New MUA side missions

Started by Norrin Radd, September 11, 2007, 07:55PM

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Yep, that's exactly right

any chance of making new side missions????

can you reupload the 3 side missions and the 4 person team files for Mission 3, because i tried the download, but the link didn't work, so can you please fix the problem.

I'm glad to help here's the link sorry i don't have the 4 person team files for mission 3 or i think is in this package since i do it with cyclops and wolverine

ok, thanks, and its ok that you don't have the 4 person files. i myself was thinking of doing the mission with cyclops and wolverine.

sorry, can someone upload the missions again

Not to bring an old topic but someone please re-upload this...

can someone please re upload the side mission?

Heres the missions:

I don't however have the 4 person team files for Mission 3 so im not sure what will happen if you try and bring anyone other than cyclops on mission 3 ive never tried yet.

Thanks  alot for uploading it, I will surely try it out!

I have installed and uninstalled this mod twice now so far and each time, instead of sabertooth being in the medical bay, black panther is there in his place. You can't interact with him and sabertooth is nowhere to be found lol.

After copying my backup of the base game and only installing the ocp and xml2 characters beforehand, I tried this mod again, well the Wolverine mission anyway, and it worked.

After a little bit more testing I think it's safe to assume that this mod isn't compatible with the 50R hack. Not a knock against since I'll just have 2-3 different folders of mua that I'll customise for different playthroughs 🤣