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Can remove this topic
« on: October 30, 2018, 03:30pm »
Links removed to avoid any trouble.
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Just for information -- if people want the PSP exclusives in T-Pose the same trick can be done, but using Ninja Ripper and PPSSPP. You just rename all animations for that character (plus default animations) so the game cannot find any, then load up, select your characters and press the rip button for Ninja Ripper.
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Thx for the information, I did something else for T-pose, I renamed occurence of BIP01 in the skin file to something else, except the very first BIP01.

Note for skinners : use something as a template to scale, adjust the size of the PSP mesh in 3DS Max, because PSP models are not large enough compared to PC models and have very small neck, so they look a bit weird in game, I did the mistake of rigging without thinking of the PSP proportion :(, also before exporting, move the igactor near the pelvis area to avoid bug in the jumping animation.

1. Something tells me there is now a possibility to mesh mod in PSP ver., but needs to adjust the size first
2. That rigging proportion method will be the main part to avoid the incident like what happened with Captain Marvel models from OC Pack
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