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Spider-Man DS Games Audio Files v3.0


(Please credit me if you use these)

**This contains the audio files I extracted and converted from the DS versions of the following Spider-Man DS games:

*DS versions of Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man Edge of Time.
-The voiceovers in these versions are completely different from any other version of those games and contain different villains.
-In Shattered Dimensions, Josh Keaton is playing normal Spider-Man (replacing Neil Patrick Harris, who isn't in this version), there're no Ultimate versions characters, and everybody has different lines.
-It also contains the only officials voices for many of these villains.
-Most of the music files were in a different format that couldn't be extracted, but all the voiceover audio is here.
-The various Spider-Men and Madame Webb each have plenty of lines but many of the villains only have a few lines each.
-The various Spider-Men especially have a large number of lines, and have the right types of lines, that would make them perfect for voicepacks for XML2 and MUA1.

*The DS version of the DS/GBA exclusive Spider-Man Battle for New York. It's a prequel to the Ultimate Spider-Man game, but only Jennifer Hale as Silver Sable is the same actor.
-It contains the only/some of the only official voices for some characters. Most notably is a surprisingly robust set of lines, grunts, and power sounds for Kingpin, as well as a lot of lines of James Arnold Taylor as Spider-Man, and quite a few lines for Ultimate Green Goblin.

*The DS version of Spider-Man Web of Shadows, which is a completely different game from the other versions. Spider-Man and Venom are played by the same actors as the other versions, but Black Cat isn't, Green Goblin is only in this version and Nightcrawler has the same actor as the PS2/PSP version.

*The DS version of Amazing Spider-Man 1, which is a completely different game from the other versions. Spider-Man and Lizard are the same actors as the other versions, but Scorpion is played by a different actor.

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions DS Voice Actor Credits:

Spider-Man = Josh Keaton
Spider-Man Noir = Christopher Daniel Barnes (from the 90s Spider-Man cartoon)
Spider-Man 2099 = Dan Gilvezan (from Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends)
Madam Webb = Susanne Blakeslee
The Tinkerer = Jim Cummings (He sounds a lot like Winnie the Pooh here)
Electro = Thomas F. Wilson
Mysterio/Super Mysterio = David Kaye
Silvermane 2099 = Steve Blum
Vulture 2099 = Steve Blum
Boomerang Noir = Jim Cummings
Calypso Noir = Jennifer Hale

Spider-Man Edge of Time DS Voice Actor Credits:

Spider-Man = Josh Keaton
Spider-Man 2099 = Christopher Daniel Barnes
Mary Jane = Laura Vandervoort
Walker Sloan = Val Kilmer
Black Cat = Katee Sachoff
Doc Ock = David B. Mitchell
Rhino - Fred Tatasciore
Menace = Tara Strong
Shocker = Steve Blum
Overdrive 2099 = Kari Wahlgren
Big Wheel 2099 = Steve Blum
Arcade 2099 = Jim Cummings

Spider-Man Battle for New York DS Voice Actor Credits (The ones I could find, anyway):

Spider-Man = James Arnold Taylor
Green Goblin/Norman Osborn = Neil Kaplan
Kingpin   = Stephen Stanton
Silver Sable = Jennifer Hale
Nick Fury = David Fennoy
Ben Urich = Robin Atkin Downes (Sounds exactly like he does as Cyclops in XML1)
Captain America   = Robin Atkin Downes
Simian Sentry = Gregg Berger
Demogoblin = Unknown

Updated to v2.0:
Added extracted and converted audio files from Ultimate Spider-Man DS, which includes voiceovers, music, and ambience.
Thanks to Tubular Spaceman for letting me know this existed.

Ultimate Spider-Man DS Voice Actor Credits:

Sean Marquette (Spider-Man),
Andrea Baker (Mary Jane),
Arthur Burghardt (Venom),
Bob Glouberman (Rhino / Alex O'Hirn),
Brian George (Shocker / Adrian Toomes),
Daniel Capelarro (Eddie Brock Jr.),
David Fennoy (Nick Fury),
James Arnold Taylor (Electro),
Jane Hajduk (Sharon Carter),
Jennifer Hale (Silver Sable),
John Billingsley (Bolivar Trask),
Loren Lester (Richard Parker),
Peter Lurie (Green Goblin),
Terrence Stone (Eddie Brock Sr.),
Tucker Smallwood (Beetle)

Updated to v3.0:
I've added the audio from the DS versions of Spider-Man Web of Shadows and Amazing Spider-Man 1.

Spider-Man Web of Shadows DS Voice Actor Credits:

Spider-Man = Michael Vaughn
Black Cat = Valerie Michelle Arem
Venom = Keith Szarabajka
Green Goblin = Roger Labon Jackson
Nightcrawler, Miscellaneous Voices = Yuri Lowenthal
Miscellaneous Voices = Will Utay, Arif S. Kinchen, Kristopher Tabori

Amazing Spider-Man 1 DS Voice Actor Credits:
Sam Riegel - Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Steven Jay Blum - Curt Connors/Lizard
Fred Tatasciore - Scorpion
Valerie Michelle Arem - Oscorp Voice System