Spacedude's Out Of This World Voicepacks!

Started by tubularspacedude, December 16, 2019, 06:41PM

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Old Ben Kenobi as played by Stephen Stanton is now available as a voice pack for Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Updated the Rino Romano Spider-Man mod to feature new voice lines from Enter Electro!

My latest voice pack, Lara Croft voiced by Jonell Elliott from Angel of Darkness, is now available!

In light of the Outsider replacing the Lara Croft mod's default sounds with my Jonell Elliott pack, I have made my older Keeley Hawes voice pack available as a separate download here.

To complement the recently released Batman Beyond mod, here is a brand new voice pack with his definitive voice actor, Will Friedle!

Updated to now feature a download for my new Magik MH Voice Mod!

Excellent job on all voice pack, will update when I can Batman Beyond with your updated voice pack+powerstyle update, Angel and Magik needed those, they could also use animation upgrade  :magik:

Dazzler finally has a voice! See the first post for details!

I've updated my Batman Beyond sound pack!

New packs have been released! Among those is an infinite crisis Green Lantern voice pack, and an expanded music pack for Outsider's Undertaker! Check out that mod here.,8753.2355.html

Added new Jean Voice Pack done in collab with a friend of mine!