Marvel Heroes Audio Assets

Started by Enigma, February 25, 2023, 02:57PM

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Marvel Heroes Audio Assets

This is a backup of the Marvel Heroes audio files that someone named Cwjian posted on Steam under the name "Marvel Heroes Voice Project".
His links have since been removed.
Not all of the .pck files are extracted.
Some characters are only in folders mixed with other characters that are all unsorted. For example, the teamups folder contains Quicksilver and many other characters.
I have uploaded what he posted as-is, because there are 10s of 1000s of audio files and sorting them all alone would take me forever.
I think I've got every actor and role credited, but if I missed one, let me know.
(The readme says it's split into 2 separate files but it's not, but that's a mistake on my part from before I decided to merge them together.)

Voice Actors List:
Alanna Ubach          ...    Lady Deadpool   
Ali Hillis          ...    Black Cat   
Aly Casas          ...    Jubilee 
Amanda CĂ©line Miller       ...    Kate Bishop       
Amy Louise Pemberton       ...    Lady Loki / Sif       
Andrew Kishino          ...    Living Laser 
April Stewart          ...    Jean Grey / Psylocke 
Ashley Johnson          ...    Spider-Gwen / Spider-Woman   
Ben Diskin          ...    Rhino 
Bernardo De Paula       ...    Sunspot       
Brett Pels          ...    Pepper Potts / Sersi 
Brian Bloom          ...    Captain America / Daredevil 
Bumper Robinson       ...    Falcon / Captain America (Sam Wilson)       
Carlos Alazragui      ...    Forge     
Catherine Taber       ...    Shanna the She-Devil / Rogue     
Charlie Adler          ...    Super Skrull   
Chris Cox          ...    Hawkeye / Colossus / Star-Lord 
Christopher Daniel Barnes    ...    Amazing Spider-Man/ Symbiote Spider-Man / Superior Spider-Man / Iron Spider      
Clark Gregg          ...    Agent Coulson 
Colleen O'Shaughnessey       ...    Arachne / Wasp       
Crispin Freeman       ...    Pyro / Gorgon / Ka-Zar / Loki / Agent Venom     
Cynthia Kaye McWilliams    ...    Misty Knight        
Dagmar Bittner          ...    Jubilee 
Danielle Judovits       ...    Kitty Pryde     
Danielle Nicolet       ...    Storm / Ms. Marvel     
Dave Fennoy          ...    Blade   
Dave Wittenberg       ...    Toad / Vision     
David Boat          ...    Thing / The Hood / Shocker / Mister Hyde / Frost Giants 
David Hayter          ...    Winter Soldier   
David Sobolov          ...    Drax the Destroyer   
Dee Bradley Baker       ...    Carnage       
Drake Bell          ...    Spider-Man 
Emerson Brooks          ...    Bishop 
Enn Reitel          ...    Edwin Jarvis 
Erin Torpey          ...    Invisible Woman   
Fred Tatasciore       ...    Hulk / Juggernaut / Blob / Mandarin / Beast     
Grant George          ...    Scott Lang   
James Arnold Taylor       ...    Magneto / Silver Surfer / Iceman / J. Jonah Jameson     
James M. Connor       ...    Cable / William Stryker     
James Mathis III       ...    Black Panther / War Machine / Luke Cage     
James Sie          ...    Jimmy Woo 
Jason Marsden          ...    Quicksilver
Jennifer Hale          ...    Thor (Jane Foster) / Black Cat   
Jim Cummings          ...    Kingpin 
Jim Ward          ...    Professor X 
Johnny Yong Bosch       ...    Iron Fist       
Josh Keaton          ...    Captain Marvel   
JP Karliak          ...    Iron Fist 
Julianne Buescher       ...    Black Widow     
Kari Wahlgren          ...    Emma Frost / Boom Boom / Clea 
Kari Wuhrer          ...    Maria Hill 
Kat Cressida          ...    Elektra 
Kate Higgins          ...    Scarlet Witch / Jocasta / Firestar 
Keith David          ...    Nick Fury 
Kimberly Brooks       ...    Rachel Cole Alves       
Kirk Thornton          ...    Adam Warlock   
Kyle Hebert          ...    Wiccan   
Laura Bailey          ...    Angela 
Lex Lang          ...    Dr. Doom 
Liam O'Brien          ...    Electro / Nightcrawler / Havok / Red Skull / Angel 
Logan Miller          ...    Nova / Sam Alexander 
Marc Worden          ...    Iron Man / Punisher 
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn       ...    Jessica Jones / Moondragon / Abigail Brand     
Mary Faber          ...    Jean DeWolff / She-Hulk / Spider-Girl 
Matthew Yang King       ...    Human Torch / Deadpool     
Melissa Disney          ...    American Dream 
Michael Beattie       ...    Northstar     
Michael Benyaer       ...    Dum Dum Dugan / Blizzard / Dark Elves       
Michelle Arthur       ...    Valkyrie     
Minae Noji          ...    Lady Deathstrike 
Mitch Urban          ...    Ghost Rider     
Neil Kaplan          ...    Sabretooth / Venom 
Nick Jameson          ...    M.O.D.O.K. / Doctor Strange 
Nika Futterman          ...    Gamora   
Nolan North          ...    Deadpool / Pirate Deadpool / Tombstone 
Ogie Banks          ...    Miles Morales Spider Man 
Phil Buckman          ...    Ghost 
Ray Chase          ...    Heimdall 
Richard Epcar          ...    Madison Jeffries 
Rick D. Wasserman       ...    Thor / Bullseye / Cloak / Wizard     
Rick Pasqualone       ...    Jamie Madrox / Gambit     
Robert Clotworthy       ...    Vulture       
Robin Atkin Downes       ...    Grim Reaper / Dormammu / Moon Knight / Khonshu     
Roger Rose          ...    Mole Man 
Scott Porter          ...    Cyclops 
Stan Lee          ...    Agent Lee 
Steve Blum          ...    Wolverine / Rocket Raccoon / Mr. Sinister / Taskmaster / Sauron / Beta Ray Bill / N'astirh
Tara Strong          ...    Squirrel Girl / Moira McTaggert / Dagger / X-23 / Magik 
Tasia Valenza          ...    Madame Hydra 
Tim Blaney          ...    Ben Urich 
Tom Kane          ...    Ultron   
Tom Kenny          ...    Doctor Octopus / Morph 
Travis Willingham       ...    Green Goblin     
Troy Baker          ...    The Deadpool Kid / Nova / Richard Rider   
Vic Mignogna          ...    Uatu the Watcher 
Wally Wingert          ...    Hank Pym / Mr. Fantastic / Ikaris 

Thanks much for uploading this!

Marvel Heroes Additional Audio v1.0

*My previous release, Marvel Heroes Audio Assets, was a preservation of something someone named Cwjian posted on Steam, but it appears that person didn't get all of Marvel Heroes's audio.
*This is everything that wasn't in my previous release but was in a release that phenom on the Marvel Mods forums linked to back in 2016. They said it was done by someone on a website called chronocrash. That release is dated February 4 2015.
*The chronocrash release doesn't have everything in my previous release, so I've just separated out only what it has and my previous release doesn't and posted it here separately so that you won't need to redownload my previous release.
*I haven't included the French or German audio.

:morph:Marvel Heroes Morph Audio v1.0 :morph:

This is all of Morph's audio from Marvel Heroes, voiced by Tom Kenny.
I'm releasing this on its own because this is the only video game Morph has ever been voiced in and this was an absolute nightmare to locate, but I can confirm for certain that this is all of his lines from that game.
I would suggest using this alongside Tom Kenny's audio as Plastic Man in the Batman The Brave and The Bold game, which I also ripped and released.
Please credit me if you use any of this.