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A combination of two symbiotically-linked mechanoid aliens (the small, intelligent B'nee and the large, intimidating C'cil), Warstar was a member of the Imperial Guard whose shared morality would change to better suit the situation they found themselves in.

Initially loyal to Empress Lilandra, Warstar would eventually have their loyalty bought out by the opposing ruler for the Shi'ar Empire throne, Deathbird (who hoped to use their great strength to contribute towards overthrowing Lilandra and attempt to take the throne for herself).

However, Warstar would ultimately fail alongside their Imperial Guard comrade Starbolt, knocked out cold by a primarily Earth-based rebel strike team as they soon saved Lilandra (who was in actuality a very convincingly disguised loyal servant) from a particularly gruesome fate.

Enforced back into the real Lilandra's service, Warstar was punished by the Empress for betraying her and was strongarmed alongside Neutron, Hussar & Starbolt to assist the heroes of Earth-7150 in their quest to save the multiverse from complete destruction at the hands of a madman supervillain known as Victor von Doom.

Transported to the royal kingdom of the Inhumans, Warstar looks at their fellow Imperial Guards with significant frustration before resigning themselves to their fate, as they prepared for their next trip to the Skrull Throneworld...

-3 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might, flight and healing factor
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using his in-game MUA1 boss voice provided by the late John Cygan.
-Uses assigned number #52 (will clash with Raven and playable Galactus in mannequin)

1. Shocking Combo: Warstar performs a two-hit combo on a nearby enemy, dealing electric damage as they're knocked to the ground from the blows.
2. Down and Out: Warstar raises its fists, slamming them down hard on an unlucky target as they're stunned and electrocuted from the strike.
3. Soaring Mechanoid: Warstar leaps into the air and comes back down hard, dealing radial damage.
4. (Boost) Mechaniote Overclock: Warstar uses its inbuilt cybernetic systems to push themselves beyond their limits, temporarily increasing their overall attack speed and damage.
5. (Boost) Rerouted Power: Warstar uses its inbuilt cybernetic systems to restructure where its energy goes, greatly reducing energy cost temporarily.
6. (Xtreme) Mechaniote Smash: Warstar uses its flight patch to get above ground quickly, coming back down as massive radial damage is dealt to surrounding foes.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, icons etc
Raven Software- Warstar model, HUD, voice clips, animations from his boss files
Waggens7uP- Mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/x8xkqemf0pqys6r/Warstar_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

September 22, 2022, 05:39AM #271 Last Edit: September 28, 2022, 04:38PM by Ceamonks890

A long-time serving member of the Imperial Guard, Hussar was a member whose loyalty was easily bought by the one with the most power.

Convinced to join Deathbird in an attempt to overthrow Lilandra for the Shi'ar throne, Hussar would be complacent in restraining Lilandra and serve as one of Deathbird's newly instated bodyguards.

But in spite of her unique alien physiology allowing her to channel bioelectricity through her limbs or 'neuro-whip', Hussar would ultimately fail alongside her Imperial Guard comrade Neutron, knocked out cold by a primarily Earth-based rebel strike team as they soon saved Lilandra (who was in actuality a very convincingly disguised loyal servant), from a particularly gruesome fate.

Enforced back into the real Lilandra's service, Hussar was punished by the Empress for betraying her and was strongarmed alongside Neutron, Warstar & Starbolt to assist the heroes of Earth-7150 in their quest to save the multiverse from complete destruction at the hands of a madman supervillain known as Victor von Doom.

Resigning herself to her fate, Hussar prepares for their next trip to the Skrull Throneworld...

-2 powers, 3 boosts and an Xtreme
-1 hex-edited skin & whip model, HUD, loading screen, icons and sound/voice file using her in-game MUA1 boss voice provided by April Stewart.
-Uses assigned number #26 (will clash with He-Man, Garokk and Black Cat in mannequin).

1. Neuro Lashing: Hussar pulls out her neuro-whip and lashes it forward, dealing physical damage to struck targets.
2. Paralyzing Cycle: Hussar gets into a combat stance, preparing to deal a radial spin kick attack which deals physical damage, as foes are left stunned from the subtle bioelectricity generated by her legs. Chance of gaining health orbs if fully charged.
3. (Debuff) Shocked Nerves: Hussar strikes an enemy in a very vulnerable location, stunning them as they're shocked by her bioelectricity.
4. (Boost) Imperial Will: Hussar focusses her energies more, boosting overall damage and speed while becoming more tolerant of damage received from enemies temporarily.
5. (Boost) Shi'ar Veteran: Hussar becomes much more determined in battle, raising her max health and striking stats temporarily.
6. (Xtreme) Neuro Punishment: Hussar pulls out her neuro-whip and performs two 180 degree crowd control attacks with it, dealing high physical damage to struck targets.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, icons etc
Raven Software- Hussar model, HUD, voice clips, animations from her boss files
Waggens7uP- Mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/eud1zy61udm9b8h/Hussar_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

September 26, 2022, 04:25AM #272 Last Edit: September 28, 2022, 04:39PM by Ceamonks890

Being the latest Empress of the Skrull Throneworld, S'Byll was raised on the Skrull-occupied homeworld of Satriani and was trained from an early age in the customs of Skrull culture.

But when Satriani became the latest target of the World Devourer known as Galactus and was completely destroyed to satisfy his hunger, S'Byll would be among the Skrull survivors that managed to successfully escape the planet's destruction and set off for the primary throneworld of the Skrull Empire to start their lives anew.

Many years would pass as the Skrulls began their renewed assault on the opposing Kree Empire, with countless soldiers killed off on both sides as Skrulls began to quickly get infected with a disease that eradicated their genetic ability to shapeshift.

However, a chance encounter with the ex-herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer (as a byproduct of surviving Skrull forces allying themselves with the planet of Zenn-La), would cause S'Byll to gain a portion of the surfer's power cosmic and restore the natural shapeshifting abilities to many Skrulls via a genetic machine after some careful persuasion.

Successfully fighting off the invading Kree forces with the Silver Surfer and the Super-Skrull's aid, the Skrulls would ultimately scare off the surviving Kree forces as the enemy ships fled through hyperspace to their own homeplanet on Hala.

For a long time, the Skrulls went on mostly unopposed across the Marvel Universe until their worst fears started to occur, as Galactus was starting to head in the direction of the Skrull Homeworld.

As Galactus's loyal 'punishers' began to assault the planet, S'Byll ordered all active Skrull soldiers to keep the enemy forces back for as long as possible while the general Skrull population was swiftly evacuated in escape ships.

Manipulating a seemingly random strike team of beings originating from the planet Earth under the guise of providing information on how to defeat Galactus (in order to reopen the jammed hanger door and flee the presumed destruction of the planet), S'Byll left her royal guards, Paibok and the Super-Skrull, to tie up loose ends before fleeing in a nearby escape craft of their own when their job was done.

This would however, not end up happening as the strike team swiftly defeated S'Byll's royal guards, destroyed the mysterious shield generators around the city and somehow defeated the world devourer himself, saving the Skrull Throneworld from destruction altogether (as she received transmissions back on the planet from loyal soldiers about the Earthlings having forced Galactus and his forces to flee).

Not expecting Earthlings to be capable of such selfless sacrifice and feeling slightly guilty for tricking them, S'Byll learned through surviving soldiers that the Earthlings had primarily arrived on their world to obtain a device of Galactus's known as the Muonic Inducer, for use in saving the greater multiverse from complete eradication.

Believing she owed the Earthlings a great debt, S'Byll contacted all nearby Skrull ships to head for Earth and attempt to assist this incredible strike team against whatever major threat they were preemptively preparing themselves against...

-3 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of flight and leadership
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of April Stewart's voice.
-Uses assigned number #25 (will clash with Moondragon, Erik Killmonger and Genshin Impact's Hu Tao in mannequin).

1. Flesh Wound: Pulling out a self-defence Skrull military pistol, S'Byll fires it as energy damage is dealt to a close target.
2. Royal Will: Tapping into her previous self-defence combat training, S'Byll grabs and slams a nearby enemy into the ground, dealing physical damage.
3. Cosmic Explosion: S'Byll draws upon the power cosmic she had previously absorbed from the Silver Surfer, unleashing a radial blast of cosmic energy which stuns surrounding threats.
4. (Debuff) Pressure Points: S'Byll strikes an enemy in a vulnerable location on their neck, stunning them briefly.
5. (Boost) Inner Resolve: A determined leader who never gives up, S'Byll raises damage output for entire team temporarily.
6. (Xtreme) Skrull Strike: S'Byll calls down an air strike from Skrull ships flying far above on all on-screen enemies, dealing high damage. Also increases damage inflicted by other attacks in sequence.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, loading screen, icons etc
Raven Software- Skrull Empress skin, HUD, Skrull Commando gun model
Waggens7uP- Mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l2xx1v8ubvn4v3s/Skrull_Empress_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

do you think about doing some assassins creed mod around here friend?
Star Andy :))

Quote from: StarAndy on September 27, 2022, 08:05PM
do you think about doing some assassins creed mod around here friend?

Yes actually. I'd love to work on Ezio Auditore, but at this time, I lack at least one converted skin to work with. So unless an active skinner modder generously converts an Ezio model over, a mod of him ain't happening (as I'm not a skinner myself).

September 28, 2022, 05:33AM #275 Last Edit: October 02, 2022, 08:37PM by Ceamonks890

An incredibly accurate, ancient soothsayer from the Asgardian realms, Volla has proven reliable to those who seek her out time and time again.

Witnessing consistent visions of a very real future involving the complete eradication of all life in the multiverse as a result of Doctor Doom abusing the stolen power of the All-Father, Odin, Volla began to put a plan together in order to prevent this disastrous event from entirely occurring.

Learning that a vast team of so-called heroes and villains from across the entirety of Earth-7150 and the greater multiverse itself were doing what they could to prevent this unknowingly horrific future from happening, Volla took advantage of the Rock Troll Ulik and the armored Dark Elf, Kurse, as a means of testing this strike team's resolve.

Proven right by the team's determination to retrieve her ring back from the locked chest guarded by Ulik & Kurse, Volla knew then that this was the correct path in the timestream which would ultimately lead to vast success in restoring the stability of the multiverse itself, when all was said and done.

Allowing her ring to be kept by the SHIELD strike team in order to prevent them falling into a fatal trap, Volla seemingly disappeared from the sight of the strike team through ancient magics.

Arriving in the realm of Valhalla, Volla explained her sudden presence to SHIELD director Nick Fury and how they were all going to save existence, so long as they played their cards close to their chest...

-4 boosts and an Xtreme
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Nika Futterman's voice from MUA1.
-Uses assigned number #145 (will clash with Wiccan and Street Fighter's M. Bison in mannequin).

1. (Debuff) Cannot Change Your Fate: Volla threatens surrounding enemies of their potential future, causing them to flee in fear as their overall defence is reduced.
2. (Debuff) Precognitive Blackmail: Volla warns surrounding enemies that they co-operate with the entire team or face truly severe consequences, turning them into allies on the current map for a few minutes.
3. (Boost) Humble Words: Volla reassures all allies that they will ultimately succeed, increasing overall defence and resistances for entire team temporarily.
4. (Boost) Foretold Outcome: Volla reassures all allies that they are doing everything correctly to preserve the stability of existence, boosting striking stats, dodging chances and damage reflection to incoming enemy blows.
5. (Xtreme) End of All Things: Volla warns all surrounding enemies that their fates are sealed, the instability of the multiverse suddenly erasing them from time and space as they're instantly killed.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, loading screen, icons etc
Raven Software- Volla skin, HUD, voice clips
Waggens7uP- Mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/wmk07isala5vkg0/Volla_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

September 29, 2022, 04:45AM #276 Last Edit: October 19, 2023, 12:47AM by Ceamonks890

Originally part of a race of giant humanoid robots created centuries before on an unknown alien planet through a potent source of biomatter energy, the Ultimos eventually rebelled against their creators and devoured them in order to survive.

Somehow leaving the planet after completely annihilating their original home of all life, several Ultimo robots would quickly gain a deadly reputation as cosmic-level threats which wiped out and terrorized many galactic civilizations, before crashlanding on the planet Earth during the middle of a meteor shower.

Soon discovered by the Mandarin, he would alter the collective programming of the crashlanded Ultimos for his own needs and lied to all who encountered him, as being their original creator.

However, the Ultimos would be ultimately bested on many occasions, most recently during an unwarranted invasion on the Mandarin's Palace by SHIELD's recently formed, omniversal strike team under the assumption that the Mandarin was working with the devious Masters of Evil.

Explaining he no longer had anything to do with them and that they had been lured to his palace under shapeshifted deception by Loki, the Mandarin laughed off the inherent gullibility of these do-gooders and disappeared from sight.

Now left alone to his own thoughts, the Mandarin plotted out a scheme which would result in getting back at Doctor Doom for daring to send heroes onto his doorstep unannounced and ordered a spare, still functional Ultimo robot to accompany him to the SHIELD strike team's new base at the Sanctum Sanctorum and forge a temporary alliance, under the guise of saving the world.

Accepting its master's commands without question, the Mandarin activated his teleportation tech as he and the accompanying Ultimo robot soon found themselves face-to-face with the impressive SHIELD strike team forces once more, as the Mandarin secretly looked forward to getting the Masters of Evil back for daring to reject him from their grand plan...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might, flight, healing factor, 40% faster than non super-speed powered characters, 100% chance of resurrection, cannot be grabbed, thrown, frozen, mind-controlled, stunned or knocked back and is immune to slowness.
-2 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and sound file using various robotic sound effects from his in-game MUA1 boss counterpart.
-Uses assigned number #124 (will clash with Red Skull and Samus Aran in mannequin).

1. Foot Crush: Ultimo briefly grows in size, slamming its foot down on the ground hard as physical damage is dealt to nearby foes, before it shrinks back down to human size.
2. Eye Burn: Ultimo fires energy lasers from its eyes at foes, dealing energy damage.
3. Thermal Outburst: Ultimo releases absorbed energy from its body, dealing fire damage to surrounding enemies. Tap for additional thermal energy projectiles!
4. Incinerating Rain: Ultimo expels absorbed energy upward as it rains down upon surrounding enemies, dealing fire damage.
5. Robotic Drill: Ultimo briefly grows in size, leaping into the air and drills into the ground, damaging surrounding enemies as they're knocked back from the impact.
6. (Boost) True Size: Ultimo utilizes its mass manipulation powers to grow back to the size of his NPC counterpart, increasing max health, damage and defence. Cannot regain energy. Press power button again to return to normal size!
7. (Boost) Metal Morphing: Utilizing the self-named virus it carries, Ultimo temporarily infects all allies and grants entire team invulnerability and unlimited energy for a minute.
8. (Xtreme) Giant Slam: Ultimo briefly grows in size, leaping into the air and performing an elbow drop on the ground, dealing heavy radial damage before shrinking back down to human size.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, effects, icons etc
Enchlore- Ultimo MUA3 skin & HUD
epicanddragon94- Streamlined carryguy fightstyle files
Raven Software- Ultimo model, HUD, Ultimo grunts, original coding for first two powers
Waggens7uP- Mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/f1cyeuqlq3zlnan/Ultimo_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

Love the boss mods, finally getting some well earned love :P Great mods!
My Release topic : http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,8934.0.html

Newest Release : Raven

October 05, 2022, 05:29AM #278 Last Edit: December 14, 2022, 07:09PM by Ceamonks890

Originating from the alternate reality of Earth-92131, this variant of scientist Johnathon Ohnn worked for many years at Stark Enterprises on inter-dimensional technology, soon inventing the Time-Dilation Accelerator device.

To Ohnn's personal dismay however, Tony Stark eventually terminated the project under justifiable fears of it being too dangerous to continue development, after the events of a previous adventure with Spider-Man as his secret Iron Man persona almost led to Dormammu's escape from the Dark Dimension onto Earth.

Greatly embittered and not wanting to work on lesser projects, Johnathon quit his job and headed off for home.
Fortunately, this major setback would not last long as Ohnn was approached by Wilson Fisk, offering him his own personal lab and work partner, Silvia Lopez, in order to continue his work on inter-dimensional travel (unaware of Fisk's true motives as the Kingpin of Crime).

Ultimately successful in recreating the inter-dimensional technology over the course of several weeks with Silvia, Ohnn recklessly got too close to an active portal and was sucked into it, the resulting explosion generating several portals across New York City.

Flung through this strange dimension, Johnathon was left pleading for help as many of the smaller portals residing within this dimension began to attach to his body, transforming him into a living magnet for portal generation.

Managing to pull himself together, Ohnn soon found a way back to his lab but noticed his appearance had changed a great deal.

Horrified by the realization his reckless actions could cause if these loose portals weren't closed quickly and experimenting with his newfound powers, Johnathon quickly dispelled of most of the loose portals.

Deciding to take on the codename of 'The Spot', Johnathon used his new powers to rob banks throughout the city in order to fund a new lab for himself and Silvia (clashing several times with the superhero Spider-Man, before Wilson Fisk's true motives were revealed).

Strongarmed to take Spider-Man down by Wilson Fisk for the sake of the kidnapped Silvia's life, he would in the end be defeated by Spider-Man in their second rematch but forged a plan with the web-head, in order to ensure Silvia's life would be saved.

The two working together to fight off Kingpin and his armed forces, everyone's attention would suddenly be drawn to an extremely large portal Ohnn had neglected to close, that was continuing to grow at an alarming rate.

Putting their differences aside for the sake of the planet, Kingpin fashioned The Spot, Spider-Man and Silvia a ship which could get them close enough to in theory, dispose of this rogue portal for good.

However, its power was simply too great for the Spot to absorb alone and had Spider-Man connect the Time-Dilation Accelerator to the ship, drawing upon its energy enough to significantly shrink the portal.

Realizing there was no other way to completely eradicate the rogue portal without going right into it, Johnathon nobly sacrificed himself as Silvia jumped into the portal with him, the two expressing their love for one another as they disappeared with the portal's closure, Spider-Man regrettably missing them with his webbing as he attempted to pull them back to the ship.

But this would not be the end for this variant of the Spot and his love interest as they eventually fell out of the portal dimension and found themselves seemingly on a different version of Earth entirely on the reality of Earth-7150.

Having no idea where they were but doing whatever he could to protect Silvia, the Spot prepared to defend them from an onslaught of robot sentries onboard a mysterious helicarrier...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Ability of teleportation
-5 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using ripped audio of Oliver Muirhead's voice from Spider-Man: The Animated Series
-Uses assigned number #110 (will clash with Warpath, Hawkgirl and Ben 10 in mannequin).

1. Unstable Combo: The Spot teleports and performs a devastating two-hit punch on an unlucky target, dealing physical damage as they're left stunned from the blows.
2. Dimensional Pummel: The Spot charges up for an attack, before he begins to teleport between several targets and performs an uppercut and two acrobatic kicks on enemies, dealing physical damage.
3. Dimensional Leaper: The Spot leaps into the air, teleporting into the ground as enemies are dealt knockback damage from the portal's gravitational shockwave, before immediately reappearing a few seconds later.
4. Portal Flurry: The Spot performs a rapid teleport attack on numerous targets, throwing an air punch on each one as physical damage is dealt.
5. Unpredictable Frenzy: The Spot quickly teleports between multiple enemies, striking them with such strength that they fall back to the ground with physical damage dealt.
6. (Boost) Quick on his Feet: The Spot increases his chances to successfully dodge incoming enemy attacks while becoming completely immune to stun attacks temporarily.
7. (Debuff) Unpredictable Power: Enemies become increasingly afraid of the Spot's portal generation abilities, running away in fear as the Spot's chances for critical hits are increased.
8. (Xtreme) Thinking With Portals: The Spot teleports between enemies, performing a few brutal flying kicks before teleporting back to position and slamming the ground, generating a shockwave as heavy physical damage is dealt.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, Contest of Champions HUD, loading screen, icons etc
Dihan- Blink mod portal power coding and general inspiration
iammingy- Custom The Spot skin (Earth-7150)
UltraMegaMagnus- Spot Marvel Contest of Champions skin
Waggens7uP- HUDs, mannequins, custom Jonathan Ohnn Civilian, Spot Spider-Man TAS and Spot Classic skins

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/gca88upye6gi5vm/The_Spot_%2528Spider-Man_villain%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file

The Playable Generic MUA1 Enemies Collection has been updated with a Hellfire Club Guard imported from XML2, joining the ranks of playable minions!

October 10, 2022, 04:16AM #280 Last Edit: October 31, 2022, 06:03PM by Ceamonks890

A self-made millionaire and successful business mogul, Darren Cross seemingly had it all as he led his company, Cross Technological Enterprises, through much internal strife as he made it a strong rival to even the top competitors on the tech market.

But this long-term success was not to last as Darren was informed he was diagnosed with a rare, fatal heart condition which would eventually kill him if a cure wasn't found soon.

Creating an experimental nucleorganic pacemaker to save his life, it initially seemed as if Darren had finally solved the problem until it began to mutate his body, granting him incredible superhuman strength and durability at the cost of quickly burning out his heart and risking death once again.

Desperate to survive, Darren kidnapped heart surgeon Erica Sondheim and many 'donors' from the slums of New York, taking healthy hearts from unwilling innocence as he did what he could to prolong his life.

However, heart burnout would happen time and time again till Scott Lang, the latest Ant-Man at the time, would stop the twisted mogul by pure happenstance as he managed to save everyone that Cross had captured and luckily get a successful heart transplant for his young daughter, Cassie.

Though this would not be the end for Darren Cross as his deceased body was put into a cryogenic state by his son, Augustine, as he became obsessed with finding a way to bring his father back to life in the long term.

Learning of the Pym Particles and their effects on the human body when used safely, Augustine obtained another healthy heart and began exposing it to the particles, eventually finding a safe middle ground that would allow Darren to survive without ever running the risk of burning out his heart again.

Brought out of stasis and surgically having his new Pym Particle-affected heart implanted, Darren found himself alive once more after several years of unwilling downtime.

Fashioning together a new battlesuit from stolen Hank Pym designs, Darren was prepared to mass produce it to interested buyers before noticing random dimensional portals above New York's skyline, spitting out all sorts of unrecognizably strange beings upon the populace.

Deciding instead to take the battlesuit out for a test run, Darren could only laugh in glee as he flew off to investigate, unaware of the mess he would find himself inevitably drawn into soon enough...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might, flight and healing factor
-2 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Josh Keaton's voice for the Peter Parker CEO from Spider-Man: Edge of Time
-Uses assigned number #121 (will clash with Omega Sentinel and Taki in mannequin).

1. Restrained Brutality: Keeping his emotions in check to avoid it affecting his body's size, Darren grabs an enemy by the arm and breaks it as he slams them into the ground, dealing physical damage.
2. Insect Precision: Darren uses his superhuman senses originally granted to him by his long discarded Nucleorganic Pacemaker, to command several bullet ants to fly around him and sting enemies in range, dealing physical damage.
3. Bio-Electric Sting: Darren fires a blue bio-electric beam from his suit's gloves, knocking struck foes to the ground as electricity damage is dealt.
4. Yellowjacket Toss: Darren grows to the size of a giant, grabbing an unlucky enemy and using them as a makeshift weapon, damaging any enemy that gets close. Let go of power button to release foe in Darren's hands and have him shrink back to normal.
5. Crushed Bugs: Darren grows to the size of a giant, repeatedly punching the ground as physical damage is dealt across an ever-expanding radius.
6. (Boost) Anger Issues: Letting his repressed emotions out, Darren grows to the size of a giant as he gains increased defense and striking at the cost of being unable to regain energy. Press $SMASH for Giant Punch. Activate power again to return to normal size!
7. (Boost) Calm Schemer: Letting his repressed emotions out, Darren calms himself down enough to shrink down to the size of an ant as he gains increased movement speed, damage and a higher chance to dodge enemy attacks for two minutes. Cannot be slowed down or grabbed.
8. (Xtreme) Fury of Cross: Darren grows to the size of a giant as he leaps into the air and comes back down, slamming the ground with his newly durable fists, dealing heavy radial damage.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, loading screen, icons etc
Enigma- Cleanly ripped audio from Spider-Man: Edge of Time
Waggens7uP- Mannequins, Darren Cross Yellowjacket skins & HUDs

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sshs2gd3y70zcv7/Yellowjacket_%2528Darren_Cross%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file

October 11, 2022, 09:10PM #281 Last Edit: May 31, 2024, 09:46PM by Ceamonks890

Known in life as Cyrus Gold, the origins of Solomon Grundy are never made entirely clear prior to his death in Slaughter Swamp on the outskirts of Gotham City in the late 19th century.

Some tales state he was merely a wealthy merchant that was assassinated while other tales state him as a failed attempt at creating a new Plant Elemental by the 'Parliament of Trees'.

Regardless of his backstory inconsistencies however, one thing remains the same with him being a completely unkillable zombie with incredible levels of strength and durability who cannot be stopped permanently.

But with all that power also comes great psychological instability as each time Solomon Grundy dies and is resurrected, a new personality often emerges to take control of the body with varying levels of intelligence, memory recollection and sense of morality.

After one particular resurrection however, the emergence of a more child-like, pure-hearted personality found itself in charge of Grundy's zombified body and took to hiding within the sewers of Opal City to avoid hurting anyone.

What happened next was far more than anything Grundy could have ever expected as he's drawn to a mysterious bright light, walking through it none the wiser.

Finding himself now within the depths of a 'strange sanctum', its not long before Grundy is spotted by a bald man wielding magic and a giant green creature that reminded Grundy of itself in a way.

'Halt!' the bald man shouted out. 'What are you and how did you get inside the Sanctum Sanctorum!'
'Grundy... not know.' Solomon Grundy replied. 'Saw... bright light and walked through it. Came here and don't know where Grundy is.'

'Easy there Wong,' the green monster said in a calm voice, as he walked slowly towards Solomon Grundy. 'Can't you see this zombie means us no harm? He's clearly very distressed and is simply another dimensionally-displaced victim like the rest of us to your reality.'

'Keen observation there Professor,' Wong said. 'But how do we know its not simply an act?'

'Now Wong,' the Professor Hulk said. 'The more brutish Hulk personas I used to exhibit back in my world whenever I got angry, acted out in a very similar way to our friend here when threatened. He's got the mind of a child in what seems to be an adult body, so I can understand what that's like.'

'Hey Grundy, its alright. We're not going to hurt you pal.' the Professor Hulk stated, as he helped Solomon Grundy up the stairs to the visitor hallway, minding their heads around the doors as Grundy was introduced to the rest of the omniversal SHIELD strike team collectively brought together to stop the Masters of Evil...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might, healing factor, immunity to knockback, grabs, stuns, finishers, fire & cold damage, 100% chance of resurrection
-2 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Fred Tatasciore's voice.
-Uses assigned number #107 (will clash with Morbius and Yondu in mannequin).

BLOCK COMBO (Bored Zombie)- Press Block + Jump to have Grundy say a random line to lighten the mood in his own way.

1. Solomon Uppercut: Grundy performs a strong uppercut, sending an unlucky enemy flying as physical damage is dealt.
2. Round of Applause: Grundy performs a thunderclap with his hands, creating a concussive soundwave that physically damages and stuns enemies in front of him.
3. Ground Rumble: Grundy smashes the ground with both of his fists as he causes huge ripples in the earth, knocking enemies off their feet. Will deal double damage if enemies are already lying on the ground.
4. Monstrous Knock Down: Grundy charges forward, tackling an enemy to the ground as he beats them without mercy, dealing physical damage.
5. Swamp Puddle: Inspired by Injustice: Gods Among Us, Grundy stomps the ground, causing an enemy to become stuck in place as damage is dealt.
6. (Boost) Energy Manipulation: Grundy subconsciously taps into his obscure ability to absorb and manipulate energy, reflecting all projectiles back at their original source and reducing overall damage received as all nearby enemies attack Grundy for the power duration.
7. (Boost) Reincarnated Madness: Losing himself briefly to his anger, Grundy gains increased speed, damage and defence temporarily.
8. (Xtreme) Zombie Smash: Grundy leaps into the air and slams one of his fists into the ground, dealing massive physical damage to surrounding enemies with a chance to slow them down temporarily.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUD for Classic skin, loading screen, icons etc
Aventureiromax- Solomon Grundy Classic skin, mannequin
hemlot- Solomon Grundy voice clips from Grundy XML2 mod
Miles838- Solomon Grundy Injustice Red Son skin, HUD

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dewwvn1q4uwku0w/Solomon_Grundy_%2528DC_Comics%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file

October 23, 2022, 07:48PM #283 Last Edit: April 29, 2024, 07:59PM by Ceamonks890

Originating from an alternate reality, this version of Peter Parker started out his young life much like every other variant in the Marvel Comics side of the multiverse, as he went out on a school field trip to a public science exhibition.

That day, Peter's life was changed forever as he found himself bitten by a mystically-enhanced spider and gained incredible new abilities.

But instead of eventually devoting his life to fighting crime across New York City like countless Spider-people before him upon the tragic death of a loved one, Peter would instead say goodbye to his concerned but understanding Aunt May after revealing his powers to her, seeking out the ancient city of Kamar'Taj upon graduating from high school, accepted among their ranks with open arms as Peter trained both his body and mind to their absolute peak.

Growing into adulthood as a very capable sorcerer while the years went on, Peter was approached by the Ancient One who used to be known as Doctor Stephen Strange in a previous life, expressing how impressed he was with Peter's natural tenacity for magic and gave him the opportunity to become the Sorcerer Supreme of his reality.

Facing off against many fellow sorcerers who proved very adapt at magic in their own right, Peter knew immediately not to underestimate them (in spite of his spider powers granting him a strong advantage in reacting much more quickly to incoming attacks than most).

His 'Spider-Sense' serving as an effective warning sign as sorcerer after sorcerer lost and was pulled out of the contest, Peter ultimately came out on top and was granted the official designation of Sorcerer Supreme or Spidey Supreme as Peter jokingly liked to call himself by.

Becoming the protector of his dimension against all sorts of existential threats from than on, his attention was soon drawn to a parallel reality known as the 'Contest of Champions', which proved harmful to the stability of the multiverse as heroes and villains alike from across time and space were being pulled to this dimension and forced to battle for the amusement of powerful cosmic beings.

Magically travelling to the Contest of Champions in hopes of putting a stop to it, the Spidey Supreme fought off against all sorts of strange combatants, gaining many allies and enemies during his time in the realm.

In the end though, the Spidey Supreme soon realized to his dismay that the Contest of Champions wasn't entirely to blame for the huge multiversal disturbance and learned through dreams that a universe known as Earth-7150 was where his unique talents were needed more.

Frustrated that he couldn't easily send his new friends back to where they came from, the Spidey Supreme parted ways with them before magically transporting off to the equally strange realm of Earth-7150, blissfully unaware in the moment of events to come...

-4 powers, 3 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might, flight, healing factor, immunity to mind control and psychic damage
-2 hex-edited skins, HUD, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of James Arnold Taylor's voice for Spider-Man from Spider-Man: Friend or Foe
-Uses assigned number #27 (will clash with Rescue, Ka-Zar and Mortal Kombat's Nightwolf in mannequin).

1. Mystic Projectiles: Spidey Supreme fires bolts of magical energy from his hands under a distinct hand motion, dealing energy damage over time to struck targets (so long as button continues to be mashed).
2. Levitating Magics: Spidey Supreme uses his magical abilities to lift objects and human-sized enemies, holding them in place. Let go of button to throw them away and deal physical damage!
3. Blessing of the Web: Spidey Supreme releases a powerful wave of kinetic magical energy from his hands, dealing energy damage.
4. Magical Ensnarement: Spidey Supreme traps an unlucky enemy in a magical sphere, causing crushing damage as they're spun around all over the place.
5. (Boost) Eye of Agamotto: Spidey Supreme raises health regen rates for entire team and removes status ailments from allies within range, at the price of some of Spidey Supreme's own health.
6. (Boost) Astral Form: Spidey Supreme uses his magical abilities to become intangible, allowing him to avoid enemy damage altogether and pass through walls. Press Jump button whilst standing still to deactivate power!
7. (Boost) Spidey Sense: You all know what this does...
8. (Xtreme) Magical Overload: Spidey Supreme unleashes a large arc of magical energy, damaging all enemies on-screen as they're stunned for 40 seconds. If enemy is already stunned, than critical hit damage will be dealt instead!

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUD, loading screen, icons etc
Enigma- Spider-Man: Friend or Foe audio files
Escanor610- Converted official Spidey Supreme MCOC model, mannequin
Julio Cabral- Animated Doctor Strange classic cape bolton
Waggens7uP- Custom Kraven the Hunter Spider-Man skin, mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bjryix6m27xhyza/Spider-Man_Supreme_%2528Marvel_Contest_of_Champions_OC%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file

October 29, 2022, 04:58AM #284 Last Edit: December 25, 2022, 05:06PM by Ceamonks890

One of the most dangerous contract killers to have ever lived in the vast omniverse, John Wick is a man of few words who prefers to let his guns do the talking for him when forced into confrontation, his extremely long assassination career, the stuff of legend within the criminal underworld as he never stopped till the current job was done.

But upon meeting and soon marrying an innocent woman named Helen, John decided to leave the uncertain life of a hitman behind him, completing one last mission under orders of Viggo Tarasov as he tried to live a peaceful life for five years as a law abiding citizen.

However, tragedy would strike for John Wick as Helen eventually passed away from a lethal strain of cancer, leaving a dog named Daisy in John's care to look after and attempt to fill the emotional hole left open in his heart when her time inevitably came.

Withdrawing and secluding himself off from the world, John spent many of his days driving around in his prized car before a random gang assault on his home by the son of John's former employer, Iosef, led to him getting beaten to an inch of his life, his beloved dog getting cruelly beaten to death and his car stolen, after refusing to sell it to them beforehand.

Vowing revenge, John came out of retirement and armed himself once more with a pistol as he donned his trademark black suit laced with tactical lining and a bulletproof vest, proceeding to kill anyone who dared to get in the way of him and his primary target, ultimately coming out on top as he adopted a pitbull set to be euthanized before returning home.

Yet this would ultimately not be the end of Wick's return to the world of assassination, him going on to kill tons of criminals, terrorists and plenty of fellow hitmen in self-defense or renewed vengeance.

Despite all that, our current story with John Wick (taking place between the events of Chapter 1 & Chapter 2), has him immediately drawn to a random interdimensional portal spawned in his home as a blissfully unaware byproduct through the reckless actions of the supervillain Doctor Doom within the far future of an alternate universe known as Earth-7150.

Taken by surprise as random soldiers dressed in garish yellow hazmat suits started to come through the portal, John proceeded to act fast and dodged sudden laser blasts from the advanced weaponry of these mysterious soldiers, firing shot after shot at them as his home started getting ruined during the chaos.

Successfully scaring the surviving stragglers back where they came from and stubbornly curious to know where these antagonistic soldiers came from, John quickly rushed downstairs to his armory and armed himself with as many weapons as he could feasibly hold, telling his new pit-bull to stay as he walked without concern through the portal and knew no more as it proceeded to close behind him...

DISCLAIMER: This mod uses six seconds of music from the John Wick franchise. I take no credit for the use of it.

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-2 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using ripped audio of Keanu Reeves' voice from the John Wick films
-Uses assigned number #114 (will clash with Beta Ray Bill, Jane Foster Thor and Hand Ninja in mannequin).

1. Vengeful Destruction: John grabs an unlucky enemy and slams them to the ground hard, breaking their arm as physical damage is dealt.
2. Reflexive Action: John pulls out a pistol and fires it, dealing physical damage over time (so long as button continues to be held down). Can move around and strafe while power is active!
3. Continental Contract: John throws out several knives in a spread pattern, dealing bleed damage to struck targets.
4. Explosive Finish: John throws an explosive grenade on the ground, dealing fire damage after a few seconds if enemies are caught within the blast radius.
5. Relentless Slashing: John performs a deadly multi-hit attack with a sword and knife, dealing bleed damage to struck targets.
6. (Boost) The Boogeyman: John uses his expertise as an assassin to seemingly blend into the shadows, becoming invisible to enemies as his incredible sense of will decreases damage received from enemies while increasing critical hit damage chances.
7. (Boost) Baba Yaga: Refusing to give up in the face of overwhelming odds, John's instincts kick in as he becomes able to react and dodge incoming attacks much more quickly for a time as enemies run away in fear.
8. (Xtreme) No Mercy: John marks nearby enemies, before firing quick shots from his pistol in front of him and to his left side, dealing heavy physical damage to foes. 50% chance of a critical hit.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, loading screen, icons etc
Andersonbrazil- John Wick Fortnite skins, HUDs, mannequin, shotgun bolton
Blaw & Outsider- Weapon models

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jes2s81np97xcb2/John_Wick_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file