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Hello, welcome to my mod's page. It's a little barren right now but who knows! Maybe it will become more populated in the future!

Stay tuned for my releases!

Boosters can be found here,11259.msg203042.html#new

Voice mods can be found here,10770.0.html

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What is this? - This is a character mod for Mewtwo of the Pokémon series. This mod features 9 moves: 5 attacks,
two boosts, teleportation and an Xtreme.

DISCLAIMER: This mod uses the ID 150 and will conflict with any mannequins/loading screens for Zatanna and Morgan Le Fay. Mewtwo's skin
number is 15013 , 15014 and 15015, his mannequin is 15001

Moves: I'm only providing the names: its up to you to find out what they do in game.

1) Shadow Cannon

2) Psychic

3) Confusion

4) Shadow Ball

5) Mind Control

6) Recover (Boost)

7) Teleport

8) Laser Focus (Boost)

Xtreme) Psystrike

Additional Features:

Three hex-edited Skins, Mannequin Hud and Three Loading Screens

Immune to all mental damage and mind control.

Gains double XP.

Can fly and teleport.

Voice/Sound File using classic audio from across the Pokémon games, anime, and more.

Pokédex Entry - Pokémon No. 150: Mewtwo

Considered one of iconic and beloved Pokémon in our world, Mewtwo is a Psychic-Type Pokémon standing at 6'07 and weighing 269 lbs.
Cloned from an eyelash of the mythical Pokémon, Mew, Mewtwo was the result of countless experiments and gene-splicing in an effort to breed the
Most Powerful Pokémon in the world.

They succeeded.

Mewtwo lashed out at its creators, enraged at the thought of being a mere lab experiment to be merely used; with the memory of the words
"Life is Wonderful" amidst its anger, the Pokémon destroyed the lab and the scientists who created them. With much of New Island
reduced to rubble, Mewtwo stood alone. It was then that they were approached by Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket, and the person behind
the lab's experiments. Giovanni offered Mewtwo a deal; to come with them and to better develop their powers in exchange for working with

Mewtwo accepted and trained extensively against all types of Pokémon and trainers around the Kanto Region. It was only when they realized
that they were merely a weapon or Giovanni that they again lashed out and returned to New Island on their own.

Unable to find their purpose in the world, Mewtwo grew bitter and sought vengance upon both the human world that created human and to the
Pokémon to whom they were cloned from. Luring in trainers from all over Kanto, including Ash Ketchum and his friendsMisty and Brock,
Mewtwo claimed to be the world's greatest Pokémon Trainer holding an invitational tournament.
In reality, Mewtwo would steal and clone the Pokémon of the trainers who arrived on the island, preparing an army of clones to stand
behind them in their desire for revenge and vengance.

Amidst the ensuing battle between the cloned Pokémon, the originals as well as between Mewtwo and Mew, the sacrifice of Ash Ketchum moved
Mewtwo. As the tears of the surrounding Pokémon on both sides revived Ash, Mewtwo realized that it is not where one comes from that
determines who they are in life; it is the choices that they make that define them.

Mewtwo would erase the knowledge of the preceding events from all trainers involved and quietly leave with their cloned Pokémon to seek
a home to call their own.

Though smashing battles and other adventures would follow, with Mewtwo going all over the world and gradually gaining a soft spot for
humanity to the point of saving human lives on several occasions, they would eventually find their purpose.

They were a Protector of the cloned Pokémon they created and humanity but most importantly of Pokémon that had been abandoned, abused and
otherwise mistreated by their trainers. It was through that, that Mewtwo finally found what they were looking for.


Yet now Mewtwo can sense it: a threat not only to the Pokémon they protect, but to everyone, everywhere, across the many universes in the
multiverse. Leaving their Pokémon in the care of the original Mew for a time, Mewtwo set out to the source of this threat and finds
themself forming a strange alliance with even stranger heroes...


UltraMegaMagnus - Converted Skin and Upscaled Textures
Ceamonks890 - Help, guidance and fixed talent and powerstyle files
Outsider - Help, guidance and many classes/lessons
Ak2yny - Fixed Hud, additional technical assistance
CorvetteRules - Help/Feedback
BaconWizard - Help, guidance, technical assistance
Hannah - Shiny Mewtwo Skin and Hud Image
Nintendo/GameFreak/The Pokémon Company - Mewtwo, Pokémon, Pocket Monsters and all related characters, settings, voices and sounds
Bandai Namco/Team Sora - Mewtwo Model from Super Smash Bros for 3DS
Banner by SamKuro
Project M Team/UltraMegaMagnus - Armored Mewtwo kitbash

Wonderful work! Always fantastic to see more Nintendo/Super Smash Bros.-related character mods in MUA! I haven't been into Pokemon for a long time, but this a wonderful first character from that series to enter this game.

Mewtwo has been updated to fix an issue with his custom talent not working! It should work now, and Mewtwo should have its benefits!

Are there any plans for a mannequin in the near future? The mod itself works great.

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As the unofficial DC Dynamic Duo of the forum, me and Hannah are proud to present our DC Voice and Booster Pack: Volume 1!

This pack contains the following:

Our previous DC voice mods (Gotham Knights Nightwing and Batgirl, Injustice 2 Dr. Fate, Black Canary)

My Batman booster.

My Superman mod featuring power fixes, new animations and effects, loading screens, and voice files featuring his voice from Multiversus!

And six brand new voice packs:

Batman (Multiversus) - Kevin Conroy
Wonder Woman (Multiversus) - Abby Trott
Harley Quinn (Multiversus/Injustice 2) - Tara Strong
Poison Ivy (Injustice 2/LEGO DC Super-Villains) - Tasia Valenza
Green Arrow (Injustice 2/Infinite Crisis) - Alan Tudyk
The Flash - Barry Allen (Injustice 2/MK vs DC) - Taliesin Jaffe

We hope you enjoy these new packs as well as having one easy place to download all of our DC releases so far!

Mewtwo has now been updated, this update includes a brand new alternate costume!

I've updated Mewtwo with a ton of new additions and a very important bug fix, please download again if you already have it.

Apologies again for the frequent updates, but fixed another old issue!

February 04, 2023, 10:09PM #10 Last Edit: June 29, 2023, 06:04AM by tubularspacedude

Having taken the wrong warp pipe on his way to help his brother on another adventure, Luigi has arrived on Earth-7150 to lend a hand against the Masters of Evil, and hopefully
find a way back to his brother before he's missed!

Yes, its Luigi, the younger and more scraggly hero of the Mario Brothers. Don't let his awkward demeanour fool you, he has the heart of a hero and is a force to be reckoned with!

Even if he doesn't seem like it upon a first glance...


1. Super Jump Punch! - Ripped right from Super Smash Bros, this move allows Luigi to take advantage of his superior jumping height compared to his more famous brother in order
to dish out a devastating punch!
2. Ice Flower - The little brother's answer to the Fire Flower, help the Masters of Evil cool off Mushroom Kingdom style!
3. Flurry Punches - Luigi "bravely" charges forward into combat.
4. Thunderhand - Tapping into the secret power he awakened during Superstar Saga, Luigi shocks the competition!
5. Game Boy Horror - A popular tool for the Ghost Hunter in the audience, Luigi uses it to scan the evironment for bad guys and other perks. Hopefully there's no ghosts around here...
6. Vanish Flower - As seen in Super Mario 64 DS, the Power Flower holds different effects for Mario, Luigi, Wario and Yoshi! For Luigi, he gets to vanish and heal while a familiar
tune plays!
7. Green Thunder - Luigi harnesses the full power of the Thunderhand to unleash Green Lightning upon his foes!

Mod Number is 248, this will conflict with Karma and Colleen Wing

Contains One Costume, One Loading Screen and One Mannequin, as well as Charles Martinet's iconic vocal portrayal taken from a variety of titles from the 2000s and 2010s!


Nintendo - Luigi, and all other Super Mario related characters and items

Ceamonks890, UltraMegaMagnus, Cyborg Sun, CorvetteRules, Hannah - Support and feedback during development, essential bug fixes and tips that made the mod possible!

Baconwizard17 - Luigi Skin ripped from Mario Kart 8

Hannah - HUD, assisting with sound clips

Jimmy52905 - SMW Powerful Mario Cover Music

James the Reggie - Loading Art (Deviantart)



Fresh from another gruesome encounter with the Necromorphs, its Isaac Clarke. Engineer and slayer of the undead, Isaac is a character from a very grim universe.
Still, maybe he can do some good here!


1) Plasma Cutter: The tool of choice for an Engineer: aim for the limbs...
2) The Boot: For when shooting just isn't enough...
3) Kinesis: Lift up the competition!
4) Stasis: Shock the enemy by freezing them!
5) Ripper: Let it rip...
6) Health Pack: Heals Isaac and the team!
7) Engineer's Grit: Force your team forward through sheer willpower while reducing damage taken.
8) ADS Cannons: Call in the big guns!

Has one skin (22109) and a custom voice pack featuring the voice of Gunner Wright!

I need to reiterate one more time: this mod features heavy use of MATURE LANGUAGE and references to gore in art and such. Its just the nature of Dead Space.


Hannah (Isaac's skin converted from Dead Space (2008). HUDs, and general support and being a super cool person!)

GodzillaMendoza - Moveset ideas, power icon selection, lore contributions, asset and sound retrieval,
and generally helping out and providing a ton of insight and tips on bringing Isaac to MUA!

UltraMegaMagnus - Additional support and help with the mod

Electronic Arts and Visceral Games - Isaac Clarke, Dead Space, and all related properties

Added some missing effects to Isaac and more stomping sounds!

Isaac's model has been updated, it fixes lighting issues and if you use advanced lighting, his rig now glows!

March 19, 2023, 06:20PM #14 Last Edit: March 20, 2023, 11:53AM by tubularspacedude
"Game, set and match!"

If you know me, it's no secret that my favourite X-Man is Cyclops! It takes more than just machoness and a fierce temper to lead a team of
extremely varying people with different powers, ideals and background and I always respected Cyclops' devotion to his ideals, brillant tactics and skill in battle all with cool and collected confidence. There's a reason Wolverine, in spite of their differences, will follow Cyclops into battle; even if Logan doesn't always stick to the plan...


This booster is built off Maegawa's original Cyclops XML2 Conversion Booster, to which I have regularly used since I first started playing
Modded MUA. Over the years, I've done a number of smaller Cyclops mods, such as voice packs and more recently assisting Hannah with
a Super War Cyclops skin. I've decided to compile these mods together with Maegawa's orginal booster as well as some tweaks of my own
to present my ideal version of Cyclops in MUA! This was mainly made for myself, but I hope you enjoy it too!



- All changes from Maegawa's Cyclops booster are present, including the implementation of Cyclops's XML2 moveset and powers: you can find
a more detailed list of changes in the archived readme from his original mod.

- New Power - Cyclone Kick: I've reinstated this power from the original MUA Cyclops to both give him a melee move that demonstrates his
mastery of hand-to-hand combat while also providing another option for Cyclops against enemies who are energy resistant! This has been tweaked to remove its charge functionality in order to better fit alongside the XML2 based moveset. This will replace Auto Artillery.

- Optional Music - Command: As an optional bonus, I've included an optional set of files in the xtras folder that will trigger a special
music cue when you use Cyclops' command boost.

- New Main Skin and Mannequin - This mod will use Hannah's Cyclops skin and mannequin imported from Marvel Super War. This uses a modernized 90s Costume design.

- New Voice and Grunts - With this booster, you will hear Robin Atkin Downes Cyclops from XML1 voicing Cyclops! It's my personal preference and I had converted the voices a long time ago while I was still in college so I figured I would include it here.


Original Booster - Maegawa

Skin, HUD and Mannequin - Hannah (with assistance from me)

Original Music Coding - Outsider

X-Men Theme - Ron Wasserman

Raven, Marvel etc - All other effects, assets, etc