Shared Talents Mod (Cohollow)

Started by Cohollow, July 16, 2020, 06:49PM

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July 16, 2020, 06:49PM Last Edit: July 17, 2020, 03:05PM by Cohollow
Shared Talents Mod

These modified shared talents were made to be used in combination with my character mods boosters, but still offer benefits to other characters that were not modded by me. The shared talents consist of skills shared by multiple characters such as mutant master, flight, critical strike, etc.

Shared Talents:


Striker - Many of my modded characters feature a talent called striker that increase the damage of non-powered melee attacks. Without this mod, this talent will be unavailable to said characters

New Icons - This mod replaces the existing icons for shared talents with new high quality versions made by the talented BaconWizard17

Skill Count - Skills that require 15 points to max out have been reduced to 12. my mods feature 5 passive abilities that cost up to 12 points to max out instead of the original 4 that took up to 15 points to max out.

Other Features - Many other minor changes have been made in order to further streamline the leveling of passives. For example Mutant Mastery is available starting at level 1 and Flight only requires up to 3 points to max out.


- Icons -

be sure to check out BaconWizard17's great work here:,9904.0.html

Big thanks to many community members for continued assistance and support!

its a better leveling experience!!! thank you for the hard work

Really happy to here you like the modded shared talents! On a side note i fixed a typo in the above skill count section to display the correct skill counts.

Excelent work, my dude. Keep it up.

i put the files in but now my flight characters cant fly and have might instead? is this something i did?

Quote from: powpowpower on August 14, 2020, 06:42PM
i put the files in but now my flight characters cant fly and have might instead? is this something i did?

You might need to start a new game in order for the shared talents to take effect

I really appreciate the mods you've put out there. I've played XMLII to death and your mods have definitely breathed some new life into it for me.

That being said, I'm experiencing some issues with some character talents not showing up. I've added the Shared Talents Mod and some passives haven't been showing up. Storm's Leadership skill, for example, or your Striker ability. It's strange, because most of your new abilities have been showing up just fine. Any ideas about this?

Make sure the files are all in their proper place and restart you game, also start a new save! Not doing so will result in such issues. let me know if these issues persist.

Oh, I figured it out. At the time, I was using the All-Xmen Mod and not putting the herostats in the right place. Thanks for following up, though. Your boosters are great!