Holocaust Mod Released

Started by Cates, May 07, 2007, 08:06PM

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Here's Holocaust.



-four attacks, two boosts, extreme, full costume bonuses, two different skins, hidden elemental resistance, might.
-His Xtreme looks cool, but because the animation is a little long, it might seem like permaslow for a minute. It's not. It'll go back to normal when the move is complete. If other modders have suggestions on how to amend this more in line with other Xtremes, I'm all ears.
-no icons or huds as of yet
-Holo's default anims had no fast run animation, so he's using Cage's. This poses a small animation issue in that it looks like his shoulders shrink in a little when he's running and expand when he stops. This fix was, IMO, preferable to boosting his speed with a talent. To get him to a respectable movement speed that way, his melee attacks became super fast.

Abyss is next!

A few images. This is his second costume.

Blast Hand

Microwave Ray

Energy Infusion (Boost)

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Sweet!  :rockon: ....What exactly is his XTreme? Do you know its name?

from the mod itself
"Holocaust unleashes a wave of radial energy, laying waste to those around him and using the released energy to restore allies'"
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I'm looking forward to adding Holocaust to my hero inventory. Does the game crash when you install him?

And what is the NAME of the XTreme.

No crashing. His Xtreme is called "Cull the Masses." I've also made huds for him now and am trying to get his icons to show up in game. I'll upload that stuff tonight.

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I like Holocaust special alot. But I do have one problem however. His grapple on strong attacks gets stuck. He seems to slam the enemies head into the ground and just holds it there. I thought it might be normal at first but he gets stuck there after the enemy is killed. Any fixes for this.

Edit: It does not get stuck all the time but when it does you cannot do anything to get out of it except get teleported when your team leaves you behind. Anyone know any fixes on this?

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Hey Cates, just wanted to say thanks for a very cool Horsemen Mod.  You make him much more a formidable character unlike in XML2 where I thought he was ridiculously toned down and unimportant compared to his comic counter part.  (oh and I barely noticed the shriking arm thing at all)

On a side note I was wondering who you reskinned with Iammingy's AoA sunspot Mod.  I've been using it on Cannonball right now and I'm finding that it matches up extremely well with Roberto's powers.  Like when he just hovers you just feel like energy is pouring out of him.  It doesn't have a flamethrower/toss move but other than that I think it fits very well especially old school Sunspot who only had Superstrength.

Edit:  I'm also noticing that Silver Surfer has a good set of animations and particle effects that could be used for a good Sunspot Mod.  Absorbing Cosmic Rays to absorbing solar engery isn't too big a stretch.

I think that's Human Torch. I remember Cates told me that he wanted to build a mod based on Human Torch's anims and effects (BLACK flames!!!).

Link does not work. Maud is not over. This mod has for XML?

Does anyone have the mod holocaust to post for us?

link does not work?  :humant: Does anyone have the Abyss? :abyss:

Abyss is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/njjmoezdtdd/abyss.zip

The Holocaust one is the only one i think is really lost as i tried to save copies of all the mods to a thumb drive a while back and i couldn't find the Holocaust one.

But just a reminder all of these are also still stage 1 mods, but i saved the links just in case as after all one day someone might want to complete them.
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