NRskinner (DXT1,DXT3, DXT5, PS2 (palettized), and 32bit bmp) Version 1.6

Started by Norrin Radd, November 04, 2007, 11:32AM

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NRskinner by Norrin Radd RELEASE

NRskinner is a command line skinner for PS2 palettized skins, DXT1, DXT3, DXT5, and 32bit bmp. I made it because muaskinner went glitchy on me. NRskinner doesnt do channel flipping for DXT currently so you will have to do that part yourself.

NRskinnerSE V 1.6 (added bmp capabilities)
Download Here

NRskinnerSE V 1.4 *Old* (added DXT5 capabilities)
Download Here

NRskinnerSE V 1.2 *Old*
Download Here

Version 1.0 *Old*
Download Here

Instructions for Version 1.6, 1.4, and 1.2:
1. unzip NRskinner download file into a directory.
2. Follow the examples below
3. Double click on NRskinner.exe and input the correct information that it asks for

Instructions for *Old* Version 1.0:
1. go here to download Legacy DDS Utilities.
2. Install it, then place detach.exe in c:/windows. Detach.exe should be installed by default in /program files/nvidia corporation/DDS utilities/ so you can copy it from there.
3. unzip NRskinner download file into a directory.
4. Follow the examples below
5. If you use NRskinnerSE, just double click on it an input the correct information that it asks for
6. if you are using the older and non-SE version, then you need to use the Command Prompt

For DXT1, DXT3, and DXT5

Example for DXT1,DXT3,DXT5:
Quoteinput the offsets for a wolverine skin
wolv1.igb dxt1 512 512 182373 256 256 313445 128 128 346213 64 64 815037 32 32 814373 16 16 814909 .

export the dds (it will export the largest one)
NRskinner -xdds wolv1.igb

open the dds file and edit it

save it as DXT1 or DXT3 or DXT5 depending on what it should be, in this case its dxt1. When saving GENERATE MIPMAPS!!

import the dds
NRskinner wolv1.igb

1. When saving, GENERATE THE MIPMAPS!!! (there should be an option for you to check off when saving as dds)
2. If you cant read/write DDS files, i suggest:
a) The Gimp version 2.4 (found here with dds plug-in 2.0 found at (or download the plug-in directly from here
The Gimp is free, so dont worry. To generate the mipmaps, check the box marked "Generate mipmaps"
b) download Dxtbmp to convert between formats, it is also possible to GENERATE the mipmaps using Dxtbmp, how? Check off the box under MipMaps where it says "Include when saving"
3. For oddball dimensions NxK or ones which dont have template DDS's included, just save a blank DDS in the correct format and size and name it appropriately (ex: (DONT save the templates with mipmaps!)
4. You DONT need to put your entries in the CFG file in alphabetical order, but the textures should go from biggest to smallest (ex: 512 512 then 256 256 ...)

Extra notes for version 1.0:
1. You NEED detach.exe in c:/windows to extract the mipmaps
When you save the dds and generate mipmaps, the mipmap information will be contained inside of the same dds file. The dds filesize will become larger however when you save it generating mipmaps because of the additional information stored. detach.exe is a program which extracts mipmap information into their own separate dds file. While importing a dds (for Version 1.0), NRskinner will call detach.exe to create the mipmap dds's meaning that new files will appear with the format *_xx where xx is the number of the mipmap, where 00 is the first, 01 is the second, ...

For PS2

Example for PS2:
Quoteinput the offsets for a skin, for ps2 skins the format is:
skin.igb ps2 size1 size2 palette_offset texture_offset .

export the dds
NRskinner -xdds skin.igb

open the dds file and edit it, then save it

import the dds
NRskinner skin.igb

Notes for PS2 skins:
1. detach.exe is not required, so you dont have to download the Legacy DDS Utilities if you are only going to be using NRskinner for PS2 skins.
2. When saving the DDS for PS2 skins, DONT generate the mipmaps, saving the mipmaps is ONLY for DXT1 and DXT3 images.

For bmp

Example for bmp:
Quoteinput the offsets for icons, for bmps the format is:
icons.igb ragb size1 size2 texture_offset .

export the bmp
NRskinner -xdds skin.igb newfile.bmp

open the bmp file and edit it, then save it

import the bmp
NRskinner skin.igb newfile2.bmp

Notes for bmps:
1. The image files must be saved in 32 bit format ARGB.

Notes for all types:
1. All template dds files (named etc.) must not be OVERWRITTEN or the program will not extract dds files.
2. The template files and NRskinner.cfg must be in the same folder as NRskinner.exe.
3. You can use NRskinner.exe from any directory if NRskinner.exe is placed in the folder c:\windows (or similar for your computer) but your templates, NRskinner.cfg, and your igb and dds you are compiling/decompiling must be held in the same folder (which can be any folder)

Questions or comments are welcome.

Cool! :)

I have a suggestion...
Can you combine the PS2Skinner with this NRSkinner into a single program? and hopefully a GUI? :D

I have no problem doing command line operations (I use it at school all the time), but I think other people may benefit from it.

i was thinking of putting NRskinner + PS2skinner in one package yes, this is just a quick release, but maybe in the future.

For the gui, probably not, just because it takes more time,  :shy:

So does this handle alpha channels?  MUAskinner has gone funky on me too as far as that's concerned.

it should as it copies the entire dds file sans header, but i havent tried huds yet, so i cant guarantee it.

I'm going to test huds right now :thumbsup: Hopefully I'll finally be able to make my own damned huds without killing my wrists/mind/ "Ctrl", "c", and "V" keys :rofl:

November 04, 2007, 04:58PM #7 Last Edit: November 04, 2007, 05:01PM by Norrin Radd
i just tried huds, they work :)

(by work i mean no dark square around them)

dont forget to switch the channel first, because it doesnt do it for you

Do I need to flip it horizontally and/or vertically, too?

vertically (just for huds, i think), i used one that you sent me earlier, i flipped it vertically, and switched the channels. You have to switch the R-B channels when you see in the muaskinner you were using '-'

Works like a charm :thumbsup:  I can finally make huds  :laola:

November 04, 2007, 08:27PM #12 Last Edit: November 04, 2007, 08:44PM by cvc
Sorry for the dumb Q but do I put the NRskinner in windows also? or just any where on C drive,

EDIT: thanks Norrin Radd  I'll wait because I don't have either installed but really want them so I can wait.
And their turning us into Monsters its all designed!!

dont worry about the question, i have not posted good instructions yet

You can put it where you want, but if you want to run it from any directory you should put it in c:/windows

if you always want to run it from the same directory, example Desktop/cvcsawesomeskins/ then put it in there

i will post some better instructions when i have time

i will also merge this program with PS2skinner

the program now also handles PS2 skins, better instructions to come