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Title: Enigma's The Flash Booster
Post by: Enigma on February 05, 2022, 02:25pm
The Flash Booster v1.0

This is a booster for hemlot's Flash Mod. It contains the following:

*A greatly expanded version of hemlot's Wally West voicepack, with more than triple the lines and grunts. Originally, it featured some voices of Michael Rosenbaum as The Flash from Infinite Crisis. I have significantly expanded this, with hemlot's permission, with many more lines and grunts from Infinite Crisis, as well as adding many voice lines and grunts of the same actor as The Flash from Lego DC Super Villains.
-I added a callout for his 2nd Xtreme, Speed Force

Other Changes:
*I changed the name of his Flashpoint xtreme power to In A Flash, because there was a suitable callout for it.
*I fixed a few typos in the power descriptions.
*Changed all instances of "Flash" to "The Flash."
*I changed the number of his 2nd loading screen, the Jay Garrick one, from 25204 to 25203, because he doesn't have 02 and 03 and it could be a bit confusing for someone installing the mod.

hemlot: The Flash mod, allowing me to modify things
UltraMegaMagnus: Infinite Crisis sounds