more or less everything you need to know about boltons

Started by Quentin Hex, October 02, 2009, 03:06PM

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anybody feel free to ask questions or add/correct information as i'm not always right :D.

everything you need to know about boltons  (more or less)

boltons are things (objects, weapons, hair, etc) that you can "bolt" onto a character. there are some boltons for x-men legends, and the do work for mua, but the colors may be screwed up. by default, they apear on every singal skin of the character you bolted them onto, but there is one way of hiding this that i found here. iammingy and blaw both have boltons, and there are probably some more that i missed.

the wonder of boltons; spider man now has swords, guns and shoulderpads thanks to boltons

to use a bolton you add this to the herostat:

QuoteBoltOn {  <----- necacary. it defines the fact that you have a bolton.
      bolt = Bip01 R Hand ;  <-----  see (1)
      model = models/bolton/KA-BAR_knife_L-handed ; <-----folder/sub-folder(optional)/model name. see (2) for more info
      slot = ebolton_weapon ; <----- see (3)

(1) describes the place you are attaching a bolton to. unlike the slot tag (see below) you can have many boltons per "bolt (at least 3. i have never tried above that). there is a post by blaw that has all to most of the places to bolt to. one thing i should probably mention is that if you put i right handed bolton on a left hand (or vice verca) it loads upside down, which can be cool in some cases.

everyone's favorite canucklehead, has left handed katana bolted onto right and left hands

(2) this is the model you want to load. this can be any file in the models folder (allowing for some pretty combonations, just see the below pic). many of the models aren't rigged correctly to be used as boltons, meaning that they will not connect with the hand/other part and/or point a completely wrong direction and/or be scaled horribly. i may try to have a list of models that work in the future.

toilet thor, using a non-bolton model

(3) this tag specifies what slot the bolton takes can only have one bolton per slot. period. there are quite a few though so don't worry. one issue that may come up are weapons. if you pick up a weapon on a map (like swords in asgard, random pipes on helicarier, etc.), it will erase anything in your "weapon" or "altweapon" slot until you enter a new area or the character select screen.

the ones i know are weapon, altweapon, tail, clawright, clawleft, wings, and cape. according to nodout_jr autoanim and autoanim2 are confirmed to work in xml2 so the probably work in mua, i haven't tested them yet, though, but i probably will later. also Noelemahc says that you can bolt boltons onto any bip part, but i haven't tested this yet either.

links to boltons that i could find:


Some chars have Bip02. Well, Sugarman has it. It makes sure he uses his second set of arms.

This is the full bip list, starting with the root:

Bip01 Head
Bip01 HeadNub
Bip01 Neck
Bip01 Ponytail1 (connects to head)
Bip01 Ponytail2
Bip01 Spine (lower abdomen to pelvis)
Bip01 Spine1 (Upper abdomen)
Bip01 Spine2 (Chest)
Bip01 R Clavicle (Shoulder)
Bip01 R UpperArm
Bip01 R Forearm
Bip01 R Hand
Bip01 R Finger0 (thumb)
Bip01 R Finger0Nub
Bip01 R Finger01 (thumb end)
Bip01 R Finger1 (4 fingers)
Bip01 R Finger1Nub
Bip01 R Finger11 (4 fingers end)
Bip01 L Clavicle (Shoulder)
Bip01 L UpperArm
Bip01 L Forearm
Bip01 L Hand
Bip01 L Finger0 (same as R)
Bip01 L Finger0Nub
Bip01 L Finger01 (same as R)
Bip01 L Finger1 (same as R)
Bip01 L Finger1Nub
Bip01 L Finger11 (same as R)
Bip01 Pelvis
Bip01 R Thigh
Bip01 R Calf (lowerleg)
Bip01 R Foot
Bip01 R Toe0
Bip01 R Toe0Nub
Bip01 L Thigh
Bip01 L Calf (lowerleg)
Bip01 L Foot
Bip01 L Toe0
Bip01 L Toe0Nub

nice. post a pic! i forgot to talk about animated boltons above. ill do that after homework.

o hat homework if the teacher teaches something why do we need homework

the theory is that it
A) reinforces what we learned.
B) takes care of things like reading, to save class time.
C) teaches us about organization (or something:P)

that's the theory, but it often seems like a big waste of time...

preachin' to the choir here. unfortunately this is not the right thread for that. [/puts thread back on topic]

Good idea....

I suggest, at least what I do, is look at the bolton folder, open your herostat and have fun!

model folder in general is pretty epic. boltong giant "exploding animals" from murderworld onto thor's hand,boltong the tooilet to random character's heads, etc., is a blast, and makes you feel acomplished!)

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nice. post a pic!

Here's a pic, as well as me having attached a non-bolton model to Thor :P

holy [censored for your convenience]!
i was not expecting giant clam shell man!
question: is the tongue animated for cap?

Yes, it is animated for Cap. It goes in and out. I caught it while it was out.

Poor Wolverine... The shell is hiding him.