MarvelMods Modding Tools (Batch etc.), Including Source Code

Started by ak2yny, January 08, 2023, 12:54PM

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Programmers: BaconWizard17, Tony Stark, nikita488, ak2yny, Rampage, MrKablamm0fish, Norrin Radd (inactive), adamatti (inactive), brandonmeek (inactive)

Batch and Powershell:
Batch-Scripts GitHub page (CMD and Powershell)
Alchemy Batch-Scripts by ak2yny - release page with instructions
Raven-Formats Batch-Scripts by ak2yny - release page with instructions

Raven-Formats GitHub page by nikita488 (Xmlb and Zsnd)
NBA2kStuff XML to Raven-Formats converter by BaconWizard17 (and ak2yny)
igbFinisher by BaconWizard17

Java Script:
OpenHeroSelect GitHub page by Tony Stark (JS/Node)

C#, C++, C:
Alchemy 5 Base Evaluation Installer by VV and Silicon Studio, incl. source code (must install with the SDK to get the source) - nikita488 & JaJo have experience with it
nikita488's GitHub page with multiple Alchemy tools, incl. plugins and converters. Require the Alchemy 5 source code. (Include Lua code)
MUA Open Hero Select by adamatti (basically open source HeroSelect)
Open Hero Select GUI by ak2yny & adamatti (based on MUA Open Hero Select)
HeroSelect XML2 version by Norrin Radd (closed source)
HeroSelect by Norrin Radd (closed source) - max. 27 heroes, locations locked to OCP 1.3 layout
FB package tools by Norrin Radd (closed source) - for console modding
NRcompiler by Norrin Radd (closed source) - arguably better version of xmlb-compile
NRskinner by Norrin Radd (closed source) - command line hex texture replacing (fka PS2skinner)
XML1 conversion tools by Norrin Radd (closed source) - incl. Extent Converter and Ultimate Alphabetizer
MUA Mod Assistant by brandonmeek (source?)
Limit Adjuster GitHub page

ZSMeditor by Winstrol (Delphi)
Gimp-Scripts GitHub page by BaconWizard17 (Python-Fu & Script-Fu)
Gimp-Scripts GitHub page by ak2yny (Script-Fu) - scripts are available here as well

Everyone is welcome to contribute.