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Started by Cohollow, May 07, 2019, 07:37AM

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Imagine a world where storms wind powers dont fizzle out most of the time, and cast properly every time! Beautiful isn't it?

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So theres alot of really cool character mods people have made. I'd like to use them as a base to make some fleshed out character mods because i dont know how to go about making alot of the pieces that go into building a character from the ground up. Problem is, they'd prefer that i request permission before using their builds and havent been on the site for years. It'd be a shame to let em sit and collect dust, thoughts?

The main things that have caught my eye atm are matt's dope angel mod and nodoubts blob and quicksilver mods. nether have been on for a looooong time

Blob, eh? I modded the original download on here a fair bit. One special melee (non-powered) move I gave him was when you do the "heavy" melee attack while in mid-air. Since he's so big and clumsy, I have him smash into the ground in a belly flop causing the "auto-knockback" on all enemies vulnerable to it.

yes i think the blob would make for an interesting play style considering his mass. Tho, blob actually isnt as slow as one might expect.

so i've made a new thread where you can keep up with what i'm working on. If you've enjoyed my work thus far, please come to the new thread and join in on the conversation! I don't think any future work will be shown on this thread.

New sneak peek thread:,

Quote from: Cohollow on June 11, 2019, 07:25AM
yes i think the blob would make for an interesting play style considering his mass. Tho, blob actually isnt as slow as one might expect.

Especially when the AI takes hold of him. =p

if i've learned anything form years of video games, its that the ai never plays fair :P

i wish i could figure out y blob runs so fast when hes under ai control. It drives me nuts

I spent a long time trying to work out the glitches with Blob. I got most under control. I can send you my version of his PS and/or Talent file if you'd like to cross reference it with yours to see what works.

process of elimination led me to 30_blob_hero.igb for all the weird stuff that happens when the ai is in control. I don't yet have the knowledge or tools to work with igb files so im using the original blob file and making changes to his basic combos using the powerstyle coding. Thx for the offer tho, i appreciate it. At this point little to nothing remains of nodoubts original character mod.

Unfortunately, it's not really possible to change the animations in XML2

Yo Cohollow, are you still working on your boosters, like Jean and Sunfire ?

yes! i still have some boosters planned tho they will be awhile down the road as some irl stuff has taken focus for the time being. i shall return soon enough homies!