Enigma's Silver Surfer Mod

Started by Enigma, November 04, 2023, 12:25PM

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November 04, 2023, 12:25PM Last Edit: January 28, 2024, 09:06PM by Enigma
:silvers:Enigma's Silver Surfer Mod v2.2 :silvers:


This is my Silver Surfer mod. It contains the following:

*He uses his MUA1 voiced lines and grunts by Chris Cox.
-I've added all the voiced lines and grunts that his MUA1 NPC version uses but his MUA1 playable version doesn't.
-I've repurposed some of his Stats lines and all of this Throw Taunt lines, which are types of line not used in XML2.
-I've reused some of his Menu Breaks as voiced lines.
-He now uses his unused MUA1 Bored lines.
-I've had some of his No Work lines double as No Power lines.
-I've added more lines taken from his NPC conversations.
-I've made multiple Xtreme callouts for his new Xtreme Boost The Power Cosmic.
*He uses his MUA1 flight takeoff and landing sound sounds.
*Gravitational Beam uses one of his unused MUA1 Prototype NPC power sounds.
*Cosmic Discharge uses its MUA1 power sounds.
*Silver Rush uses one of its MUA1 power sounds and the charge sound Gravitational Beam uses in MUA1, because its number suggests it was originally meant for this power and it suits it better.
*Cosmic Stream uses Surfer's Rage's MUA1 power sound and one of his unused MUA1 charge sounds.
*Molecular Mix-Up uses its MUA1 charge and impact sounds.
*Cosmic Time uses Slow Time's MUA1 power sound.
*Cosmic Healing uses its MUA1 power sound.
*Galactic Might uses its MUA1 power sounds.
*The Power Cosmic uses Surfer's Rage's MUA1 charge sound.

*He uses the MUA1 Retail playable version of his skeleton.
-I've removed his unique heavy melee animation and both of his unique knockback animation, because they don't work in XML2, and turned them into the 3 types of character select menu animations.
*He can see cloaked enemies.
*He has Mental Immunity.
*He starts out with 5% resistances to Energy, Radiation, Elemental, and Fire damage.
*I've recoded all powers to work properly in XML2.
*I've changed the combo text and added it in where it was missing.
*I've rewritten all power descriptions to better describe what the powers do and include information that was missing.
*In MUA1, only 1 of his powers energized (which allows them to charge up machines for puzzles) and only 1 extingished fires. I have made all of his powers do both of these things.
*All powers now put out fires.
*He has his MUA1 power Cosmic Beam, which I've renamed to Gravitational Beam.
-It now slows enemies.
-It's now a tap the button power instead of a hold the button power.
*He has his MUA1 power Power Surge, which I renamed to Cosmic Discharge.
-It can now affect enemies on the ground.
*He has his MUA1 power Silver Dash, which I've renamed Silver Rush.
*He has his MUA1 power Surfer's Rage, which I've renamed to Cosmic Stream.
-I've had to completely change how this works because the way it works in MUA1 won't work in XML2. For this reason, it's also now listed as a Blast instead of a Charge.
*He has his MUA1 power Molecular Mix-Up, which I listed as a Beam because already functioned as one.
-Fixed an issue where it shared Cosmic Beam's damage value instead of having its own.
-It now does Energy damage on impact and Bleed damage over time, instead of Energy damage for both. The damage over time already looked like Bleed damage, which made it confusing that it didn't actually do Bleed damage.
-I recoded this power both to streamline it and because it behaved erratically in terms of who it affected.
-It now puts out fires and energizes.
*He has a new power called Cosmic Stream that replaces his MUA1 power Surfer's Rage.
-The way Surfer's Rage works in MUA1 simply won't work in XML2. So I've completely replaced it with a simple tap the button Blast power.
-It also now immobilizes the enemy it hits.
*He has his MUA1 boost Heal, which I've renamed to Cosmic Healing.
*His MUA1 boost Slow Time doesn't work in XML2, so I've created a new boost called Cosmic Time which works in the opposite way.
*He has his MUA1 Xtreme Galactic Might.
-I've removed the healing HP and EP part because it doesn't work in XML2, because he already has a power that heals, and because this Xtreme is already powerful enough without it.
-I've listed it as a Radial because without the healing part, it functions as a radial.
*In the MUA1 Prototype, Dr. Strange's Mystic Maelstrom Xtreme is called "The Power Cosmic" and has a chance to turn all all stunned, frozen, or slowed enemies into Xtreme Pips and appears to only does damage if the chance fails, unlike the version in the final game where it always does damage. This was most likely reused for Dr. Strange after all Xtreme Boosts were cut out of MUA1 and they added it doing damage for Dr. Strange. However, this doesn't work in XML2, so I've gone with the closest I could get, which is an Xtreme Boost that increases the amount of Health Pack, Energy Pack, and Techbit drops. I've used the name "The Power Cosmic" for it.
*Gravitational Beam's enemy aura effect is a recolored version of one of Psylocke's XML1 Prototype effects.

*I've done versions of both his MUA1 loading screen and Galactus's, since he's on it.
*I've made a character select portrait based upon his first loading screen.
*He uses his MUA1 power icons. His unused icon has been used for his Xtreme Boost, which might not be a very good fit for it, but I had no other option.
-I've added BaconWizard17's higher quality version of the Regeneration icon, as well as versions of Cannonball's Thermo-Chemical Energy Mastery and Dark Phoenix Cosmic Resistance passive icons which I recolored.
*He uses the following skins, huds, and 3D heads made by me: Original, Captain Universe, The Keeper, Classic, Infinity Watch, Infinity Gauntlet, Dark Surfer, Norrin Radd.
*He uses his MUA1 PS2 NPC-only flying effect.
*Cosmic Beam uses its MUA1 PS2 power and impact effects.
*Cosmic Discharge uses its MUA1 PS2 charge and power effects.
*Silver Rush uses his MUA1 PS2 NPC-only flying effect.
*Molecular Mix-Up uses its MUA1 PS2 power and impact effects.
*Cosmic Stream uses Silver Surfer's MUA1 PS2 Surfer's Rage power effect.
-I've modified this effect to fit my new power and also split it into 2 different effects to make it work properly.
*Cosmic Time uses Slow Time's MUA1 PS2 power effect and an aura effect I created.
*Cosmic Healing uses its MUA1 PS2 power effect.
*Galactic Might uses its MUA1 PS2 charge and impact effects.
-The MUA1 PS2 version has a charge effect has a particle cloud made of black dots, which appears twice in-game. In XML2, sometimes particle clouds don't appear where they're supposed to be and instead float around. This is one of those times, so I've removed this part of the effect.
-I removed the camera shake from the impact effect.
*The Power Cosmic uses effects I created.

-Skin: MUA1 Prototype Original (18401)
-Skin_Astonishing: Captain Universe (18402)
-Skin_AOA: The Keeper (18403)
-Skin_60s: Classic (18404)
-Skin_70s: Infinity Gauntlet (18405)
-Skin_WeaponX: Dark Surfer (18406)
-Skin_Future: Infinity Watch (18407)
-Skin_Civilian: Norrin Radd (18409)

*Bonus Loading Screens:
-MUA1 Promo Card: A loading screen I made using a higher quality version of his MUA1 promo playing card that I found and AI Upscaled.
*Bonus Conversation Huds:
-MUA1 Loading Screen: Based upon his first MUA1 loading screen, which is the same art used for the default character select portrait.
-MUA1 Promo Card: Based upon my version of his MUA1 Promo Card.
-MUA1 Style Default Huds: MUA1 style versions of each skin's default hud.
*Bonus Character Select Portraits:
-MUA1 Promo Card: Based upon my version of his MUA1 Promo Card.
-Norrin Radd: I used the same design as I did for this skin's default hud.
-Captain Universe, Classic, Infinity Watch, Original, the Keeper: I made these using screenshots of the skins in 3DS Max, which is why they don't have the reflective environment mapping on them.
*Bonus Surfboards:
-Surfboards I made for my Classic, Infinity Watch, and Dark Surfer skins.
*Menu Breaks: Because 2 of his Menu Breaks mention MUA1's plot, I've replaced them with 2 new ones. He was also 1 short because one of his Menu Breaks was only in his NPC version's audio so I've included that as well.
*Non Cel Shaded Assets:
-Includes non-Cel Shaded version of my skins and my version of his default surfboard.


-Added 2 new skins I made, Infinity Gauntlet and Dark Surfer, with huds and 3D heads.
-Added bonus hud and character select portrait based upon the Dark Surfer skin.
-Added 1 new skin, the Keeper, with hud and 3d head, all by me with help from BaconWizard17 with the model
-Added bonus hud and character select portrait based upon the new skin.
-Removed all previous skins except my Norrin Radd skin.
-Removed all previous surfboard versions.
-Added 4 new skins, huds, and 3D heads by me.
-Added 4 bonus character select portraits based on the new skins.
-Added new version of Cel Shaded and Non Cel Shaded surfboard by me
-Added 2 bonus surfboards by me based on the new skins.

*BaconWizard17: fixing the Keeper model, higher quality version of Regeneration icon, Cannonball Thermo-Chemical Energy Mastery and Dark Phoenix Cosmic Resistance passive icons which I recolored
*BaconWizard17 and Enchlore:  figuring out how to get the environment mapping working for the skins
*tubularspaceman, metal venger 1, nil: brainstorming ideas for unused icon