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Started by Enigma, February 18, 2022, 09:22PM

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:cyclops: Cyclops XML2 Ultimate Cutscene Skin v1.0 :cyclops:

Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nEOMR0AIu48iP14ECSCRF0WEzap3Vuf5/view?usp=sharing


**XML2's concept art gallery features a render sheet of Cyclops's cutscene model, which matches his in-game default skin. But the actual model used in XML2's opening and closing cutscenes doesn't match those. Instead, Cyclops's gloves and the straps on his boots are gray instead of yellow. Interestingly, this is very similar to an unused variant of Cyclops from early XML1 screenshots, which BaconWizard17 recreated as his Cyclops Ulimate XML1 Alternate Skin. I've made a skin to match the XML2  cutscene version.
*I combined BaconWizard17's Cyclops Ultimate XML2 skin texture with parts from his Cyclops Ultimate XML1 Alt texture. I then put this texture on BaconWizard17's Cyclops Ultimate XML2 skin model and 3D head model.
*I've used BaconWizard17's Cyclops Ultimate XML2 huds (MUA1 style, MUA1 villain style, and his improved version of Cyclops's default XML2 hud) and character select portrait because there are no differences in the parts of the skin those show.

*copycat: letting me know the cutscene model is different and what it looks like.
*BaconWizard17: Cyclops Ultimate XML1 Alternate and Ultimate XML2 textures, models, 3D head model, huds, character select portrait; screenshot template

Beast X-Treme Gear Alternate Skin v3.0

Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11FnXiaTOhd5eRBH56DjwdnTP7iWOhx4G/view?usp=share_link


**Originally, Beast's X-Treme Gear skin features him without blue fur. This is because that skin was originally made for the cut Act 4 of XML1 which would've featured Beast somehow losing his blue fur. I made this variant so that his X-Treme Gear skin could also have the blue fur. Also included is a 3D head for this skin.
*I've also made XML2 and MUA1 style conversation huds and a custom character select portrait.
*There are versions hex edited for XML2 and MUA1.

BaconWizard17: Beast Ultimate skin texture, model, and 3D head model; Beast X-Treme Gear texture and model, feedback, troubleshooting, screenshot template

-He now has the claws and sideburns that the other blue fur Beast skins do.
-Redid the character select portrait and huds.
-Redid the screenshot.
-Made a version for MUA1.
-I've replaced the character select portrait and both huds with new ones.
-Redid the screenshot.

I updated the following skins:
Captain Britain Unused MUA1 Ultimate, Luke Cage MUA1 90s, Luke Cage MUA1 New Avengers, Luke Cage MUA2, Senator Kelly MUA1, Hulk Unused MUA1 Classic Green Alternate Skin

Arachne MUA1 Original Skin v1.0


Preview 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gvGia6TWIzbyTGZtppTdJeFv_1owMX_G/view?usp=sharing
Preview 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yCTkLoVi-lF3qJJBdDnFBenQZbnNwMtn/view?usp=sharing

Spider-Woman's MUA1 Arachne's skin is pretty inaccurate to Raven's own color concept art, which looks exactly like she does in the comics.
I've modified her texture to look as close to this as possible as well as to fix various issues with it and the model.
I've also tried to make her costume as close in color to Spider-Man's Black Suit, since the colors of it were the inspiration for it.
I've also removed the webwings because she doesn't have them in the comics or on the concept art.
I've also used the concept art to make new huds and a character select portrait.
I've Cel Shaded her in blue because this costume typically has blue highlights in the comics.
I've also done an alternate version Cel Shaded in black.

For XML2, I've hex edited for her mod.
For MUA1, I've included versions hex edited for Spider-Woman and also Outsider's Arachne mod.

*BaconWizard17: skeleton template, screenshot template

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Mikhail Hud v1.0


I made this MUA1-style Mikhail hud using a higher quality version of his XML2 loading screen I found and removed the XML2 logo and background from. It's all hex edited and ready to use with Ceamonks Mikhail mod.

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:hulk_icon: Hulk MUA1 Cutscene Model Hud v1.0 :hulk_icon:


I made this hud by cutting out part of a model render sheet I found of the model used for Hulk in the MUA1 Dr Doom defeats the X-Men cutscene and in a TV ad for The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction. It's all hex edited and ready to use.

:nightcrawler: Nightcrawler MUA1 Cutscene Model Hud v1.0 :nightcrawler:


**I made this hud by cutting out part of a model render sheet I found of the model used for Nightcrawler in the MUA1 cutscene where he tries to escape Doom's Castle.
*I've done versions hex edited for both his NPC and playable versions. By default, his NPC version reuses an XML2 hud (and the OCP version uses that same XML2 art) so this gives him a unique hud.

:doom: Dr. Doom MUA1 NPC Hud Remake v1.0 :doom:


**I remade Dr Doom's MUA1 NPC hud by cutting out part of a higher quality model render sheet I found of his MUA1 cutscene model. It's all hex edited and ready to use.

:storm: Storm MUA1 Expanded Voicepack v1.0 :storm:


**By default, Storm's voicefile in MUA1 is almost completely empty and is missing almost all types of required lines. Also, her other sound file has no grunts.
*I've made a new voicepack using the best of Storm voiced lines from XML2, MUA1, MUA2 Wii, and MUA2 PC, all voiced by Dawnn Lewis.
-I used some unused types of lines as various other types of lines.
-I've had some of her No Work lines double as No Power lines because they fit and No Work lines aren't used very much.
-I've also used some of her XML2, MUA1, and MUA2 Wii Menu Breaks as additional voiced lines.
*I've also used the best of her grunts from XML2 and MUA2 PC.
*I also fixed an issue with one of her power sounds.
*I've also included her XML2 and MUA2 Wii Menu Breaks as bonuses in case anyone wants to use them.

Batman Justice League Heroes Cover Hud v1.0


I made this hud by cutting out part of a high quality version of Batman's art from the cover of Justice League Heroes from artist Albert Co's portfolio.
It's all hex edited and ready to go, and I've also included the original art file.

Superman Justice League Heroes Cover Hud v1.0


I made this hud by cutting out part of a high quality version of Superman's art from the cover of Justice League Heroes from artist Albert Co's portfolio.
It's all hex edited and ready to go, and I've also included the original art file.

:ghostr: Ghost Rider MUA1 Hud Remakes v1.0 :ghostr:


**I found an unused MUA1 loading screen for Ghost Rider. This loading screen's art was the original source of the art that was later modified and used for Ghost Rider's MUA1 Classic and Original huds. I've used this loading screen and modified and repainted it as necessary to create higher quality remakes of those 2 huds.

*Also, Ghost Rider's Classic hud shows him with an orange skull. While this is the case in the MUA1 Prototype, that skin was changed to have a white skull in the final retail version, but the hud wasn't changed. So I've made an alternate version that is more accurate to how the final retail skin looks.

MUA2 DS Hud Recreations v1.0


The DS version of MUA2 features MUA1-style huds using new art. I recreated some of the huds from the DS version of MUA2 by using cutting out higher quality versions of the MUA2 DS hud art I found on artist Andrew Olsen's portfolio.