(04/17/12) UPDATED! Nowhere Man's releases (Colossus, Gambit, Rogue)

Started by Nowhere Man, August 04, 2009, 02:23PM

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:gambit: GAMBIT - MUA2

This mod is the 2.0 version/conclusion of Marvelfan's booster, as agreed with him.
- Card Shuffle: Rapidly flings cards charged with kinetic energy with extreme precision;
- Staff Slam: Charges his staff and violently hits the ground with it doing radial Damage;
- Detonation: Charges an enemy with kinetic energy that will harm target for a short while and then blow up, doubling the overall Damage;
- Full House: Throws several charged cards that explode violently on contact, knocking targets back;
- Cajun Slash: Triple staff melee attack in quick succession;
- Royal Flush: Throws down charged cards on the floor that will blow up when enemies approach them, causing popup damage;
- King of Hearts: Uses his hypnotic charm to make enemies less effective in battle; (reduces enemies defense and attack ratings)
- Energy Form: Turns parts of his body into energy, improving defense and movement speed;
- Kinetic Fury: Adds Energy damage to melee attacks for the entire party;
- 52 Pickup: Throws cards into the air which rain down Energy damage.

- 1 new loadscreen;
- MUA2 power anims;
- Icons by Deedooo;

- Updates melee moves and grabsmash;
- Updates effects;
- New costume passives;
- 2 passive abilities: Charged Throw and Energy Combat;
- 10 additional skins from the XML2 pack, with packages.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?ga8nufnt3i3gh39

:stark: IRON MAN - MUA2

- Repulsor Ray: A fast-firing particle beam that causes massive Knockback;
- Candela Disc: A single projectile with an explosion radius that, if fully charged, stuns victims for a short while;
- Micro-Pulse Barrage: Rapidly fire off a stream of lasers, which repeatedly bounce off walls at higher levels;
- Nano Assault: Radial energy shockwave, with smaller secondary shockwaves;
- A.P. Rockets: Fires out two Anti-Personnel Rockets which trace their target and explode on impact. Automatic KO to targets with low Health percentage;
- Uni-Beam: Fires a concentrated blast of pure energy that pierces the targets if fully charged;
- Overclock: Gives the suit a burst of energy, temporarily increasing movement speed and damage;
- Photonic Shield: Creates a force field out of pure light that deflects nearly all projectile and beam attacks;
- Energy Reroute: Greatly reduces energy spending for the entire party;
- Air Strike: Launch a flurry of missiles into the air, dealing massive Energy Damage to all enemies in the area.

- MUA2 power anims;
- MUA2 menu anims;
- New icons by Deedoo;

- 1 Additional loadscreen (check the loadscreen section for other alternatives);
- 13 additional skins, with packages, to choose from (cause of the awesome War Machine mod, it also replaces the War Machine skin for Silver Centurion).

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?ea3jco9f764n459

:rogue: ROGUE

- Smash: Increased melee punch that causes knockback and has a high chance of doing critical damage;
- Life Theft: Touches the target causing damage, draining EP, stunning and blocking their powers for a time;
- Tremor: Punches an enemy and uses the momentum to come down hard with a smash attack doing radial damage;
- Torpedo Strike: Lunges forward and attacks in a torpedo fashion knocking enemies back. The longer the tap the farther she flies;
- Power Recall 1: Recalls the templates of the ACTIVE powers of her fellow X-Men she has absorbed in the past;

- Bedazzle: Baits nearby enemies into attacking you while lowering their defenses;
- Power Recall 2: Recalls the templates of the PASSIVE powers of her fellow X-Men she has absorbed in the past;

- Maniac Slam: Saps EP from all enemies, stuns them, and prevents them from using their powers for a time.

- New flying effect;
- New icons by Deedooo;

- 2 additional loadscreens from the XML2 pack;
- 8 additional skins from the XML2 pack.

PREVIEW: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQhZ1Tr6Is8

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?qdgsyfdgnh8l8uf



- New passive ability called "Peak Human Speed", which increases movement speed by 10%;
- Added knockback to Energy Shield;
- Changed costume passives;
- MUA2 menu animations;
- MUA2 double jump;
- Additional power called "Shield Shock", a quick slam that stuns targets.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?auhangazc5l7vig

:colossus: COLOSSUS

- Pulverizing Punch: only stuns if charged now;
- Earthquake: increased speed and now dmg and radius increase gradually as you tap;
- Siberian Express (New Power): A triple punch attack, each with a chance to take 1/3 of the victims' health;

- Soaring Strike: now does double damage to stunned targets (great to combine with Pulverizing Punch;
- Take Down: only spends EP once, so you can run as long as you want. Also changed dmg of each hit;
- Intmidation: made so that enemies' defense is lowered and instead of making them run away it now decreases their speed as in "scared into paralysis";
- Thick Skin: renamed to "Galvanized Skin", decreases dmg taken and adds dmg reflection;
- Colossal Crash: increased dmg, added massive knockback and increased radius.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?f8j1pcla129ftxn


- Eldrish Aura: Increased exponentially the life, damage and speed;
- Eye of Agamotto: decreased the life but increased the healing factor to +5;
- Reassigned icons;
- 10% movement speed increase;
- Changed Passives;
- Mind Wipe: Replaced by "Seraphim's Protection", a force-field that harms foes that get too close.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?lfu3cr2il26p85m

:elektra: ELEKTRA

- Passive Hability: Light Feet - Movement speed increased by 15%;
- 2 new loadscreens;
- Now always holds her sais to look more deadly;
- Nerve Strike: now has the damage that came in the default talent file but was blocked in the powerstyle;
- Sai Stab: does deadly strikes to stunned foes. The higher the lvl, the greater the HP percentage taken;
- Ninja Stars: no longer chargeable, make the same amount of DMG in bleeding;
- Death's Touch: now has up to 55% chance of instant knockout when fully charged;
- Hand's Reach: Summons hand ninjas to attack enemies. Higher lvls to attack more enemies. New effect and fixed the not-vanishing ninjas. (looks better if Elektra or Blade are the first in the herostat or first selected in heroselect);

- Spin Kick: no longer chargeable, no longer has health effect, causes knockback (great for when she's surrounded or to make shielded foes vulnerable);
- Calm Mind: increases attack speed, DMG and finisher DMG;
- Focused Chi: increases critical chance for melee moves and critical dmg for the entire team;
- Assassin's Creed: Converts part of the dmg done to HP and EP for the entire team (New effects);
- Changed the passives.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?o487o2ske0dhmc0

:ghostr: GHOST RIDER

- Changed Penance Stare to absorb health instead of energy and has a chance to paralyse victims for a while (kinda like in the movie);
- Added Might;
- Added the "run confused" thing to Damnation, that's in the description, but didn't happen at all;
- Got all effects to work properly together so you can have simultaneously all 4 best skins ever made (IMO) for Ghost Rider (skins, huds and effects all included);

- Changed Passives.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?35vbj04jga8qnb7

:hulk_icon: HULK

- New passive ability called "Berseker Strength" in which damage, speed and size increase as his health gets lower:
Less than 75% HP = +25% DMG and Speed, +10% size
Less than 50% HP = +50% DMG and Speed, +20% size
Less than 25% HP = +100% DMG and Speed, +30% size;
- Added Radiation Immunity;
- Rage mode does not exist anymore;
- Hulk Knock Down: tackle damage decreased, dmg of each punch increased;
- Fury replaced by "Gamma Wave": Emmits an aura of gamma radiation that harms enemies that come in range and grants him resistance to the last damage type that hit him ;

- Renamed all the powers to Stan Leeish aliteration names;
- Slam: Increased radius and now does double damage to stunned targets;
- Cyclone Punch: Since he spins around I made it so he can hit several targets in a small radius, but only stunnes if fully charged;
- Hulk Smash: gave it a 25% chance of instant KO.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?6w6wld1c4irc3nr

:warbird: MS. MARVEL

- Binary Boost: now is an individual boost that skin-swaps into her Binary skin. Adds energy dmg to melee attacks and sharply reduces energy spending;
- New flight effect (recolored Rogue's cause I think it looks like an energy trail and that makes a lot more sense on Ms. Marvel. I have given Rogue a new one, so don't worry bout it.);
- Changed passives;
- 10% movement speed increase ;
- One new Binary loadscreen;
- Changed her elemental resistance to an energy resistance at a higher lvl;
- Includes an alternate Warbird skin by aventureiromax to replace her Binary skin and hud by me.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?541icmi6pb7r1f9

:nfury: NICK FURY

- Sniper: Was supposed to have a 25% chance of instant knockout but didn't. Fixed that. The stun increase is still not present, but at least it's not described in the talent file;
- One more power called "Shooting Mayhem", a radial one, since he didn't have;

- Frag: Increased damage, radius and now it only delivers damage when it explodes, not when thrown (great for when he's invisible).
- Changed Passives.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?7ffgkyiizn52s7y

:phoenix: PHOENIX

I know what you're thinking: "What? Another freakin Jean booster?". Well, you're wrong, this is a Phoenix booster. The way I see it the TK booster is a classic Jean with only her mutant powers. MF's booster and MUA2 conversion is Grant Morrison's Jean, with mutant and Phoenix powers mixed up. Mine is modern Jean, fully merged with the Phoenix Force, with all fiery powers. It's also a fusion of all her Phoenix incarnations. Try it out, it's really fun!

New Powerset:
- Cosmic Flare: A huge blast of cosmic light that seeks enemies and explodes on impact doing radial damage;

- Telekinesis: Levitates enemies and objects;
- Phoenix Spawn: Summons an offspring of the Phoenix Force that fires homing projectiles for a time. Maximum of 5 entities;
- Phoenix Rage: Releases a powerful wave of cosmic energy popping the enemies up in a radius;
- Phoenix Rise: Lifts target in the air and ignites them in cosmic flames, doing Damage for a time;
- Dark Phoenix: Boosts her offensive capacity by increasing her melee damage output and chance for critical hits;
- White Phoenix: Boosts her defensive capacity by reflecting projectile and beam attacks.

- Phoenix;
- Modern Phoenix;
- Short-Hair Ultimate;
- Wolverine and the X-Men.
PS: All skins now have Dark and White Phoenix variants, custom made for each. For additional skins use number 12315 or higher. Here's 2 examples:

- New Grabsmash;
- Added fire immunity;
- Recolored blocking effect (same as the one from Invisible Woman's or MarvelFan12345's Jean boosters);
- She actually changes into Dark Phoenix or White Phoenix while using the boosts;
- New or recolored power effects;
- Changed passives ;
- 2 Phoenix loadscreens (normal and dark);
- New icons by Deedooo;

- 2 new flying effects. There are 2 herostat codes inside for each one, so you can chose the one you prefer. One has a tail and the other one has an aura (pic).

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?h0bpqj433kn2gws


- Accelerated Strike: now is an increasing speed loopy double punch;
- Quantum Kick: increased radius, dmg and added knockback;
- Mach Speed: now delivers less dmg and spends less ep, so you can do it several times in a row popping the guy up repeatedly, or hit multiple foes;
- Supersonic: replaced by "Speedster Perception" that functions like Cosmic Awareness, slowing everything around for a time;
- Melee/Movement/Power Speed: I increased the movement speed in 40%, but descreased the speed of melee moves and anim of some powers so that his movement flows more naturally and you can see better what it is he's doing. He's still the fastest character, as he should;
- Changed Passives.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?to2rudzmzzm

:scarletw: SCARLET WITCH

- Hex Bolts: substituted by Hex Beam, that has a high chance of critical hit;

- Combustion: now ignites the enemies for a time, doing gradual dmg;
- Hex Explosion: now is targetable, added knockback;
- Misfortune: now blocks the enemies powers for a time;
- Reality Shift: now is called Hex Bolts and fires up to 15 homing bolts that may turn the enemies into crates;
- Probability Syphon: allows her to reflect projectiles for a time;
- Changed Passives;
- New grabsmash;
- 1 additional loadscreen (also avaliable in the loadcreen pack)
- New flight effect (Pic shows mine combined with Lord Frankie's flight effect);

- New icons by Deedooo.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?i4w1qf14j45dzd3

:spiderwoman: SPIDER-WOMAN

- Spider's Blood: Increased the number of bounces from 3 to 10 and now the number of projectiles increases as you lvl up;
- Spider's Bite: Now called "Radioactive Sting", it gives target radiation poisoning that contaminates other foes as they get close to each other, dealing dmg for a time;
- Changed Passives;
- Added radiation resistance;
- 1 new loadscreen;
- New flying effect.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?us6c7uyqxoc1fri

:storm: STORM

- Chain Lightning: now the chains deal same damage as the primary bolt and do more hit per second;
- Changed Passives;
- X-Men forever loadscreen also included in the loadscreen pack ;
- Increased elemental resistance;
- Improved effect for Whirlwind ;

- Hail Storm: new effect, deals dmg to all enemies on screen and slows them down (great to combo with Blitz and Thunder Struck, that do more dmg to slowed enemies);

- Whirlwind Armor: Replaced by Mist Cover, which functions like invisibility and increases chance to dodge all attacks for the whole team with life decreased to 1/3. New effect as well. Great cause Storm used to be an easy-to-die character.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?pxd7o1373g11d13

:thor: THOR

- Northern Winds: Improved effect and increased duration after release;

- God Speed: Now increases all movement speed, not only attack speed. 175% at highest lvl;
- Asgard's Blessing: Replaced by Gaea's Blessing that gives him a +5 healing factor for a time and increases his defense.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?lu97crkm169wk93



- Marvel, Vicarious Visions and Activision for the game;
- Dark_Mark for the Hulk, Venom and Magneto mods;
- Blizz for the xml2 conversions and Quicksilver's mod ;
- Gevth for his awesome colaboration with Elektra's booster;
- iammingy for Gambit's original Death skin;
- Deedooo for the Phoenix, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Gambit and Rogue icons and Rogue's X-Treme and Ms. Marvel skin, Phoenix's Ultimate Dark and White variantes, all Modern and WATX Phoenix skins, Gambit's Age of X and MUA2 skins and numerous Iron Man skins;
- Brohara for Iron Man's Stealth skin;
- aventureiromax for Warbird's alternate skin, Gambit's X-Men Evolution and Animated Series skins and the 2 Rogue X-Men Evolution skins;
- the master$$$ for the Movie Vengeance skin;
- UltimateVenom for the Dan Ketch and Green Vengeance skins and effects;
- MarvelFan12345 for the original Jean Grey and Gambit boosters;
- Teancum (Sounds), Dark_Mark(Models) and anyone else who worked on the OC Pack characters;
- Whiteking for Rogue's Messiah Complex and 2 Legacy skins, helping me learn how to make loadscreens, allowing me to use "Queen's Blessing" on Rogue and compiling the icons;
- Ariel for the classic Phoenix Dark and White variants;
- BLaw for Rogue's Classic, Gambit 4 Pack, Iron Man Hulkbuster and Iron Patriot skins;
- Jeanfan321 for Rogue's preview video;
- SuperNatural-Witch for Royal Flush's wave effects;
- Marvel Watcher for the modern Gambit skin;
- Dihan for his early stage works on Gambit;
- nodoubt_jr for general help and kindness.
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These are really good and useful :D
Some of those stuffs from Storm might be useful for my upcoming Storm booster for XML2. By your permission of course.
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Awesome work my friend!
Glad to see that you release your work, and as you have said, I tested the boosters, and I definately recomend them :)

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Quote from: ThePhoenix on August 04, 2009, 02:38PM
These are really good and useful :D
Some of those stuffs from Storm might be useful for my upcoming Storm booster for XML2. By your permission of course.


You can all use anything you want as long as credit is given. =)
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Of course, the credit will be given. :)
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The boosters made justice to those characters! Thanks a lot!

These are really neat. It's kind of funny, but my two favorite characters are probably the least liked among the MUA community here. Blade and Dr. Strange. The boosts for Strange are really great.

Actually I like Dr. Strange. Although I prefer him with to be with other marvel characters for me to fully enjoy him.

I love dr strange, otherwise I wouldn't bother to upgrade him.
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New booster. VERY simple stuff, but I think it really improved Thor's gameplay cause he has great offensive powers but pretty useless boosts. Hope you all enjoy.
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Tested Magneto booster, just now during lunch time. in one word: AWESOME! REALLY GREAT JOB!

Rapaz, ficou muito bom mesmo! A onda de chock vai levando tudo pelo caminho! hahahaha...
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kkkk q bom q vc curtiu. depois testa os outros, vc vai curtir. especialmente Tempestade e Estranho.
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