
7. (Boost) Sakaarian Love: Focussing on the positive memories of the time he had with his wife, Caiera, Green Scar's overall speed and resistances increase for a time.
8. (Boost) Oldstrong Meditation: Green Scar puts his meditative training under his Warbound ally Hiroim to good use, raising the damage output of both himself and his teammates temporarily.
9. (Xtreme) Worldbreaker: Green Scar gets so angry, that gamma radiation releases from his body and damages all enemies on-screen.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation and coding, HUDs, loadingscreen, icons etc
Andersonbrazil- Thor Ragnarok MCU Hulk skin
Aventureiromax- Alternate Planet Hulk comic skin
Blaw- Green Scar mannequin, Worldbreaker skin, hud
Julio Cabral- World War Hulk comic skin
Outsider- Coding for several powers and several weapon models from one of his secret mods
Raven Software- Planet Hulk comic skin and HUD

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qhj1y84fylc8nzm/Green_Scar_Hulk_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

June 12, 2021, 04:38AM #52 Last Edit: October 14, 2021, 06:09PM by Ceamonks890

For many years, the man known as Jacques Duquesne was a regular performer at many carnivals and circuses (learning to be a pro over time with many bladed weapons).

Meeting a young Clint Barton at one of these events and seeing great potential in the orphaned runaway, Duquesne would take him under his wing and train Clint extensively in archery.

Unfortunately, this promising lifestyle was not to last as Jacques quickly started to develop a gambling addiction, amassing in debt so great that he would turn to a life of crime and seemingly kill Clint Barton, now known as the performer Hawkeye, to hide his dirty little secret.

Committing even more crimes across the world which led to him being barred from several nations in the process, he would eventually join the Avengers as a double agent to the Mandarin via a faked message from Iron Man.
His sword being outfitted with several embedded devices from the Mandarin, he would successfully inflitrate the Avengers' ranks.

Unexpectedly, Jacques fitted in well with the team, developing a crush on the then single Scarlet Witch and began to relish being a hero over time, leading to a conflict of interest when the Mandarin ordered him to lure the Avengers into a trap.

Fearing for Scarlet Witch's safety, he tried to dismantle the bomb (ultimately saving the Avengers at the price of being mistakenly believed to be a criminal once more).

His heart no longer in it for crime, he fled and served Monsieur Khruul for a while till a chance encounter with the exotic Mantis convinced him to reconcile with the Avengers and Hawkeye, his genuine sincerity and remorse for his past actions winning them over as he fought and ultimately died a hero to the bitter end, defending Mantis from a spiteful retaliation from Kang the Conqueror.

Inexplicably returned to life a few years after his death, Duquesne is determined to ensure this second chance at life isn't a wasted one, joining his comrades-in-arms against the universe's biggest threat yet!

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-3 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using Chris Edgerly's voice for the Flash from Justice League Heroes.
-Uses assigned number #168 (will clash with Oya of the X-Men and Gun Girls 1 in mannequin)

1. Concussive Beam: Jacques presses an unseen button on the sword, performing an acrobatic manourvre as an energy beam is generated from the Makluan sword and deals knockback damage to a targeted foe.
2. Burning Shake: Jacques leaps into the air and slams the ground with his Makluan sword, pressing an unseen button that generates a bit of fire and burns surrounding enemies from the impact.
3. On the Edge: Jacques flings a throwing knive at enemies. Charge the attack to fling multiple knives at once!
4. Shocking Current: Jacques presses an unseen button on his Makluan sword, going into a defensive combat pose as electricity is generated and electrocutes targeted foes.
5. Spiral of Mantis: Jacques spins with his sword, dealing damage to all enemies in a given range.
6. (Debuff) Sleepy Time: Jacques presses an unseen button on his sword, generating a stream of noxious gas that harms nearby foes.
7. (Boost) Redemption Arc: Attempting to conquer his insecurities and not let the team down, Jacques puts his all into the fight as his overall speed and reflexes are increased temporarily.
8. (Xtreme) Disintegrating Trash: Jacques presses an unseen button on his Makluan sword, firing a disintegration ray from it that deals high burn damage to all foes in its path.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, loading screen, icons etc
hemlot- Ripped Flash Justice League Heroes voice clips
thetommyboy2002- Swordsman skins
UltraMegaMagnus- Mannequin
Vicarious Visions- Swordsman Thunderbolts HUD, Swordsman PSP boss animations

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4zzd0ixqgik3dsk/Swordsman_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

June 13, 2021, 09:17PM #53 Last Edit: January 04, 2024, 09:34PM by Ceamonks890

Originating from an alternate reality where supervillains don't exist and empowered beings are a rarity, there exists one that has scared the living daylights out of corrupt gang members and general scumbags alike.

This one specific being is known primarily as the Hulk, the alter ego of which is widowed physician and scientist David Banner, who absorbed himself into his research out of traumatized grief for the death of his wife, Laura, in a car accident.

Hoping that his research into having increased strength usually only triggered under extremely stressful situations available at all times would ensure the same fate to never happen again to anyone else, David ended up impatiently testing his theory out on himself.

Not realizing the equipment had been recalibrated, David recklessly exposed himself to high levels of gamma-irradiated sunspots and ended up releasing a primitive, neanderthal-calibur persona upon the world which possessed incredible strength and durability upon being angered, at the price of not recalling anything the creature did while it had control of his body.

Despite this Hulk being significantly weaker than any of the traditional personas locked away within the mindscape of the abused Bruce Banner in the main Marvel reality, David Banner's similar but vastly different alter ego still poses a threat to anyone who would dare to harm innocent people for selfish gain.

Ending up in a mysterious new world filled with empowered individuals much like him via an unexplainable dimensional anomaly, David will do what he can to assist his new allies as the creature while taking in all the incredible sights it has to offer in the meantime.

Remember not to tick him off, as you wouldn't like him when he's angry!

DISCLAIMER: This mod uses a few seconds of the Wandering Man theme from the 1978 Hulk TV series. I take no credit for this track.

-3 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Ability of might
-5 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using ripped Lou Ferrigno growls and Bill Bixby lines from the 1978 Hulk live-action TV series.
-Uses assigned number #30 (will clash with Psylocke in mannequin)

1. Puny Human: Hulk grabs an enemy and gets them into a bear hug, crushing them as physical damage is dealt once Hulk lets them go.
2. Winded Bash: Hulk runs forward and slams into an enemy, dealing physical damage as they're knocked to the ground.
3. Mindless Thrashing: Hulk throws some surprisingly strong punches, dealing physical damage that stuns struck foes temporarily.
4. (Boost) Protective Instinct: Hulk's courage against overwhelming odds inspires his fellow teammates to continue fighting, increasing their overall damage resistances temporarily.
5. (Debuff) Growling Anger: Hulk stands still and growls menacingly at enemies, causing them to run away in fear.
6. (Xtreme) Property Damage: Hulk grabs several items and flings them at foes, dealing physical damage with a chance to stun.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUDs, loading screen, icons, sounds etc
Escanor610 & SuperMaster10- Primary Lou Ferrigno skins & mannequin
Outsider- Assistance with fixing Xtreme bug
UltraMegaMagnus- Extra Lou Ferrigno Hulk mannequin
Zignutus- Extra Lou Ferrigno Hulk skin

Download link- https://www.mediafire.com/file/ft9k0syfbpxqhnt/Lou_Ferrigno_Hulk_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

Your MODS are getting more amazing! Congratulations!  :phoenix:

June 15, 2021, 07:14AM #55 Last Edit: June 15, 2021, 07:33AM by Ceamonks890

It was only a matter of time before the King of the Rock Trolls would join the ranks of playable Asgardians in MUA1.

Being so strong to the point that even the Mighty Thor could risk dying if a battle between the two endured for extended periods of time, his inherent gullibility and low intelligence levels make him easy for any opponent of his to outsmart and lead to his downfall... if you survive long enough to come up with a plan, that is.

But don't take my word for it. Put his impressive levels of strength and durability to the ultimate test against the Masters of Evil and see what I mean!

-5 powers, 3 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might, 50% resistant to physical and energy damage, immune to radiation damage, healing factor
-2 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using his in-game MUA1 boss voice provided by Fred Tatasciore.
-Uses assigned number #54 (will clash with Smoke from Mortal Kombat and Patriot in mannequin).

1. Trollish Backhand: Ulik throws a strong swipe at an unlucky enemy with his right hand, dealing physical damage as they're knocked to the ground.
2. Brutish Aftershock: Ulik slams his fists into the ground, tripping foes off their feet from the impact as physical damage is dealt.
3. Boisterous Destruction: Ulik punches his fists into the ground, dealing radial damage to surrounding enemies. Mash button for max damage!
4. Puny Creature: Ulik grabs nearby enemies, swinging them around before flinging them away upon release, dealing physical damage. Hold button down to keep attack going!
5. Thuggish Charge: Ulik charges forward and rams through any enemy in his way, dealing physical damage.
6. (Boost) Leathery Hide: Causes all enemies to attack Ulik for the duration of the power. Reduces damage taken and reflects projectile attacks back at the original sources.
7. (Boost) Pounders: Ulik's max health and striking stats are increased temporarily for a time, as he utilizes his distinct brass knuckle weapons more efficiently in combat.
8. (Xtreme) Unconquerable Troll: Ulik slams his fist into the ground, dealing major physical damage to surrounding enemies with a chance to slow their movements temporarily.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, loading screen, icons etc
Raven Software- Ulik boss animations, original MUA skin and HUD, voice/sound files
ZuluViking- Ulik Future Fight skin, HUD & mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/w3byt3rqcx45trt/Ulik_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

June 19, 2021, 05:26AM #56 Last Edit: June 19, 2022, 09:11PM by Ceamonks890

A cousin to Namor and a possible heir to the Atlantean throne, Byrrah has time after time attempted to eliminate his royal sibling in some capacity with limited success.

Being let into the ranks of the Masters of Evil alongside his frequent Atlantean associate, Krang, he plotted an idea together with him (using Attuma as a temporary scapegoat for their own ends against Namor, using specialized technology to control the minds of the Atlantean military and kill anyone who would stand in their way).

If successful in stopping Namor, Doctor Doom promised all the villainous Atlanteans they would get what their hearts desired.

Waking up not long after being defeated by the SHIELD strike team, Byrrah received a holographic message from Doctor Doom saying that the deal was off as a result of his failure to kill Namor and hoped the others would fare better than him and Krang did.

Furious at the betrayal, Byrrah decides to temporarily put his seething hatred for Namor aside (desiring payback against Doctor Doom for cheapening him out of riches beyond his wildest dreams).

And if it means working together with Namor and the other heroes, its a price he's prepared to dearly pay...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might and leadership
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using his in-game MUA1 boss voice provided by James Horan.
-Uses assigned number #116 (will clash with Quake and Lily Bloomerchen in mannequin).

1. Bloodthirsty Stabbing: Byrrah stabs an enemy with his spear, dealing physical damage.
2. Cleaning Ranks: Byrrah does a quick spin attack with his spear, knocking surrounding enemies to the ground as physical damage is dealt.
3. Electrified Containment: Byrrah utilizes custom Atlantean technology to trap enemies and objects in a containment field, flinging them away whilst giving them a subtle electric shock.
4. Energy Blaster: Byrrah pulls out an Atlantean energy blaster and fire three shots from it, causing energy damage and knockback to struck threats. 50% chance of critical hit if an enemy is already stunned prior to being hit.
5. Unstable Explosives: Byrrah flings four grenades that deal energy damage to struck threats immediately upon exploding.
6. (Boost) Genetic Benefits: Being Atlantean, Byrrah is able to more efficiently dodge incoming enemy attacks temporarily.
7. (Boost) Atlantean Forcefield: Using custom Atlantean technology, Byrrah generates a defensive forcefield around him for a time, deflecting projectiles back at foes.
8. (Xtreme) Atlantean Genius: Byrrah releases powerful electrical blasts from custom Atlantean technology, electrocuting all enemies on-screen.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, effects, icons etc
Raven Software- Byrrah model, HUD, voice clips
Waggens7uP- Mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5oel5z4fvayqscm/Byrrah_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

June 22, 2021, 05:24AM #57 Last Edit: March 28, 2023, 04:45PM by Ceamonks890

A loyal family man in a previous life, the space mercenary who would become known as Corsair was born on Earth under the name of Christopher Summers.

For him, his current path in life began with tragedy when his plane was attacked by a mysterious alien scout ship and set ablaze fast, during the return home from a vacation spot.

His wife Katherine pushing their two young sons, Scott and Alex, out of the plane with the only parachute on board to presumed safety from a far worse fate, Christopher and his wife would be abducted by the Shi'ar scout ship, him being sold into slavery after being forced to watch his beloved wife get murdered in front of him by the insane Shi'ar emperor, D'Ken.

Sentenced to work in the mine pits until he died, he would become acquainted with some fellow prisoners and managed to put an escape plan together, all of them successfully escaping in a stolen spaceship as the group became known as the Starjammers from then on and Christopher becoming known as the team's leader, Corsair.

Committing various piracy raids on many Shi'ar vessels, it wouldn't take long before Corsair would be forced to make a crashlanding on Earth and be properly reunited with his now adult sons, having joined the X-Men under the codenames of Cyclops and Havok at different times.

From there, Corsair and the Starjammers would aid the X-Men on various missions while staying one step ahead from bounty hunters and corrupt portions of the Shi'ar Empire.

Receiving a transmission from 'Lilandra' for help on the primary Shi'ar starship, Corsair and the Starjammers would take a chance for a mutual ally, their ship going into lightspeed as they remained blissfully unaware of the events to come...

-3 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Ability of leadership
-2 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using Scott MacDonald's MUA1 voice for Nick Fury.
-Uses assigned number #23 (will clash with Guillotine and X-23 in mannequin).

1. Pulse Blaster: Corsair fires a few shots from one of his trademark pistols, dealing energy damage.
2. Disruptive Mutiny: Corsair uses a teleportation device on his person, striking several enemies with his rapier sword before returning to his original position.
3. Dashing Spin: Corsair does a brief spin attack with his rapier sword, dealing physical damage to all enemies in a given distance.
4. (Boost) Advanced Medical: Corsair uses Shi'ar tech to recover back a portion of health for each teammate.
5. (Boost) Space Adventurer: Corsair boosts the attack speed and damage of himself and his teammates temporarily.
6. (Xtreme) Starjammer Rebellion: Corsair triggers his autopilot-activated ship's weapon systems, raining energy blasts from above upon all enemies in range.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, icons etc
Enigma- Ripped cutlass and revolver boltons from Corsair MUA1 skin segments, skin segmentless MUA1 Corsair skin
Outsider- Loading screen
Raven Software- Corsair HUD & voice clips
Waggens7uP- Mannequin
Zignutus- Custom Corsair skin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/di8h0t2wgf5byke/Corsair_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

June 26, 2021, 01:21AM #59 Last Edit: December 21, 2023, 08:01PM by Ceamonks890

Before the Green Scar, before Joe Fixit, before even the Savage Hulk, the persona known as the Devil Hulk was there within the young mind of the abused Bruce Banner at the hands of his father, becoming chained deep within his mindscape after it took control of an adult Bruce's body and murdered his father as repressed revenge for the death of Bruce's mother.

Becoming chained deep within Bruce's mindscape and believed for the longest time to be nothing more than an evil monstrous persona that represented Bruce's negativity and self-hatred, it would soon be revealed that the Devil persona (now known as the Immortal Hulk), actually embodied what Bruce desired in a protective father figure (Banner's incapability to imagine love without some semblance of pain), being the cause for why he had perceived it in such a negative light for so long.

Now free and in charge of the protective system that embodies him, Banner and the other Hulk personas as a stronger unified whole, the Devil Hulk enacts his unique brand of justice toward the guilty, drawing a very fine line between right and wrong.

But don't take my word for it. See for yourself...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might, healing factor, 100% chance of resurrection and usual Hulk immunities
-3 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Richard Moll's voice from the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
-Uses assigned number #4 (will clash with Storm and that of her X-Men Retro Arcade counterpart by Outsider, as well as SoulWorker's Luna Nox in mannequin).

1. Sadistic Backhand: Devil Hulk punches his hands together before throwing a strong swipe with his right hand, dealing physical damage as they're knocked to the ground from the blow.
2. Gamma Breath: Inspired by the Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game, Devil Hulk breathes out enough gamma radiation to prove lethal to affected targets, dealing radiation damage.
3. Irritated Burst: Devil Hulk slams his fists into the ground, generating an outward blast of gamma radiation underneath an unlucky enemy and sends them flying.
4. Boulder Crush: Devil Hulk throws a giant boulder at nearby enemies, dealing physical damage.
5. Taking It Personal: Devil Hulk does a devastating six-hit combo attack, dealing physical damage.
6. (Debuff) Terrifying Presence: Devil Hulk makes a random malicious taunt, lowering enemy defense as they run away in fear of him.
7. (Boost) Gut Feeling: Able to sense the nearby presence of those who intend to do harm to innocent people, Devil Hulk reveals the locations of enemies on the map while reducing energy cost for his other powers temporarily.
8. (Xtreme) Gamma Dispersal: Devil Hulk does an incredibly powerful thunderclap with his hands, dealing physical damage to unlucky targets as a large green blast is generated from his hands.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, True Form HUD, loading screen, icons etc
Andersonbrazil- Marvel Future Revolution skin, HUD
Enchlore- Immortal Hulk MFF skin, HUD
Escanor610- Custom Devil Hulk True Form skin
Smile- Animated mannequin located in xtras folder
tubular spacedude- Ripped Devil Hulk voice clips from The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
Waggens7uP- Primary mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sld5vh8hv8xcymc/Devil_Hulk_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file