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Started by Shabranigdu, December 25, 2023, 09:29AM

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I've joined the forum to share with you guys what I've been doing, which is having a lot of fun reprogramming some stuff into my favorite characters. If I understood correctly how you do things around here, we're encouraged to actually make changes and share them, as long as credit is given and all and it's not someone claiming content as their own.

As a general rule, I like giving my boosters block hotkeys, and attack hotkeys. That means you can use extra moves by pressing the buttons while blocking instead of the powers button, or by pressing combinations like attack and grab afterwards, or attack and jump. That way we always have access to more powers at a time if you're a controller player. I normally map the movement powers like dash moves to block+grab.
Other than that, I enjoy programming, thinking new moves and how to implement them is part of the fun so I've also been trying to make new stuff, like controllable summons or portals that teleport enemies among other things.

Summons and some traps can leave copies of the character in the area if you save the game or switch characters in an extraction point while they're out, I gave them reasonable short lifetimes so they clean up while playing normally, so just try to avoid the aforementioned situation. The extra actors are also removed when the level is cleaned up after playing in other maps
The affected abilities are: Multiple man dupes, Naruto clones, Magik demons, Loki copies, Snake's remote C4 variant, Boom Boom remote explosive trap
Removing the character from the team also removes the extra actors asociated to that character, then you can select the character again.

On to the boosters:

Air Carrier Ironman:
Iron Man with dash move, grapple carry, etc. Requires Outsider's booster, the one with the cool powerup that switches armors

Boosted Chain Grappler Red She Hulk:
Red She Hulk with dash/ram, chain grapples, etc. She can chain the dash into attacks, or normal grab into grapple slam (accessible as one of the block hotkeys) and viceversa as long as she has energy. Only requires Outsider's Red She Hulk

Slightly boosted Toad:
The underappreciated Toad, actually overpowered and best character in X-Men Legends 2, now with dash move and block hotkeys so you can use all his powers without remapping! Requires Toad in the roster and I think also Maegawa's booster

Quickshifter Mystique:
Outsider's awesome Mystique, she was pretty close to my dream version of her character made playable, but with a few caveats. I've made her able to shift freely between forms and revert to herself, given her evasive rolls, chain attacks, etc. Bad news if you liked the gadjet forms (Deadpool teleport, Black Widow beam, etc) I felt they didn't really suit her and I replaced them with the roll, deception and one of her other shapeshifter buffs.
Check the video for more information:

Mightier Thor:
Same old Thor but with a dash move than can chain into grab smash, and more impactful attacks with higher knockback or popup. I had no other boosters installed:

Surfing Aspen Matthews:
Someone I never heard about before I got her mod and I immediately loved her, but I thought something was missing. Particularly a movement power for surfing, so I gave it to her along with a few details, check the video for more information:

Master Hydromancer Wave:
I also didn't know this one but she's great and has better looks and water effects than Aspen, credit goes to Outsider for another great character. I got inspired and gave her a dash move and water geysers among other details, check her video:

Master Teleporter Nightcrawler:
Nightcrawler just received the same treatment as Blink, with some added flavor. Fast teleports that chain into other moves, stuns, knockdowns, and kidnappings. Requires Nightcrawler without other boosters.
Check the video for more details and some crazy situations:

Mind Controller Emma Frost:
I like how she focuses on manipulating the mind while Jean is more geared to levitating stuff (I love both). I got some ideas for fun control effects and chose her to host them.
She got block hotkeys as always, a sort of terror wall that stops enemies in their tracks, a way too fun decoy that can be thrown around, and direct enemy possession among other details. Requires Emma Frost without other boosters.
Check the video for more information:
Emma's "Bow to the queen" update, now with new moves for more fun enemy remote control and even a skill for changing clothes, details in new video:

Boosted Sheeva:
MK Sheeva now with a dash/leap and some small "improvements" (according to me anyway). All credit for these awesome MK character to Outsider. More info on the video:

Boosted Goro:
Here comes Goro, once again credit to Outsider. I made a few upgrades similar to Sheeva's, traversal move, unblockable grab, and some other details. Check the video:

Demon Master Magik:
This time I've been toying around with Sbarth13's Magik, all credit to him. Trying my best to give her multiple game-sustainable minions that are cleaned after a short time, allowing new ones to be summoned, and to have a degree of control over where they're placed. Not perfect, but pretty happy with her demons now. Also added knockback to her laser power and popup to her explosion. No other boosters required.
Details in video:

Commander Multiple Man:
I just had a funny idea after what I did to Magik, here's the result, a fixed Multiple Man creating clones that each do different actions depending on your input, and that despawn after 20 seconds each to avoid problems. Credit to Boreman for the original mod:
UPDATE, now with 8 dupe types and "Command" action, more details in new video:
Previous video:

Portal Master Blink:
I've just updated Blink with a new set of fun portal traps, as well as some other smaller changes, along with all the previous changes: "Blink, now with that nasty animation bug fixed (teleport attacks can still whiff but won't get her stuck in the air anymore), with new abilities "recall" and "kidnap", block hotkeys, etc. Bugs aside, all credit to Dihan, without his work there would be no booster."
Previous update video with all the details:
First video:
Link OLD VERSION KEPT AROUND IN CASE WE MISS SOMETHING or I go overboard with triggers, which I think I didn't:
Ultimate Portal Master UPDATE, now with even more portal types, an air teleport, enemy teleporting javelins and other tweaks:

God of Deception and Many Illusions Loki:
Here come some fun summons for Loki. He now has a teleport move and can create many copies of himself, of 4 types with different moves each, more details in the video.
Credit to Julio Cabral and Outsider for the character and booster respectively, both are required.

Stealth Legend Solid Snake:
Here's a small booster for Solid Snake, all crredit to Outsider for this rendition of a legend. I added placeable C4 charges that are manually detonated, and a couple funny things for stealth, check the video for more details:

Fast paced Tigra:
Here's a booster for Hobgoblin's version of Tigra, credit to him. I just thought it would be fun to play her in a more fast action oriented manner, gave her the usual dash/leap move, block hotkeys, grapple chains.. More details in the video:

The "Super guys don't like jogging" pack:
Here's a pack of small boosters for Superman Supergirl, Lobo, Bizarro, Lex Luthor and Homelander, I just gave them all a fast dash move for getting around (and sending enemies flying through  the air) and block hotkeys to have direct access to most of their powers
Credit to tubularspacedude for his Superman, Outsider for his Supergirl/Powergirl, Erik Lensherr for his Lex Luthor and Ceamonk for his Lobo, Bizarro and Homelander
The pack includes all 6, if you don't need any just remove it from inside the powerstyles folder before copying
Here's a quick showing of the dash moves and the hotkeys working together:

Boom Boom with traps and explosive leaps/flight:
Here's a booster for a less known but pretty fun character, credit to Outsider for Boom Boom. I gave her explosive leaps, replaced her flight with explosive jumps and added a couple of trap versions of other powers. More details in the video:

Harem jutsu Naruto:
And now some additions for Naruto, credit to Adventureiromax. I gave him the ability to create multiple shadow clones of different types, melee, rasengan and support, a way to trigger a harem jutsu with the clones, as well as a dash move. Details in the video:

Hal Jordan booster for many things:
Time for some Green Lantern love. I wish there was more about these guys, they have my favorite super power, possibly the best power really they can create anything they can imagine as long as they have energy and the will to do it. So, I took that sweet Hal Jordan from Tien shinhan, credit to him, changed and added a few things working with the existing effects to make him a lot more fun to play with (for me at least). Among the changes are multiple hotkeys for his powers and the previously random variations of his imagination power, a dash move, a helicopter variant summon, a barrier, and more, check out the video because there's a few things:

Expert Trapper Kraven and Climbing Doc Oc:
Here's 2 boosters for 2 fun Spiderman villains, Outsider's Kraven, and Blaw+UltraMegaMagnus Dr Octopus, credit to them.
I had some fun adding 2 trap variants of his powers to Kraven, so they can be setup, and made some small changes to Doc like an energy cost fix, adding knockback to a power and giving him the ability to climb walls. Watch the videos for more detail:
Doc Oc:

Transforming, ramming, chain grappling She Hulk:
Here's one for Canino's awesome She Hulk (rest in peace sir, your work is still found and appreciated by new people).
You can find the skin I used with the second powerup in the video in the thread below, credit to ZuluViking. If you want the same transformation you need to replace her "Law and Disorder" skin:,10928.0.html
I added the usual block hotkeys, chain grapples, a dash/ram move and transformations among other things, check the video:

Lord of the Skies Vulture:
Here's a booster for another spidey villain, the Vulture made by Outsider, credit to him. I've toyed around with dashes and cancellations and got a fast flyer that plays like a Gundam from "Gundam VS", check the video for details:

Iceman the Ice Crafter:
A new booster for Iceman, credit to the guys behind the great OCP, no additional files required. This one is pretty varied, 6 new skills based on ice constructs to make ice walls, trap enemies, block places, smash, knock upwards, and even "fly" with ice steps in the air. Instructions included this time in the talents can be viewed in game. Check the video to see all he can do:

The Kind of Unstoppable Juggernaut:
This booster let's Juggernaut be a bit more unstoppable by being able to get through most walls, as well as some other things like added knockback or popup to powers, an unblockable hotkey for grab smash, block hotkeys...
Requires the OCP and Outsider's booster:,8753.msg171553.html#msg171553
Check the video for details:

Web slinging and trap weaving Arachne:
I wanted to have some more web focused spider-person, setting traps and stuff, since I learned that Spider Woman wasn't really that person despite having one f my favorite trap powers in the og game, I tried around and eventually settled for running experiments with Arachne, which was made pretty nicely by Outsider. I gave her block hotkeys, webslinging, web traps, some cancellations, details in the video:

Hail to the Goblin Queen!
I ran more experiments with interactions and managed to give different orders and directions to summons, so now the great Goblin Queen by by MUALover and Owl City can now summon and command multiple goblins/demons. Other than that, I added the usual block and attack hotkeys, and an ability to change clothes, details in the video:
Link to demon skins, for cases where people don't have them in the game files, unfortunately I don't know why that may happen so here they are:

The many abilities of the Master of Magnetism:
Here's a booster for Magneto, requires MUALover's booster. I added a number of things, like dashes and air boosts, some fixes and rebalance, hotkeys, a vacuum move and 2 support summon-like abilities, on top of what MUALover did, so better check the video to see it all:
Link for MUALover booster:,7526.msg148645.html#msg148645

Parkour Master Faith Connors:
Here's my take on Ceamonk's Faith, credit to him. I removed her super speed and instead gave her some new moves, she can now sprint, slide, parkour and climb walls among other changes, check the video for more details:

Balanced High Speed Quicksilver:
Here's a booster for Blizz's Quicksilver, requires Outsider's booster too because it made nice additions already. I had a lot of fun adding 6 utility powers based on subtly different uses of his speed, (2 fast dash moves, 1 teleport in disguise, 1 time slow, 1 barrier, 1 vacuum) and can also climb walls because speedsters like doing that, more details in the video:
Outsider's booster for Quicksilver:,8753.msg182207.html#msg182207

Sandman's additional abilities:
Here's a booster with some extra moves for Sandman, credit to BLaw. I had some fun making a kinda unique movement power, some useful traps and other things, more details in the video:

Boost cancelling Captain Marvel:
Here's a booster for Canino's Captain Marvel, credit to him for a modern and beautiful version of her (requires the Look at me I'm trying to advertise so ban me now, not the light one). I've done "the Gundam treatment" and added dashes, boosts and cancellations, as well as block hotkeys and knockback for her downwards blast power, more details in the video:

Moondragon booster for extra psychic-dragon-monk fun:
Here's a booster for Moondragon, who was pretty complete and well done by Outsider, I added a couple of attacks that use her dragon form at a reasonable energy cost, an illusory decoy and a dash, a small fix and attack hotkeys, more details in video:

Jean Grey / Phoenix with a lot of moves, dashes, new telekinesis moves, illusions, teleportation, and more:
Here's a silly amount of moves I added for fun to Outsider's Jean Grey, which quickly became my favorite before I started having my own fun adding stuff. Moveset file included:

Sirver Surfer with more high speed surfing:
Here's a booster for Silver Surfer, no extra requirements. I made a few tweaks to existing powers and aded 4 new moves, details in moveset file and in the videos;
Video with music cuz I thought it'd be fun:
Another video without music, because the first is blocked in places due to copyright

Quiet with super jumping and kicking:
Here's a small booster for SuperMaster10's beautiful Quiet from MGSV. As she was great to begin with, I just felt like reducing her super speed because I didn't like her running animation too much, brought it from 40% to 10% extra, which still feels pretty fast, and instead I added a horizontal super jump for getting around and a super kick, thought they both feel fitting and fun. Used with block+grab and block+smash. The super jump also doubles as a strong knee attack that pops enemies up.

Welcome to the community! Those look like interesting boosters, so hopefully they can be made available for download soon.

Thank you! How do you guys do it? Do you all have Mediafire accounts? Is it free?

I'm making changes to Mystique and poor Blink who's been in a sorry state since forever with that animation bug, and it's too fun

You can choose to upload to Google Drive, MEGA or Mediafire among others, though if you want a lot of storage to upload mods to, you're going to have to pay in some capacity nowadays per month if you don't wish to be restricted by 2-15GB offered on free accounts for all of these sites. Look around and see which site is the most affordable and/or efficient for you.

Thanks! Let's see, I'll update the first post then with the first uploads, I should be good with a free mediafire, my changes are light because I like coding, nothing too heavy with extra skins or audios.

Please let me know if it's all good and I'll share others

Alright, sounds good. Downloading them all now for archival purposes.

Ugh, I have the strangest situation with Arachne, I had already made some changes to her days ago, no issues at all in my current game. Now I'm trying to add some new things and she refuses to take any changes I make to the powerstyle file, even if I copy the original character files and start a new game she still has the last changes I made. Any idea? I'm still modifying others, no issues

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I had a lot of fun adding a few things to Aspen Matthews and Wave. Just updated the first post with their boosters and videos.

Quote from: Shabranigdu on December 30, 2023, 01:16PM
Ugh, I have the strangest situation with Arachne, I had already made some changes to her days ago, no issues at all in my current game. Now I'm trying to add some new things and she refuses to take any changes I make to the powerstyle file, even if I copy the original character files and start a new game she still has the last changes I made. Any idea? I'm still modifying others, no issues

Just to let you know, you can receive responses more quickly on the community's Discord server. The website is mostly just used to host our various mods these days.

Quote from: Ceamonks890 on December 30, 2023, 05:20PM
Just to let you know, you can receive responses more quickly on the community's Discord server. The website is mostly just used to host our various mods these days.
Ahh thank you Ceamonk, I'll consider going. I thought the place was mostly dead just because of how old the game is, but that clashes with all the content you guys keep making

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Added Nightcralwer with a number of fun things for fans of teleportation. That makes him kinda funnier and makes Blink obsolete, except not really because I'm already updating her with portal traps :)

January 03, 2024, 03:32PM #12 Last Edit: January 09, 2024, 04:39PM by Shabranigdu
Added a control focused booster for Whiteking's Emma Frost

Added a booster for Outsider's Sheeva, one of the many great MK characters Outsider has gifted us

Added a booster for Goro, details and video in the first post