sbarth13 mod releases (9-13-14; quasar, gamora, magik)

Started by sbarth13, May 28, 2012, 09:13PM

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General thanks and credits to everyone who contributed to Tutorials, worked on the Official Character packs, converting XML2 and Wii assets, and everyone who gave advice/feedback. Norrin Radd for his skinner programs. If it weren't for you guys, i wouldn't be modding. i should also mention that some new power names and effects were inspired/taken from the Marvel Avengers Alliance game, so credit to those guys.

Mod List (scroll down through the forum to get them) all are new versions with revisions
Captain Britain
Beta Ray Bill
Vance Astro
Union Jack
ares [new - 4/6/14]
ronan [new - 4/6/14]
quasar [new - 9/14]
gamora [new - 9/14] - *i found an error on the herostat; the very first line looks like this: "stats{". there should be a space between "stat" and the "{". it won't work unless you change this.
magik [new - 9/14]

Mods update pack:

Firestar (4-8-13):

Microwave Stream - shoots a beam of microwave energy, deals energy damage and sets targets on fire
Atomic Charge[/b - press n hold; throws a radiated projectile that explodes on contact; deals fire damage
Burning Mark - beam of energy that splits to hit multiple targets; deals energy damage and bypasses enemy defense
Cluster Fire - radial; burst of microwave energy, deals energy damage and knockback
Microwave burst - radial; microwave burst rip down from the sky; deals energy damage with secondary fire damage
Thermal Conduction - boost; increases damage and critical hit chance
Thermal Aura - boost; creates a large dome of energy around firestar that deals energy damage to enemies who contact it; also adds radiation damage to her melee attacks
Microwave Nova - xtreme; deals fire and radiation damage in large radius
passives - flight; energy resist, radiation resist

Credits: UltimateVeNoM - all skins and the mannequin
            Marvel Watcher - i drew some inspiration from his xml2 mod of shaman

Mystic Bolts - ranged attack; fires magical bolts at enemies rapidly; deals energy damage
Illusionary Foes - uses illusions to fool enemies into attacking each other for a time; deals small amount of mental damage in a radius
Blizzard - uses weather powers to summon blizzard, dealing cold damage
Lightning Storm - summons bolts of lightning from sky to deal electricity damage to multiple enemies
Spirit Communion - summons a spirit that follows him around and attacks enemies; deals mental damage
Infusion of the Spirits - fortifies himself using a spiritual connection; raises all resistances
Natural Medicine - heals all allies within range for a time
Power of the Great Key - opens a portal to another dimension; deals energy damage to enemies and uses it to restore the health of allies
Passives - mental resistance; mind control resistance; teleport (double jump)

Get it here:

Captain Britain
Credits: original mod, huds, icons, classic/original skins, mannequin - the boy sanga
          modern/new excalibur skins - M_L

British Knuckle - melee attack that deals physical and energy damage
Britannic - melee arc attack that deals physical damage and trips
Right is Might - grabs target and slams him into ground (nick fury's Furious power)
Save the Queen - flies forward in path, dealing physical damage, increased crit chance
Otherworld Slam - radial energy attack
Roar of Valor - increases damage and strength; absorbs some damage as HP
Lion of Avalon - team boost; raises all traits and absorbs some damage
Excalibur Slam - 1 attack against each target, increases damage of xtreme attacks
Passives - Flight; Might

get it here:

Wonderman v.2
Credits: mannequin, modern/leisure suit/original skins - UltimateVeNom
             ionic skin - BLaw

Ion Strike - melee attack that deals energy damage and decreases enemy damage
Ion Beam - ranged energy beam attack
Ion Dispersal - disperses his body and reforms elsewhere, dealing a physical melee attack
Ion Blast - radial energy damage; slows enemies
Wonder Strike - chargeable; flies forward in path, dealing physical damage
Absorption - absorbs incoming damage; boosts strike, body, and focus
Ion Transfer - team boost; adds energy damage to melee attacks
Hollywood - large radial energy blast; nullifies enemy powers for a time
Passives - Flight; Might; Healing Factor; energy regen; resurrection

get it here

Credits: mannequin - Blaw

Water Beam - projectile; shoots blast of water that deals cold damage
Bones of the Earth - blast; rock columns burst out of the ground; deals physical damage; causes popup
Funnels - blast; summons four small wind funnels; deals wind damage, swirls enemies around
Flamethrower - projectile; press and hold; shoots a continuous blast of fire
Earthcage - radial; trap; encases enemies in stone for a short time
Whirlwind Armor - boost; [storms power]; summons wind to protect against projectiles and deals wind damage to enemies
Fists of Flame - boost; adds fire damage to melee attacks for team
Water Barrier - boost; reduces damage taken for entire team
Elemental Overload - xtreme; deals 4 elements of damage in wide radius
Passives - flight

get it here:

Credits: Blaw - mannequin

Weakening Strike - melee; deals physical damage and reduces enemy damage output
Circle Kick - radial; deals physical damage in a radius; stunned enemies take double damage
Precision Strike - melee; chargeable melee strike; stuns enemy if fully charged
Pulverizing Kick - melee; deals crushing damage and causes bleed damage for a short time
Flying Kick - Projectile; leaps forward delivering an unblockable kick; has a chance to cause instant KO
Balanced Form - boost; increases all stats and attack speed for a time
Find the Weak Spot - team boost; finds weakness in enemy defenses, increasing team critical hit chance
Balancing Chi - xtreme; uses mediation techniques to restore team HP and EP; then deals mental damage in a radius

passives - acrobatics; critical strike, dodge ranged, dodge melee

get it here:

Vance Astro
Credits - mannequin by Harpua1982

Kinetic Toss - projectile; same as captain america shield toss
Concussion Blast - blast; uses telekinesis in a small radial burst; chargeable; same as invisible woman blast
Shield Bash - melee; chargeable melee slam that causes popup; same as captain america
Kinetic Surge - chargeable radial; blasts area with kinetic energy; nearby enemies take damage during charge
Shield Shock - charge melee attack; charges forward, bashing enemies with shield, causing stun and knockback
Telekinetic Fury - boost; wraps himself in telekinesis, increasing melee damage and adding knockback to melee attacks
Telekinetic Barrier - team boost; shields self and allies with telekinesis that reflects damage
Avenger's Shield - xtreme; same as captain america

passives - critical strike, dodge ranged

get it here -

        Credits: mannequin by Harpua1982

Thermal Blast - blast; hits enemies with thermal heat, wind damage. enemies ignite if fully charged (chargeable)
Lava Fissure - blast; causes lava to erupt, dealing fire damage. 100% crit vs airborne enemies
Lava Sled - charge; slides on lava, dealing fire damage in a path
Thermal Venting - radial; releases thermal heat around self, damaging and causing KB
Thermal Charges - projectile; throws multiple thermal charges in an arc, that pierce enemies and bounce around
Energy Reroute - team boost; grants chance to ignite enemies with melee attacks and decreases damage taken
Adaptive Battlesuit - boost; converts damage taken to EP; adds fire damage to melee attacks
Geothermal Explosion - causes a volcano to explode, dealing massive radial fire damage
passives: flight, immune fire

get it here:

Ronan the Accuser
         Needs: mannequin

Accuser's Strike - melee; chargeable; hammer strike, deals crushing damage, chance to instant kill target
Molecular Slam - radial; unleashes energy from universal weapon, immobilizes enemies for a time, deals energy damage
Transmutation Blast - beam; fires a beam of raw energy, pierces targets
Explosive Swipe - melee; hammer strike that deals crushing damage and charges enemy, which then explodes to deal radial damage, also causes knockback
Death Trap - special; surrounds enemies with an entropy field which causes them to damage themselves whenever they deal damage, also deals radial energy damage
Matter Deconstruction - boost; adds energy damage to melee attacks and melee attacks slow enemies
Absorption - team boost; absorbs a percentage of damage dealt as HP for ronan, and boosts physical resistance
Universal Weapon - xtreme; uses universal weapon to call down energy on foes, deals extra damage against stunned, slowed, or frozen foes, also restores ally hp and ep

passives - flight, might, critical, energy absorb

get it here:

needs - mannequin

Quantum Blast - energy projectiles that pierce targets; energy damage and slow effect
Photon Burst - spawns energy balls that circle and damage targets (copied from ms marvel)
Quantum Burst - radial; creates a burst of quantum energy; energy damage and stuns targets; also causes knockback
Quantum Sword - melee; forms an energy sword and swings in an arc; high crit chance
Quantum Surge - projectile; creates energy balls that damage and bounce around
Quantum Shield - boost; creates an energy shield that protects, deflects projectiles, and damages nearby enemies
Quantum Bands - debuff; imprisons enemies in energy bands for a short time
Cosmic Blast - extreme; large radial blast of energy

passives - might, flight, absorb

get it here:

Credits: mannequin - BLaw

Electron Blast - chargeable; small arc of energy damage
The Master Blow - chargeable; double melee punch to target, then spins around and pops target up
Whisper - radial mental damage attack; stuns for a short time
Destructive Voice - press/hold; arc of mental damage
Sonic Disintegration - chargeable; releases a beam of energy; bypasses enemy defenses
Inhuman Boost - increases attack speed and damage
Electron Field - team boost; chance to deflect projectiles; minor speed boost
Inhuman Scream - mental and energy damage radial blast
Passives - Might; Leadership; Flight

get it here:


Credits: mannequin - BLaw

Local Tremor - stomps foot, sending out small arc that deals physical damage and causes knockback
Stomp - jumps into air and lands, dealing radial physical damage; pops up enemies
Shockwave - stomps ground; small radial blast followed by shockwave that pops up enemies in a path
Thundering Kick - leaps forward with melee kick, dealing physical damage and stuns enemy
Stampede - press/hold; charging melee attack, deals physical damage, high crit chance
War Cry - increases max health and striking
Battle Tactics - team boost; increases melee damage and combo finisher damage
War Stomp - deals leaping attack against each enemy; increases team xtreme damage
Passives - Might

get it here:

Credits: Mannequin - UltimateVeNoM

Electromagnetic Blast - shoots a line of electricity damage
Graviton Beam - press/hold; levitates enemy, deals damage
Plasma Blast - chargeable; deals radial fire damage; also deals damage to enemies that approach while charging; some knockback
Concussive Blast - small radial physical damage, followed by shockwave that deals physical damage and pops enemies up in a path
Flare - deals mental damage to nearby enemies; stuns for short time; decreases enemy damage for a time
Forcefield - deflects projectiles and reflects damage back
Absorption - team boost; absorbs some damage, and decreases energy spending cost
Disruption Field - radial electricity damage; briefly electrifies enemies, increases team xtreme damage
Passives - Flight; Might; Leadership

get it here:


Credits: original mod inspiration by Boreman
             skins by Odinson12

Bright Brawler - radial; melee attack with high chance of crit; also causes trip
Flash Vision - beam; shoots energy beams from eyes
Energy Discharge - radial; releases a radial explosion of energy; causes knockback
Uppercut - melee; chargeable attack that deals physical damage and popup
Blazing Strike - melee; rapid tap; multiple melee attacks at high speed
Power of a Thousand Suns - boost; increases speed and melee damage
Energy Fury - team boost; adds energy damage to melee attacks for team
Exploding Sun - extreme; unleashes huge blast of energy
Passives - flight; might; resist energy; healing factor

get it here:

        Credits: mannequin by Harpua1982

Soulfire - beam; focuses soulfire through his trident, dealing crushing damage
Netharanium Trident - radial; slams his trident into the ground dealing physical damage in a radius
Falteen Flame - radial; (as dr strange) rapid tap, deals fire in a radius, regains some damage as health
Sinktari Attack Spell - blast; chargeable attack; deals fire damage and causes enemy to catch fire
Gorgerell Transportation - special; teleports away; nearby enemies take fire damage
Son of Satan - boost; turns part of his body on fire, dealing fire damage with melee attacks, and a chance to set enemies on fire
Corbeve's Defense Spell - team boost; party members convert inflicted damage to hellstrom as HP; allies also get bonus to defense and strike
Mystic Maelstrom - xtreme; steals life from enemies and distributes it to team members

passives - mental resistance

get it here:

credits: Harpua1982 - mannequin
             Outsider - coding help

Imperial Slam - chargeable melee; deals physical damage with a popup attack
Heat Vision - shoots a beam of heat from eyes, dealing fire damage
Earthquake - chargeable melee; radial attack; knocks opponents down; deals double damage to targets on ground
Optic Stream - press n hold; continuous blast of heat vision
Fusion Beam - beam attack that splits to hit multiple targets; deals radiation damage
Psionic Boost - boost; raises max HP and increases melee damage dealt
Imperial Intimidation - debuff; intimidates enemies, increasing the damage they take and decreasing the damage they deal
Imperial Slam - xtreme; deals radial physical damage and chance to slow enemies

passives - might; flight

get it here:

        Credits: mannequin by Blaw

Pummel - projectile; thrusts hair forward, dealing physical damage and causing KB
Hair Devastation - radial; tendril of hair whips around, causing damage and popup in radius
Hair of Retribution - special; uses hair to lift and hold target
Hair Flail - special; hits multiple enemies with hair (rapid tap)
Hair Toss - projectile; uses hair to grab enemy and launch them across the sky
Queen's Focus - boost; increases hair damage and energy regen rate
Royal Command - team boost; increases skill ranks for team for a time
Queen of the Inhumans - xtreme; blackbolt aids his queen by blasting all enemies on screen with energy

get it here:

needs: mannequin

Acrobatic Kick - melee; chargeable; double spin kick; stuns if fully charged
Sword Mastery - melee charge; darts forward slashing with sword; multiple hits (nightcrawlers 2nd power)
Blade Flachette - projectile; throws knives in a spread; 100% crit against flying targets
Godslayer Assault - melee; slashes in front of her, then backflips for more fun; also causes knockback
Blade Cyclone - melee; press and hold; spins around in radius, slashing with blades
Dance of Blades - boost; focuses self, boosting damage, speed, and defense
Eye of the Storm - team boost; increases team damage
Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy extreme; jumps in air, throwing freeze grenades that deal cold damage and either slow or freeze targets

Passives - might, acrobatics, healing factor, grab, critical

Get it here:

Credits: Classic skin - DeeDooo

Light Dagger - rapidly throws light daggers, dealing energy damage (tap)
Dagger Fan - throws several energy daggers in a spread. chance to slow enemies and weaken enemies
Light Overload - melee attack; charges an enemy with light that deals energy damage and then explodes for radial damage effect
Blinding Light - radial blast of light, deals mental damage and stuns enemies for a time
Dagger Fall - throws light daggers up into air that come down dealing exploding enemy damage and knocking targets back
Corona of Light - adds energy damage to melee attacks and lowers energy cost for powers
Healing Light - heals herself and nearby allies
A Million Points of Light - throws several light daggers that bounce around screen
passives - absorb

get it here:


Kinetic Toss - hurls a projectile of force (hold to steer)
Kinetic Punch - radial; uses telekinesis to pop up surrounding enemies and deals damage
Telekinesis - lifts and throws enemy
Kinetic Whirlwind - uses telekinesis to lift and toss around nearby enemies (hold for longer effect
Kinetic Pinball - surrounds himself in a ball of telekinesis and 'skates' around
Telekinetic Fury - grants increased melee damage, defense against finishers, and grants a chance to knockback enemies with melee attacks
Telekinetic Barrier team boost; reflects damage back at attackers
Psychokinetic Mayhem - sends multiple projectiles of force bouncing around screen
Passives - flight, dodge ranged

get it here:

Needs -an original mannequin

Cleaving Swipe - radial melee attack, small arc; deals physical damage with chance to instant kill stunned enemies
Boxing Blitz - charge melee attack; deals physical damage and knocks back enemies; rapid tap
Hammer Toss - radial attack; grabs and enemy and swings him around, dealing damage to nearby enemies
Backflip Crash - radial attack; jumps into air and slams ground, damaging enemies and causing massive knockback
Furious Slam - melee attack; punches enemy in gut, then slams him into ground
Tanaraq Unleashed - boost; gains size, strength, damage, and speed for a time
Brains over Brawn - team boost; reduces energy expenditure and boosts melee critical chance
Tanaraq's Rage - xtreme; deals physical damage in radius, then a separate attack to each target
Passives - might; knockback resist; healing factor; extreme might

Get it here:

Drax the Destroyer
Credits: inspiration/ideas, playtesting, sounds, skins, knife boltons, and mannequin by Harpua1982
            skin by MJFan

Knife Slash - melee; attacks with knives; added bleed damage
Glaive Strike - projectile; throws a glaive that pierces enemies and bounces off walls
Destruction - radial; leaps forward, spinning with knives
Vicious Slam - melee; punches target, then slams him into ground, dealing radial damage
Frag - projectile/radial; throws a frag mine that explodes in a radius, deals fire damage
Dwi Theet Master - boost; increases melee damage, finisher damage, and increases critical chance with weapons
Cosmic Awareness - boost; increases defense, movement speed, and energy resistance for team; reveals enemies on minimap
Drax the Destroyer - xtreme; slashes enemies in a wide radius
passives - might; healing factor; critical strike; acorbatics; super might

get it here:

Beta Ray Bill
Credits - mannequin by Harpua1982

Shattering Charge - charges forward, dealing crush dmg in an arc and electrifies enemies for a time, taking additional electricity dmg
Stormbreaker Slam - radial attack; slams hammer into ground, dealing radial physical damage and sending a shockwave of electricity in a path
Korbinite Wrath - radial hammer attack; deals damage, trips enemies, then slams the ground, popping them up
Funnels - special attack; summons 4 wind funnels that spread out, lofting up enemies and dealing wind damage over time
Chain Lightning - beam attack; shoots a continuous lightning arc from stormbreaker (hold)
Wind Shield - boost; absorbs damage and deals small amount of wind damage to nearby enemies
Static Charge - debuff; charges nearby enemies with electricity, causing them to take more damage from attacks
Asgardian Fury - xtreme; same as thors, except it doesn't restore energy, but it deals additional wind damage

passives - might, flight, atlas strength

get it here -

Union Jack
         Credits: mannequin by Harpua1982

Trench Warfare - charge; lunges forward hitting enemy with knife, then pops them up
Service Revolver - projectile; pulls out gun and shoots enemy with 4 quick shots
Rupturing Jab - melee; slashes enemy with knife, causing damage and bleed (chargeable)
Shotgun Strafe - special; shoots enemies with shotgun; can move around while shooting (press and hold)
Grenade Toss - blast; jumps in air and throws multiple grenades, dealing fire damage and KB
Master Tactician - boost; increases chance of critical hits, and causes stun with critical hits
V for Victory - team boost; increases team melee damage
Napalm Haze - xtreme; throws grenades in air then blasts them, causing fire to rain down
passives: acrobatics, dodge melee, critical hit

get it here:

          Credits: mannequin and skins by Odinson012

Slice and Dice - melee; double weapon attack; 2nd hit has chance of instant kill on enemies with low health
Dual Shot - projectile; press n hold; pulls out 2 pistols and shoots repeatedly
Onslaught - radial melee; chargeable; spins around slashing, stuns enemies if fully charged
Crush Your Enemies - radial; jumps into air and slams ground, popping up enemies
Grenade Mayhem - projectile; rapid tap; pulls out a grenade launcher and unleashes hell, deals fire damage
Bloodletting - boost; critical hits with melee attacks reduce enemy health by 33%, also increases melee damage
Thousand Yard Stare - boost; damage inflicted by teammates returns as health for ares, allies get bonus to defense and striking
Bombardment - xtreme; pulls out pistols and lobs rounds into air, which then drop on enemies

passives: might, critical, healing factor; super might

get it here:

credits - skins by Deedoo
needs - mannequin

Stepping Disk - melee; chargeable; teleporting multi hit sword attack
Unleash Hell - radial blast; blast that deals fire, cold, radiation, and energy damage; some damage dealt converts to health for magik
Eyebite Sting - trap; summons tiny winged demons that seek out targets and deal radiation damage
Soulflare beam; shoots energy beams from her eyes
Ruler of Limbo - special; summons a demon to fight for her
Dark Magic - boost; damage dealt returns as EP for magik; melee attacks have chance to slow targets
Entropic Field - boost; creates a field around magik that slows enemies and weakens them; if enemies in area are hit by a critical hit, there is a chance of instant kill
Hellish Assault - extreme; teleports around striking targets, then unleashes a blast of energy

Passives - teleport, critical

get it here:
Admin Note: This mod is a popular choice, but it does not come with a mannequin. If you want this mod to have a mannequin, you'll need to download one separately.

great collection.  If you can rip Guardian in the pose you want w/ 3dRipper and send the files to me, I can make a mannequin for you.

Keep up the good work!

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That effect is a mua2 effect. No need to credit me for that. Anyway all look sweet!


What the heck!?  How cool!!  This was sure a surprise post.  I didn't even know you were working on Gorgon.  Plus, you updated Black Bolt.  I like both of these guys.  Thanks for making the mods.  I look forward to trying out the others as well.
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Quote from: Harpua1982 on May 29, 2012, 03:16AM
great collection.  If you can rip Guardian in the pose you want w/ 3dRipper and send the files to me, I can make a mannequin for you.

Keep up the good work!

thanks. UltimateVeNoM just did one for me. but i'll keep you in mind for the future. i'm trying right now to get 3d ripper and 3ds max to work on my PC, but so far no luck. they may be incompatible.

Quote from: BLaw on May 29, 2012, 04:04AM
That effect is a mua2 effect. No need to credit me for that. Anyway all look sweet!

oh. didn't know that. i got it from one of your mods, so i thought that was your work. thanks anyways for everything.

wow these look awesome, especially Guardian.  Great organization, love that.
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Wow this was awesome to see when checking this site, i'll be sure to check it out
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shaman is released. had to settle on a couple powers. might get back to him in the future, but overall i am about 90% happy with it. one step closer to alpha flight.

Nice! Downloaded them all! ^.^

Quotehere's probably the least requested mod ever,

One of the reasons why I look forward to your releases is b/c you choose to make mods of some of the lesser known characters of the MU.  I'll for sure be grabbing Shaman, as well as any other future Alpha Flight members.


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I 2nd what Harpua said. Always nice to see different marvel characters getting into the game.