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Author Topic: UltraMegaMagnus's stuff FOR MUA 2006 PC ONLY - NO REQUEST  (Read 215328 times)

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Re: UltraMegaMagnus's stuff FOR MUA 2006 PC ONLY - NO REQUEST
« Reply #270 on: June 25, 2021, 08:38am »
Added Penance Booster :

This booster includes all needed files, the main work is from Blaw and Gevth, credits to them, link to their release :
Blaw Mod:

Gevth booster:

Credits Marvel Vicarious Vision Blaw and Gevth for the Original mod and asset MrK ak2yny Julio Outsider Anderson Aventureimax, nikita for tools tips and knowledge sharing.

Changes include new animations tweaked from MUA2 thx to MrK tips, updated sounds, removed useless fightmoves and minor tweaks.

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