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July 06, 2019, 04:17AM Last Edit: July 06, 2019, 06:04AM by nikita488
I found a DLL file in XMen2 game directory that was called libIGOptExtensionRaven.dll. After decompiling it i found some interesting Optimizer plugins that was used by Raven when they developed XMen2 game. There also a plugin called igCollideHullRaven that was actually used to generate collision hull for models. So i decided to write simple console program that will generate and output collision model for model exported with Alchemy 2.5.

ravenOptimizer.exe <fileIn.igb> <fileOut.igb>

You can edit export settings in registry.ini file.
By default it will generate collision for models than has Collidable flag checked.
You can apply Alchemy Object Modifier to your original model and uncheck Collidable. So it will not generate collision for your original model, just for your custom collision model. Also to delete your custom collision model from IGB file you will need Finalizer and this DLL file. Place it to your Alchemy5Folder/plugins/optimizations and Insight folders.

How it work:
So you need to create a collision model in 3ds Max 5 and then export it as IGB file. Then open console in folder where you unpacked ravenOptimizer and type:
ravenOptimizer.exe path/exportedFile.igb path/collisionFile.igb


WOW! Very cool! Looks like maps are now possible after all.

I need to dig through the 5.0 Finalizer. I'm wondering if you can manually remove some of the ig* extensions from an igb. I'm still hoping I can get player models working in XML2

Hello nikita488!
I'm trying to open the ravenOptimizer application file, but it opens and as in a flash it closes.
Am I doing something wrong?

It's a command line app I think. You can use Windows' run command (WIN key + R) to run it like the above, or use the cmd prompt to do it

I open the prompt using the cmd command.
The window opens.
I write the command line exactly as it is here, but the following message appears:
"... is not recognized as an internal or external command, a program operable or a batch file."

Are you in the same folder in the command line window as the exe?

No. But now I've corrected that. The prompt opens in the same folder that ravenOptimizer is in. A new message appears:
"usage: ravenOptimizer.exe fileIn.igb fileOut.igb".
Unfortunately, when I test the model it remains intangible.

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Make sure the model is 2 at least blocks size in height to works correctly, anything below cannot be lifted or punched via standing punch, for projectile models though or any models that does not need to be lifted, you probably can put any size.
According to nikita488 "Maybe it compares actor bounding box and bbox of collision object
So something like if collisionObject bbox height < 0.5 then do nothing

Also make sure to run command as admin or place nikita488 folder and your .igb to a folder not protected by Windows UAC.
Also nikita488 folder might work only in 64 bits system, don't use it via Windows XP 32 bits. Prefer to put nikita488 folder and your igb in a 64 bits systems.
Small video tutorial :

If you want to do a quick test in first level :
replace barrel_01_heli_b.igb
from models\heli_carrier

We can probably now thx to nikita488 make collidable projectile and bolton.

This tool is wonderful!
I thank you very much for creating this feature for us meshers, Nikita488. You are a true genius for this forum. And I thank the other modders for helping me to handle the program, especially thank you for your video tutorial UlraMegaMagnus!
This tool opens a gigantic range of possibilities for creating objects in the game.
This is all very good!