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Title: Official Character Pack 2.3 Released!
Post by: ak2yny on March 16, 2021, 07:26am


Logo by Teancum

This is a huge overhaul to the Official Characters Pack for MUA PC 2006 English version that adds many new features


The base roster is still the 23 main characters + Hulk, Captain Marvel, Moon Knight, and Hawkeye. You can swap in the others using XMLBCUI or OpenHeroSelect

Please read all information provided before reporting anything. (Planned updates and bug-list) (

Download Here! (
Preview Video (
Sound compatibility pack for boosters (
Only needed for following boosters: Nightcrawler, Silver Surfer, Cyclops, Dr. Doom, Magneto, Hulk, (maybe Hawkeye, Black Widow). More information in the Readme.

Optional Files
Optional files folder ( of OCP 2.3 - Includes full herostat & simulator, backups, 5th and 6th skins, speed mods and much more
Translation helper ( for the OCP - Includes instructions how to add support for localized MUA and how to make your own translation


Official Character Pack 2.3
Official Character Pack 1.3 (remaining)