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Started by Bang!, March 22, 2023, 08:39PM

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Turbo Rainbow Edition 3rd Strike Boosters!

I'm making boosters for characters in MUA. This games balance isn't bad for a game with like... a million characters. But I plan to put in my own touches to the heroes and abilities that I find to be quite lacking. I plan to remain as vanilla as possible with the skills, keeping the original identity as intact as possible.

Damage really is the name of the game in MUA, and the best characters either do a ton of damage or help the damage dealers do said damage. My balance changes will reflect that philosophy.

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:blade: Blade:,11346.msg203958.html#msg203958
:colossus: Colossus:,11346.msg203959.html#msg203959

Congrats on the release! I've added your booster to the booster catalog. Many modders (and much of our community in general) are active in our Discord server, and they will announce their releases there in our #mod-releases channel. If you'd like, you can join as well and announce your booster there. Just mention who you are when you join, and we can give you the Modders rank that will allow you to announce your releases in that channel.

Hello everyone this is my first booster mod! I'm not exactly amazing at this, but we all gotta start somewhere don't we? So lets just introduce my first project.

The boosters I'll make probably will try to stay as vanilla as possible, trying hard not to add any new skills or switch any out with better ones from other heroes.



Lets face it. Blade is widely considered to be one of the worst characters in MUA. I know there are a few defenders of him, but even with Deadpool, Ironman, and Elektra supporting him, he just doesn't do enough damage to justify him being the chosen damage dealer for the team which I assume he was designed for. Playing as him always felt like ice-skating uphill. Lets do a rundown of the changes and why I changed them.

(I'm finding these judgements playing on hard difficulty and therefore they are primarily balanced for that difficulty)

Skill 1 Slayer Slash:
Honestly not an awful skill in Vanilla, but very little usefulness outside of average damage.
- Added a small dash to it so he can more easily close gaps and reposition.
- Increased the arc of the swing so it can more easily hit more than one target.

Skill 2 Circle of Death:
Unlike the first skill, this IS an awful skill in vanilla. It had decent range, but poor damage making it not worth the investment. The changes give blade solid AOE burst damage if he gets the crit after using flash bomb.
- Increased the damage slightly.
- Added a 50% to crit while the enemy is stunned.

Skill 3 Glaive Strike:
In vanilla this skill was okay, but okay on Blade is pretty bad. I reworked it. While this makes the crowd clearing capabilities a little inconsistent, it does do a lot more damage if you land both glaives on the same target as well as give a chance for the glaive to come back and hit the enemy again for additional single target damage.
- Increased the damage slightly.
- Increased projectile speed.
- Throws two glaives instead of one.
- Each glaive bounces 3 times off walls and enemies.

- Removed the ability to pierce targets.

Skill 4 Gun Blast:
Honestly, the skill isn't as bad as some people say. This skill was awkward to use as the sole skill to capitalize on stuns, because when you did a stun combo in melee range, this would whiff 9/10 times. So Circle of Death is another alternative to get that sweet crit chance.
- Increased the damage.

Skill 5 Spike of Destruction:
This skill was probably the only skill that did impressive damage in vanilla, but still quite underwhelming and clunky.
- Increased the projectile speed.
- Increased secondary explosion damage slightly.
- Timer of detonation is also reduced.

Skill 6 Flash Bomb (Boost)
Blade's best skill in Vanilla. Barely needed tweaking. There's plenty of stun abilities in the game, it didn't make sense for Blade to sacrifice so much of his energy for his own. And sure the damage decrease is okay, but definitely not at that cost.
- Slightly reduced the energy cost.

Skill 7 Blood of the Warrior (Boost)
Honestly, it's not as bad as people make it out to be. It's a solid boost on it's own. However the increasing the damage you take was a really puzzling decision especially considering how much it scaled up when you put points into it.
- Removed the taking increased damage penalty.

Left this one untouched. AOE radiation damage xtreme is pretty good.

Changed the critical chance passive of his Classic Costume to Power damage. 10% critical chance isn't super worth it imo. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong on that one though if I am.

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Colossus isn't a terrible character. But he certainly is a victim of the game's balance when presented with challenges that others can take care of more easily than he could. It's more an issue with how they balanced big characters in general with few exceptions (like Hulk, he's pretty damn good). Radial damage skills aren't worth using most of the time, and the big boys have those in spades. They're also not even that durable either. So lets take a look at an Iron man... wait wrong character. Lets take a look at the Man of Steel... wait... whatever.

(I'm finding these judgements playing on hard difficulty and therefore they are primarily balanced for that difficulty)

Skill 1 Pulverizing Punch:
Honestly, solid skill. I left this one alone. But if I get a little more time to playtest, maybe that will change in the future.

Skill 2 Earthquake:
For the energy investment, this skill and the others like that are super not worth it. So like any sane person would, I made it stronger. Punch the floor stronger, and for longer!
- Increased the damage of the repeating slams.
- Reduced the energy cost.

Skill 3 Soaring Strike:
Not a bad skill really. It does some damage and pops people up. A lot of radial skills on these bruiser types do pathetic damage, and since damage is king in this game I couldn't leave it as is.
- Increased the damage.

Skill 4 Take Down:
This skill sucks. When the alternative is the usual bullrushing-big-man-charging move, this move has very little to offer for what it costs. It doesn't do enough damage, doing this move leaves you vulnerable for a long period of time, and the energy cost is ridiculously high for a move that can't hit multiple times in its charge. So it got a lot of love from me. 
- Increased the damage of the ground and pound portion of the move.
- Increased the damage of the initial tackle against enemies that are slowed.
- Colossus now takes reduced damage while punching his opponents into the dirt.
- Energy cost per second is removed, you now can run as long as you want.

- Increased the initial cost of the ability to compensate for the energy cost per second being removed.

Skill 5 Intimidation (Debuff):
It has its moments of being useful as a 'oh god we're surrounded move', but its still pretty clunky to use. I didn't know that the enemies were slowed as they were feared, because they sure as hell weren't slow enough. Causing enemies to run far away, and way too fast to capitalize on their vulnerable positions. Also with the slow, it's a good move to single out an enemy for the take down move as it now does bonus damage to slowed enemies! (Also this move cost wayyyyy too much energy.)
- Further increased the slowing effect of the intimidation.
- Reduced energy cost

- Decreased the radius of the move. Which isn't as bad as it sounds, that's half the reason why enemies could run 4 lightyears away from your team.

Skill 6 Thick Skin (Boost)
Pretty boring skill, these defense boosts aren't really noticeable on hard. So I changed it up pretty heavily. The damage from reflect gives you momentum, you're gonna have your Xtreme quite a lot. So I had to adjust some numbers significantly.
- Added damage reflection.
- Reduced duration significantly.
- Increased energy costs.

Left this one untouched. Any buffs would be a little overkill considering that being a melee character and thick skin will make you see colossal crash a little more often than usual

Changed the XP passive of his Classic costume to Health on kill. Step one to removing all XP passives.

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