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Title: New Announcer Callouts
Post by: Enigma on December 05, 2021, 12:38pm
New Announcer Callouts v2.0:
By Enigma

While some of this stuff is in the X2 Wolverine's Revenge and X-Men Next Dimension assets I posted, I figured separating them out and posted some additional edits I attempted, might be useful.
You can be add these to your x_voice file if you want, but if you don't know how to do that, don't worry about it.

I have separated them by which I edited, to both a minor degree and a major degree, as well as ones that are new and ones that we already have (these are different versions of those if you get tired of Patrick Stewart saying "Wolverine" in the same way.)
The major edits aren't perfect, and some of them sound kind of awkward, but they are the best I could do. If you can improve them, by all means. Also included are some alternate versions, as I wasn't sure which sounded best.

The random words folder are some words that might prove useful in making more of these. For example, there's a clip of him saying "Shadow." If a new, more clear of him saying "King" could be found, we'd have a new Shadow King callout. The words "man" and "woman" are there and could also be helpful.


The most significant new ones (by Patrick Stewart) are:
Captain America
The Incredible Hulk
Marvel Girl
Omega Red
The Unstoppable Juggernaut

And ones I edited to make new ones:
Power Man
The Unstoppable Colossus

I also included Banshee in his own voice.
Title: Re: New Announcer Callouts
Post by: Enigma on December 12, 2021, 10:06pm
Updated to v2.0.
Added new Shadow King callout taken from XML1 Xavier NPC dialogue.
added an alternate, more imposing sound Shadow King using another XML1 Xavier NPC dialogue clip with a minor edit to the end of it I had to make when editing it. It sounds pretty seamless, I think.