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Started by Cohollow, October 14, 2019, 08:52PM

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October 14, 2019, 08:52PM Last Edit: July 17, 2020, 02:49PM by Cohollow
:deadpool: Deadpool :deadpool:

Everyone calm down, I have arrived! Finally as awesome as i always shoulda' been, I can wreck the field with charm, and grace. Better control over my sword and a flashy teleport attack help me with big boy crowd control! Time to take it to Apocaloser with me, Deadpool, and my pretty new explosives. I don't need teammates. Lose the X-dorks and just use me!   

Add this file to the data folder to balance the skill count of shared skills like mutant master, and to add the striker passive that i will be adding to some characters!
Shared Talents:,10916.msg199255.html#msg199255



Slice N' Dice(Rupturing Jab) Chicken fried rice.
Changes - Faster execution
             -  Attack can be guided by the player
             - Increased travel distance
             - Increased accuracy

Bullet Delivery(Dual Shot) BLAM BLAM! No refunds.
Changes - Faster draw and holster speed
             - Faster and more accurate control
             - Slight knockback

Tele-kick Float like a Nightcrawler, sting like a Wolverine. Spam this power, and juggle some bad guys.
Changes - New Ability

Stinging Roundhouse(Butterfly Kick) A Swayze roundhouse, but with swords.
Changes - Does two strikes
             - Has radial knockback and trip
             - Can be guided by the player

Whirly Blades(Blade Cyclone) Where he stops, nobody knows. (press and hold)
Changes - Increased draw and sheathe speed

Here Comes the Boom BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM I wanna go BOOM BOOM!
Changes - New Ability


NITROGEN BLAST An xtreme chill pill for excited fans.
Changes - More accurate area of effect
             - More reliable freeze


Curse Of Life My incredible skill and healing factor will forever keep Death and I apart. (increased health regeneration and dodge chance)
Changes - New Ability

Wisecrack Sometimes it feels like I'm not in control of my actions.
Changes - Greatly reduce EP cost


Teleport He's here, He's there, he's everywhere. Increases to allow bringing friends.
Changes - far less points required to increase distance

Weapons Mastery Better swords, and bullets? Sign me up.
Changes - (Bug Fix) Applies proper damage increase to guns and swords

Sneaky-pool A true master of stealth wears bright red. (increased ATK and DEF)
Changes - New Ability

Erratic Regeneration(Regeneration) Like wolverine, but cooler.
Changes - None

Critical Strike Increased critical hit chance with basic combo attacks.

Mutant Master Increases EP regeneration Rate.

Other Features

- Many minor changes to abilities that are not listed such as damage, EP cost, added sounds, improved effects, etc
- Deadpool is now recognized as a member of the X-MEN
- Deadpool is single and enjoys long walks on the beach :deadpool:

Big thanks to many community members for continued assistance and support!