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Started by BLaw, April 26, 2012, 04:47AM

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:capbrit: Captain Britain :capbrit:

Here's my version of a Captain Britain skin, based on THIS IMAGE.

You can get it of the first post under 690x - Captain Britain.

Preview below.

:wolverine: Daken - Modern :wolverine:

Made this Daken skin and I'm not sure if it's claw-wise compatible with my Daken mod.
When I get home I'll make it compatible though.

Get it from the first post under 2360x - Daken. Preview below.

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:daredevil: Daredevil :daredevil:

This post is reserved for everything Daredevil related.

Now you can kick ass with Kick-Ass! That's right, I made the skin, you can use it!

It goes along great with the Daredevil character, but someone has to make baton boltons for this skin as Daredevil hasn't been used to create this fantastic new product.

But wait! There's more!

If you grab it now, you'll get a FREE second skin!
That's right, not only do you get the Kick-Ass skin, but also the Kick-Ass TRON version. FOR FREE!

So get it now, and get TWO for the price of ONE!
Shipping costs are not applied and this can only be grabbed online.

Find it under 020x - Daredevil. It's XML2 Compatible.

Awesome skins!

I lol'd with the commerical style of your release. I'm definetely buying.

Love the new skins! I agree too, I like the commerical style too lol!

MY SKINS                                                                                               MY MODS

Reuploaded Ultimate Green Goblin and added to the MODS section, editted the first post for a better layout.

Cyclops looks really nice!
edit: love Daken and captain britain!

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1. Unique powerset with iconic trademark abilities
2. Custom models
3. Bonus models with more iconic batsuits
4. Handmade gadgets
5. Three fantastic loadingscreens
6. Two custom made iconsets
7. Three mannequins for you to choose
8. Skinlist and sheet for your convenience
9. Custom soundset with Kevin Conroy's voice.

Future Update features
- More gadgets
- More skins

Known Bugs
- Batclaw doesn't grab the enemy at the chest.
- When interrupted during the Batclaw ability the Batclaw gun doesn't disappear. This is "fixed" for now by just using the power again.

Credits for this Mod:
Support by people at
Deedooo for the iconsets. Perfectly made.
Hyperman360 for the TRON skin and 2 loadingscreens.
o0Crofty0o for the Arkham Asylum Batman model.
RaZKurdt for the AC Suitpod, AC Bruce Wayne and
Batman DCUO model.
The creators of Arkham Asylum/City for inspiration.
Detective Comics for Batman, ofcourse ^_^.
Everyone else I forgot.
You for downloading this. And I hope you enjoy it!

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Quote from: Hyperman360 on September 08, 2012, 04:39PM
Yes! Finally the Dynamic Duo can join the Marvel Heroes!
Only bad thing will be that the boss fights will be too easy when playing as Batman lol.

Yay you finally released Batman! I can't wait to test him out!

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