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Started by nikita488, July 23, 2018, 11:11AM

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Screenshot below of the same folder path and files, notice the difference in File Size

Left is the dialog to open IGB files in either MUAMaterial and/or Insight IGB Viewer, right is the Windows File Explorer view.

No matter if I paste the file (after modifying) in the Actors folder, it keeps loading the data of the *previous* version of the file in the Actors folder in all programs, including the game.

Hopefully this data can lead to a better solution.

Can i have your original IGB file, modified IGB file and texture file that you trying to apply? Don't have any skins/textures to test with so if you can give me this files, that will be very helpful. Really wanna test this on my side and see what's going on here...

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Quote from: nikita488 on December 30, 2018, 12:24PM
Can i have your original IGB file, modified IGB file and texture file that you trying to apply? Don't have any skins/textures to test with so if you can give me this files, that will be very helpful. Really wanna test this on my side and see what's going on here...

- Here's the modified skin file
- The original IGB file is 1502, however at this point it doesn't matter which file I replace with another version in the Actors folder; Insight AND the game won't recognize it (I just tested, MUAMaterial *does* recognize the updated file)

I uploaded the modified skin file directly from the Actors folder. It is the correct file size and when opened in MUAMaterial, it does load. The game however, doesn't load it. Insight IGB viewer loads a version of the file that I had prior. MUA and Insight seemingly do the same thing. This was *never* a problem before.

I'm not a programmer, however the only thing I can think of is that either MUA or MUAMaterial has a cache/memory problem. With MUA I could copy paste and overwrite files and watch the game update anything I enter in before with no problem. I also run the game as Administrator. The fact that both MUA and Insight have the same issue and MUA Material does not, makes me believe that it may be the tool. The odd part as mentioned before: MUA Material does seem to load the file within Actors as if it was updated.

Another thing is that, after updating the file, it keeps adding on textures even if you replace it with a new version (when using the same file)

--- EDIT ---

Here's a screenshot. SAME file (Copy and pasted across the 2 screens). Notice how the results are different? The right sight is how the game will load it (guaranteed to crash though), because I enabled all maps in 3ds max). Even when I export a Diffuse map enabled only model and add on the maps via MUAMaterial, the game and insight will load the previous version for whatever reason.

I went ahead and reinstalled MUA. Didn't resolve it.

MUAMaterial still has the same file. I pasted it into the MUA folder. It's as if it just doesn't get updated in that folder. So WEIRD.

When opening in Insight (which MUA also loads), it loads the old DIFFUSE only file with size 808kb compared to the 3mb file seen in my previous reply. I'm not sure now if it is the tool or if it is something security related.

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I will test that tomorrow. For now i think you can debug your IGB files using IGB Finalizer to see if structure of the file is changing or not...

I found the fix: it wasn't the tool. It was giving admin rights to all software -_-.

I, too, am facing the same issue as tommy and anderson with the excessive "bloom" lighting.

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Testing your 1502.igb. It looks like your EnvMask texture is doing something wrong, because when i turn off your env mask texture, model looks normal.

Also model is very shiny when "Fullscreen effects" is On. That's because of your Gloss texture, so when i turned off your gloss map, model looks correct.

I've extracted all textures from original 1502.igb, so you can look how all the textures of original 1502 looks like.

ALSO i forgot to mention. My tool not replacing textures with same name, it just add another copy of texture to IGB so that's why your model has duplicated Normal and EnvMask textures (just opened your IGB file using Finalizer).

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Thanks for the source material.

It made a world of difference!

As far as i can tell DXT1 without alpha.

I used DXT5 with an alpha channel, with Alpha being a copy of the Green channel.

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Hey thx again for the tool, I just wanted to report something I noticed, I was doing a mannequin (not rigged) with in game original model & texture, exported WITH PC OPTIMISER CHECKED, used the nikita tool, nothing applied.

Then I exported the mannequin WITHOUT THE PC OPTIMISER CHECKED, used the nikita tool, and this time I could apply the bump & spec texture.

So I'm thinking the pc optimiser might causes issue with nikita tool and is better not checked before exporting.

Make sure to utilize the tool, the game and the game's folders with Admin rights.

Hello Nikita488!
I am very satisfied with the result that your tool creates in our converted skins. I have downloaded the skins that BLAW updated and I saw that he is able to use his tool at the most.
I'm still having difficulties in fully using your tool and I know this is because of my ignorance in using photoshop.
I made this video to show what I do in the preparation of the normal map. In this video I show the result that I get by applying the green texture and then the blue texture.
I know the correct texture is green, but the blue texture has given me the expected result. Can you point me where is my mistake in producing the green texture?

Your steps looks correct but one thing i've mentioned is that when you saving green normal map, you choose DXT5_NM. As far as i can tell this is not correct, you need just DXT5.

So that's the trick. the DXT5. Is saving w/ Intel Tool-based DDS in Photoshop works as well, other than NVIDIA Tools?
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