F4 Game project in XML2

Started by Ryujin Jakka, November 25, 2021, 08:29AM

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With this topic I pretend to bring key characters from Fantastic Four game (GC) to life in Xml2. With that said I will put a list of many of this key characters, but it will be uploaded as time passes by. With that said, here comes the list :
Anihilus (Next on line)
Anubite Great Warrior 
Blastaar (Released)
Dragonman (as skin)                                                                                                           
Dr Doom and his doom bots
El Diablo (Álvaro de Cabo) 
Fantastic four (as skin only)   
Horus (Fits incredible with anubite set)                                                                             
Mummy King 
Samurai Doom Bot   
Soul Guardians (from Hell)                                                                                               
Yancy Thugs


Blastaar is finally out !!!! Face Apocalypse with the power from Negative Zone and as the King of Baluur.

Power 1: Shock Sphere. The first power is inspired by the unique power from  F4 GC where it creates a Kinetic Shock sphere that trips enemies while they are pierced by this force.
Power 2: Absorbing energy. Blastaar infuses himself with Negative Zone influence, increasing his max health and energy regeneration while the portal hold on earth for a few seconds.
Power 3: Blastaar's Fury. Blastaar hardens his skin and slighty improves his attack speed.
Power 4: Waves of Kinetic Force. Blastaar focus his energy on a destructive wave that knocbacks enemies away while they are been hit up to four times.
Power 5: XTREME NEGATIVE ONSLAUGHT. A column of cosmic kinetic power pierces the heavens and the universe itself to conect Earth and the Negative Zone for a moment. While this happens, enemies are weakened and their abilities denied for short time alongside the damage dealt by this power.
Power 6: Kinetic Fist. A punch charged with kinetic force that deals damage and sends enemies far away.
Power 7: Self Explosion. Blastaar, by merging the source of his power, makes a radial explosion coming from Blastaar's body.
Power 8: Kinetic Blast. This time, Blastaar instead of making an sphere os cosmic power, it breaks it's composition and creates a beam that pierces throught objects and enemies.
Power 9: The Lion Advance. Blastaar becomes a mass of knetic strenght that gives him like a momentum timing where it can not be stopped while knockbacks enemies and crushes throught walls and objects.
Power10: Blastaar Kinetic Fists. A permanent passive that adds a 2% of energy damage to every attack that he does.

GET LINK HERE: https://www.mediafire.com/file/120e5aiz8mexd4z/Blastaar_Mod.rar/file

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