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Started by MelloMods, March 27, 2012, 11:37AM

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Photobucket just ended free 3rd party hosting for images now, so I'll have to migrate all my images to a another image-hosting site (probably imgur or something). Sorry for the inconvenience!
UPDATE: Still haven't gotten around to migrating all my images, but I found a fix available for Chrome and Firefox. It's called Photobucket Hotlink Fix and it will allow you to see the images that were intended rather than looking at a bunch of ugly photos while holding my photos for a $400 ransom!



For a FULL list of details and screenshots, you can visit my Mannequin Release Page.
  • Next Thanos update will include new models, sounds, bug fixes and some clean up in herostat, powerstyle and talent files.
  • To view my progress on all current projects in the works, you can visit my WORKBENCH.

    For video previews of all of my mods click <a href="">HERE</a> to view my youtube channel.

    The Mad Titan
    Mod By: Harpua1982

    • 10102.igb - Original
    • 10103.igb - Annihilation
    • 10104.igb - Classic
    • 10105.igb - Earth X

    • Concussive Blast: A powerful cosmic beam from Thanos' fists.
    • Psionic Blast: Using cosmic energy, Thanos' releases a powerful psionic burst, causing damage.
    • Titanian Quake: Thanos pounds the ground with his fists, damaging enemies in an increasing radius.
    • Telekinetic Grab: Use Thanos' telekinetic ability to grab objects and enemies and throw them.
    • Disruptor Beam: Thanos unleashes a powerful matter-disrupting energy blast from his eyes.
    • Teleport:  Ability to teleport within a given range.  If an ally is directly infront of you, they will teleport with you.  Damages enemies at the destination following the end of the teleport. (boost)
    • Time Dilation: Slow down time except for Thanos and his allies. (boost)
    • Infinity Gauntlet: A massive explosion that damages all enemies in the vicinity. (Xtreme)

    Preview Video
    click on image to view video

    Now available: MUALover's, "Infinity Gems Booster", which include an alternate powerset, effects and new icons, all based on the Infinity Gaunlet.

    I've updated my version of X-Voice so the callout and the menu break sounds work for me, but I haven't uploaded it. Check,4589.0.html for x_voice updates.

    Known Bugs
    • Grabsmash is a little weird.  Any help w/ this would be much appreciated.
    • effect seems to stay on during Thanos' telekinetic grab for some reason.  You should be able to get rid of it by executing the power again.
    • please report anymore bugs here.

    • Marvelmods and it's users - Although I haven't spoke w/ many of the users here, I'd like to thank users like Blaw, Midnightpheonix, iammingy, noelemahc, jeanfan321, thetommyboy2002 and many others (sorry if I missed any) for posting very well thought out tutorials throughout this website and has made it easier for newcomers, like me, to come into this w/out any knowledge prior and actually be able to produce a mod for this game.  You guys helped more than you could know.
    • Testers - thanks fox456, Sub-Mariner, Polygone, aventureiromax for testing the mod and giving me some tips and suggestions.
    • Contributors - Blaw (I believe) for some of Penance's effects for Thanos' xtreme.  Fox456 for his "rips" w/ 3dRipper for mannequin.  DeeDooo and Sub-Mariner for all the help  w/ offsets, skeletons and effects codes I've needed along the way.

    Additional Skins by other users:
    I've noticed some other very nice skins for Thanos here on the site.  Here's a couple:
    • Iammingy's Skins:Not only is there a Thanos skin in there, but there are many other skins, as well as boltons and other useful things.
    • Aventueriromax's skins: Two Thanos skins and a couple Darksied skins as well.
    • 423 Additional Alternate Skins: Fox456 put this huge collection of skins together.  If you scroll down (a while) you'll find Marquis' skins for Thanos Annihilation and Thanosied.

      As w/ most other mods here, a new game is required.  And don't forget to back-up all files!


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WHAT!?  That was quicker than expected!  I thought you were going to release Thanos later this week.

Congratulations on completing your first mod.  I already know that it is AWESOME!  And to think, it's that good and it's just your first effort at modding.
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Wow awesome, and congrats! I can't wait to give him a run! And thanks for the thanks :) It means alot!

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Glad to see you have completed Thanos, i'll have to try him out soon
I'm a writer with big goals and ambitions
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Thanks for sharing a good job  :thumbsup:
Marvel Skins Here

DC Skins And Others Here

Congratulations on your mod and a really clear first post. Some powers look really unique and feel unique as far as I can tell.


Awesome mod man, and the skins holy sh*t, I didn't even thought they were possible.

seen avengers yesterday, downloading this today!

Version: 1.0
Mod By: Harpua1982

  • 10202.igb - Christoph Nord
  • 10203.igb - Chris Bradley
  • 10204.igb - Weapon X
  • 10205.igb - Agent Zero
  • 10206.igb - Vibranium Armor

  • Plasma Blaster:Channels absorbed kinetic energy through his hands and is able to release a plasma blast of focused, concussive-corrosive energy that will explode dealing damage to all enemies caught in the radius.
  • M4 Carbide: Pull out a Fully Automatic M4 Carbide Gun and fire as long as button is held. Allows movement and strafing.
  • Sniper: Use high-powered rifle with adamantium bullets to shoot a single enemy.  Fires on release. 25% chance for instant knockout, if victim is stunned, chance increases to 50%.
  • Acidic Secretion: Shoots forth a gaseous mixture of acid and poison that damages enemies over time.
  • Chris Bradley Alt effects: Instead of making a 5th power, Chris Bradley has electric effects for Plasma Blaster and Acidic Secretion powers. (See screenshot above)
  • Absorption:  Absorbs a percentage of Energy Damage as Health Gain and boosts Physical Resistance (boost)
  • Vibranium Stealth: Maverick uses his Vibranium armor to heal and become undetectable for a short period of time. (boost)
  • Kinetic Chaos: Releases a large arc of kinetic energy that will damage all enemies on the screen and stun them.  If the enemy is already stunned, then the arc will critically hit for 50% of their life. (Xtreme)

Preview Video
click on image to view video

  • Unable to hex edit Vibranium Armor Skin (10206.igb) for Arcade Androids.  Base model, Crimson Dynamo shows up.
  • M4 power's sounds (machine gun) seem to stop after a few seconds.
  • Had a sound for when Christoph Nord (10202.igb) switches to the Vibranium Armor skin while in block, but the sound would repeat every time he was hit, so I removed it.  If I figure this out it will be in the next update.
  • If anyone knows any solutions to these problems or finds any more bugs please post here

  • Marvelmods and it's users - Thanks to DeeDooo, Iamminy, Blaw, Nowhere Man  and more for tips and suggestions.
  • Testers - thanks fox456 for testing the mod.
  • Contributors Iammingy (boltons). Acidic Secretion was part of idrinkdrpepper's Mysterio mod w/ slightly adjusted effects.  Fox456 for rips to use for mannequin.

The Official Characters Mod is required for this mod.  If you don't have this, then PM me and I'll be sure to send you the missing files.
Menu callout and menu goodbye will be included in the next X-Voice update.
hudhead_10202.igb will be replaced, but I think it's a leftover from XML2.  You should be sure to back-up any files before installing this mod.

As w/ most other mods here, a new game is required.


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He looks really awesome! I'm gonna have to try him out :D

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I know what i'm doing this weekend now for sure.
I'm a writer with big goals and ambitions
Influences: Classic Literature, Horror Movies and Hanna Barbera Cartoons and wouldn't have it any other way

Wow, totally forgot about Maverick. Nice job :D And definetly nice addition to the "Wolverine" stories. lol.

I'm looking forward to trying out the final version.  By the way, you sure do showcase your mods well with all the details you post.  Thanks!
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