Official Characters 1.3 RELEASED (24.05.2013)

Started by Dark_Mark, June 01, 2009, 08:13AM

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This pack contains every character that appeared in any version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Namely, these are:
- Next-Gen exclusives:colossus: Colossus and :moonk: Moon Knight (including an exclusive fourth skin for Moon Knight);
- Xbox 360 Gold Edition Characters: :cyclops: Cyclops, :hawkeye: Hawkeye, :hulk_icon: Hulk, :nightcrawler: Nightcrawler, :doom: Dr. Doom, :magneto: Magneto, :stooth: Sabretooth and :venom: Venom;
- PSP exclusives: :blackwidow: Black Widow, :genis: Captain Marvel and :ronin: Ronin (as Hawkeye is included in his Xbox 360 incarnation);

The pack also includes:
- PSP exclusive Comic Book missions for Hawkeye and Captain Marvel
- PC Exclusive models and skins for Silver Surfer :silvers: (Norrin Radd, The Keeper and Silver Savage)
- PC exclusive Comic Book missions for Hulk, Silver Surfer and Moon Knight
- Unique character conversations from the XBox 360
- An alternative storyline for Mephisto's Realm
- New character loadscreens
- Heroselect, a program that will allow you to swap out characters (as there is a hardcoded maximum limit of 27 characters in-game).
Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Hulk and Moon Knight come pre-installed. Use Heroselect to swap them out if you wish.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please note that this pack is only compatible with the original 2006 port of MUA. It will not work on the "remastered" 2016 Steam version. Unsure which version you got? Check the game folder -- if you see .bin files and the exe file date is 2016, then you've got the "remastered" version that is useless here. Search ebay or Amazon to find and purchase the 2006 original port.

Download (71.46MB):
7z Archive: Click on the picture to download.

Self-extracting archive (152MB):

Installation Instructions:
0. To unpack the mod, get the excellent and free 7-Zip (
1. Back up your files - the mod overwrites many important game files, including herostat. It will also reset your heroselect to include only the officials, so you will have to manually add other characters to heroselect.
2. Place OfficialChars_1.3.7z in ..\Activision\Marvel - Ultimate Alliance
3a. If you are using a localized version of MUA (e.g. Italian), do the following:
- backup all files in your original "\scripts\act2\murder\murder2\" directory
- backup your original "\packages\generated\maps\act2\murder\murder2.pkgb" file
3b. If you are using the English version of the game, right click on OfficialChars_1.3.7z and click "Extract Here".
4. If it asks you to "confirm file replace", click "Yes to all", assuming that you have backed up your files already. If you haven't backed up your files, then click "No to all" and back up your files now.
5. Wait for it to unpack.
6a. If you are using a localized version of MUA (e.g. Italian), restore the files you backed up during step 3a.
6b. The mod is now ready. Some changes might not work correctly until you start a new game.
7. The default herostat contains Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, Hulk and Moon Knight. You can swap in other characters with Heroselect or use NRCompiler to manually decompile the herostat.engb file, open it in a text editor, change your desired characters and recompile the text file back into herostat.engb. You can find NRCompiler along with the herostat entries of other "Official" characters in herostat.CFG in the "heroselect" folder.

Updates since last release:
- Sharper textures for Black Widow, Ronin and Captain Marvel
- Slightly tweaked models for Ronin
- Updated some sounds for Ronin
- Fixed the issue with certain character effects not appearing on Low Particle Detail setting
- Minor tweaks to some character effects
- Updated model and icon for Thunderbolts Venom

Updates in release 1.2:
- Added PSP exclusive Comic Book missions for Hawkeye and Captain Marvel (replacing Paibok and Super Skrull missions)
- Added PC exclusive Comic Book missions for Hulk, Moon Knight and Silver Surfer made by BliZZ (replacing Thunderball and Scorpion missions)
- Added unique item dropouts for Captain Marvel
- Added more menu sounds for non-official characters
- Updated Dr Strange's Mannequin

Updates in release 1.1:
-"New" models with HD textures for Cyclops
- Added new model and hud icon for Silver Savage
- Added flight sounds for Captain Marvel
- Added menu sounds for non-official characters from Teancum's x_voice.zss
- Changed sounds for some of Magneto's powers
- Fixed a problem with Doom's grab_smash sounds
- Fixed the problem with unique conversations not working on Italian MUA
- Minor herostat changes

Updates in release 1.0:
-Fixed Magneto's conversation bugs
-Fixed Sabretooth's conversation bugs
-Fixed Cyclops's conversation bugs
-Fixed problems caused by Black Widow interacting with her NPC version
-Fixed Black Widow's, Ronin's, Captain Marvel's and Doom's sounds not looping on certain powers
-Fixed the issue with Arcade's androids not copying some character models
-Fixed a bug with Hawkeye's pain sound
-Integrated latest changes from Dark_Mark's Magneto, Venom and Hulk mods (new models, conversations and Mephisto battle)
-Integrated new character models from Dark_Mark's Converted Characters pack (new models for PSP/Wii exclusives)
-Reskinned all Cyclops's models to better match their XBox 360 counterparts
-Reskinned all Hawkeye's models to better match their XBox 360 counterparts
-Added unique conversations for Magneto, Sabretooth, Venom, Cyclops and Dr. Doom
-Added new voice and power sounds for Dr. Doom
-Added new voice and power sounds for Venom
-Added new voice and power sounds for Hulk
-Added new power sounds for Cyclops
-Added new power sounds for Ronin
-Added new power sounds for Black Widow
-Added new power sounds for Captain Marvel
-Added new power sounds for Nightcrawler
-Added new power sounds for Sabretooth
-Added missing sounds for Colossus
-Added voiceovers for Sabretooth-Arcade conversation
-Added voiceovers for Venom-Rhino conversation
-Added voiceovers for Venom-Mysterio conversation
-Added voiceovers for Magneto-Foom conversation
-Added voiceovers for Magneto-Xavier conversation
-Added voiceover for Doom-Winter Soldier conversation
-Added new character loadscreens
-Updated Sabretooth's mannequin
-Updated Moon Knight's HUD icons
-Corrected Venom's loadscreen
-Numerous bugfixes

-Raven Software/Vicarious Visions: The original games (Vicarious Visions did the PSP port)
-Neversoft: For Venom's voice (from the PS1 Spider-Man game)
-THX: for starting and hosting
-BliZZ: for heading up the mod for a long time, doing the bulk of the character conversions, converting PSP exclusive missions for Hawkeye and Captain Marvel, making Comic Book missions for Hulk, Silver Surfer and Moon Knight, Dr Strange's Mannequin
-Tommyboy2002: for his overall work on character models for MUA, as well as his Dr. Doom mannequin
-Dark_Mark: Venom, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Ronin and Magneto models/mannequins, Cyclops models/skins, Silver Savage model/hud icon, Sabretooth mannequin, Swordsman model, Super Skrull skin, converting Xbox 360 Gold Edition unique character conversations, Venom, Hulk's and Hawkeye's power sounds, revised power sounds for Dr. Doom, Cyclops, Ronin and Nightcrawler, Black Widow fixes, alternative Murderworld storyline, preparation and compilation of versions 1.0 to 1.3
-Iammingy: For incredible skins, fixing of effects, new boltons and the Black Widow mannequin
-Norrin Radd: For Heroselect, the additional 3 Dr Doom skins, the Original Sabretooth skin, research on looping sounds in zsm's and other misc
-Winstrol: for ZSMEditor, without which we wouldn't have sounds
-Teancum: Converting character sounds, capturing Xbox 360 conversations and character voices, compiling of beta 3
-Overload: For the posed Cyclops and Nightcrawler mannequins
-Burning Rage, darkmythology: initial 360 conversion research
-Noelemahc: invaluable research on game texture formats
-LarsAlexandersson: converting more PSP sounds for Ronin
-Venom: RC1 testing
-Anyone else I forgot: Thanks

Known issues:
- Some comic book mission discs will reappear in-game after being collected. This is caused by limitations of the game engine. There are no known negative side effects of this problem.
- Some unique conversations may not work in localized (non-English) versions of the game. For details see "Notes on unique conversations" at the end of the "Official Characters Readme.txt" file .
You may freely use and modify my work as long as you give me proper credit - there's no need to ask for my permission.

Happy Children's Day Everyone! :D
(Although I think many of us may no longer qualify :P )
You may freely use and modify my work as long as you give me proper credit - there's no need to ask for my permission.

amaaazing! can't wait to play! thanks Dark_Mark!!!!
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Quote from: Dark_Mark on June 01, 2009, 08:16AM
Happy Children's Day Everyone! :D
(Although I think many of us may no longer qualify :P )

I just feel like a kid again! Awesome! Very, very nice job!

Thanks a lot!
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Quote from: Teancum on June 01, 2009, 10:13AM
Stickied.  Great work team!

Thanks! :)
You may freely use and modify my work as long as you give me proper credit - there's no need to ask for my permission.

great job, all the fixes sound great
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the wii models look amazing! cant wait! nice work everyone!

cool! i was not expecting this. downloading right nao

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I have a problem with heroselect. When I have selected which characters I want and press Accept Team, this opens up: and then when I start the game the default characters are still there.

Great job.
Thank you so much, downloading right now :)

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does heroselsect support it? i know nova had problems, but it may be isolated.

Are there any changes in the herostats file to the beta version? Anyone compared them yet.