The Lionsden (Colossus & Magma Skinpacks, Sunspot MOD, NEW YEAR = NEW MUTANTS!!)

Started by Lionsden99, January 08, 2013, 10:26PM

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Sunspot Conversion Mod:,8608.msg164811.html#msg164811
Exiles Pack:,8608.msg162398.html#msg162398
Magma Pack:,8608.msg158755.html#msg158755
Colossus pack:,8608.msg157868.html#msg157868
Wolfsbane pack:,8608.msg158011.html#msg158011
Fear Itself Pack (Juggernaut, Hulk, Thing),8608.msg159552.html#msg159552
Achangel Metal Wing variant pack:,8608.msg161486.html#msg161486
Thunderbird & X-Force Warpath Brothers pact:,8608.msg162234.html#msg162234

Ironman Modular Armor:,8608.msg157935.html#msg157935
Acolyte Colossus:,8608.msg158364.html#msg158364
Bucket Head Thing:,8608.msg158680.html#msg158680
Ironman Doom:,8608.msg158680.html#msg158680
Santa Doom:,8608.msg158943.html#msg158943
Kitty Pryde Fashion Disaster:,8608.msg159935.html#msg159935
X3 Angel:,8608.msg159935.html#msg159935
Ultimate Angel:,8608.msg159935.html#msg159935
Mark X Mega Armor:,8608.msg160256.html#msg160256
Xavier Savage Land attire:,8608.msg160967.html#msg160967
Magneto First class ending:,8608.msg160967.html#msg160967
Silver Samurai:,8608.msg161486.html#msg161486

Next Project! Magik Conversion!

Well I've loved the Character Colossus since I was 5 so it only makes sense that I would start my Skin and Mod releases with a Colossus Skin Pack.  The Pack includes an original Blue Variant to Colossus 's Original outfit, which is how I came to first know and love the character and is still my preferred look

The Pryde of the X-Men White Variatnt from 1989 also an early memory for lol

And 2 Lineless versions of the the Silver and Blue Classic Costume Variants.  The lineless skins only work when advanced lighting is off, if turned on the lines will still reflect I"m guessing as part of the model even thought they are were removed from the skin. I really do like the armor plated lines a lot more than the smooth look made famous from Ultimate Colossus but I saw a  request for it a while back and they were pretty easy to make as half the work was already done from the previous skins.

Download Them Here!:

Coming soon! Magma 5 Skin Pack, Sunspot noboutjr.s Conversion, Converted XML2 Wolfsbane and Moonstar Skin Packs, Plenty More New Mutants and Exiles!

Huge Shout out for the Many Great Tutorials here and Adventureiromax's really insightful video tutorials he recently made and uploaded to youtube!

oooh wolfsbane skins, can't wait >;)

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Nice job on your first set of skins!  It's cool that you're starting off with one of your favorites, Colossus.  Thanks for posting them.
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I love all the new awesome Colossus skins!

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Ah, well I guess that would explain it! Thanks and thanks everyone for the kind words.  Here's a little project that took me a little longer than I had anticipated lol (Damn you uncooperative belt buckle!) Since I'm already riding the 90's nostalgia train of my youth...Here's my try at adapting the 90's Iron Man Modular armor.  Saw the cartoon that made this prominent as well and while season 1 was pretty rubbish a lot of the time, season 2 really kicked some arse and made me appreciate the layered depths of Iron Man and Rhodey and felt less like it was trying to sell me 100 different Iron Man action figures!  Without further adu...

Download Here

Awesome Iron Man skin :)

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Ok next up we have the Wolfsbane Skin pack! These skins are from nodoubtjr's Wolfsbane wonderful mod from XML2 and that Credit 100% goes to

Graduation, Last New Mutant, Original X-Factor, New X-Factor, AOA, Turqoise and White, and  Turqoise and White partially morphed skins

And Deedooo
Werewolf form, New Mutants, and X-Force skins.

All I've done here is convert the skins to an MUA format and colored in a sash or 2 that couldn't be in Hidden in XML2.  It also means that Rahne will be rocking a ponytail look on any skins based of of Kitty Pryde. These ponytails could be hidden in XML2 and really looked like her hair there but alas since that isn't the case for MUA I just try to imagine she just grew it out lol.

Download Here:

The Wolfsbane Mod created by NodoubtJr and converted admirably by Dihan is by far a Gem of a Mod though unfortunately the MUA version has a glitch where the game crashes everytime Rahne picks up a piece of equipment making fighting fighting boss battles with her all but impossible. If I get the chance or knowhow I'd love to try and fix that sometime!

Thank you so much for this :) Even and x force 'tume!! Now all we need is someone to fix up that wolfsbane mod and we're all set *looks around*

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That Wolfsbane pack is great.

And i'm also glad i'm not the only one who has that game crash glitch when it spawns gear after a boss fight. I thought i was going crazy for a while when that first happened lol.
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Awesome Wolfsbane conversions! You do such amazing work :)

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New Colossus skin...couldn't stay away from the big lug lol.  My take on his Acolyte costume from the 90's using his MUA skin/blue steel that I already mentioned how found of I was :)

Download here

Enjoy!  Magma pack should be next now that I got Piotr out of my system for a while...though I do want to give his 80's all red costumes a try at some point haha.