[XML1, XML2, MUA1, MUA2] Production Materials Archive

Started by Enigma, January 08, 2022, 11:58AM

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I decided that it made more sense to move this here to the Knowledge Database, instead of having it in the XML2's Misc Mods section.

This contains archived production materials related to the developments of the video games X-Men Legends, X-Men Legends II, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. It contains concept art, trailers, original uncompressed art assets, promotional materials, and various other behind the scenes materials.

I will post here when I update it with more stuff.

Added the following:
Jeffrey Moy's Portfolio - 3 more concept art (from GI article below) and the XML1 Promo Comic Cover Unused Early Version (from XML1 strategy guide)
Official MUA1 Website - VIP Create a Team Feature wallpapers from metal venger 1 and ak2ny
Game Informer #119 March 2003 cover story - this was the article that showed XML1 to the public for the first time and includes the 3 new concept art above.
XML2 Extracted Unused Art - 2 concept art files and 1 loading screen extracted from the concept art menu and placeholder files
And XML1 ad that features the fullsized XML1 cover art including exclusive art of Iceman not in any other version of the cover.
A photo of the Glen Angus memorial wall at Raven's offices

I have uploaded pages 165-174 of the XML1 strategy guide. These are the behind the scenes pages that include concept art, a storyboard, reference pages of the generic enemy skins, tips from the developers on beating various parts of the game, and the dev team's group photo.
I also uploaded videos of Link (higher quality than in the Jason Harlow's Portfolio folder) and Samus (a new one). (Thanks to BaconWizard17)
I have also uploaded the XML1 Xbox Manual.

I've added the XML1 promo trading cards (thanks to metal venger1 for the photos of these)
I've scanned the Game Informer articles that unveiled XML2 and MUA1 to the public.
Also included are articles from various other magazines, MUA1 promo stuff, XML1 UK promo posters, a XML2 art print, stuff from Activision's E3 2006 press kit, and Evan Skolnick's Portfolio which features the original script for the all of MUA2's cutscenes.

I've added more from the Official MUA1 website, more from the Official XML1 website, graphics from the MUA1 PS3 Press Preview version, artist Oogie Lee's portfolio, pictures of the XML1 N-Gage Media Kit with Stickers, content from the XML1 Press Kit, more from Jeff Butler's Portfolio, photos of the XML1 Promo Cards (thanks to metal venger1 for these), the MUA1 NPC trailer, and stuff from the XML2 PC/Console Press Kit.