[XML1] CCC Custom Character Central *MODDERS MUST READ/USE*

Started by BaconWizard17, January 07, 2020, 08:34PM

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By BaconWizard17
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Since X-Men Legends II has a CCC now, I decided to add one for X-Men Legends as well! For those who don't know, CCC stands for Custom Character Central. It has been used in Ultimate Alliance to sort mods for years now to prevent clashes. Well, now it's come to XML1 as well. I put Marvel and Non-Marvel characters on one sheet, since they can use the same numbers without clashes (as long as different skin numbers are used)

I know that no mods have been made for XML1 yet, but I wanted to have a CCC in place so that it's ready for once mods are made. I went ahead and reserved spots for mods of XML2 playables, XML2 NPCs that have mods, and MUA1 playables, just so they're ready. I'd assume those would be among the first mods to be made for XML1. I'm acting on the assumption that a character can use all 7 skin categories, but that hasn't been verified yet.

  • You MUST use the XML1 CCC if you wish to create a mod of a character for X-Men Legends
  • Requests that have no progress after 1 year will be removed to make way for new requests
  • NUMBERS: Please use the form below to request a number for your character. Use unfilled numbers until all of them have been filled, and then it's okay to share numbers
    • The exception is for alternate versions/recreations (see Rule #5)
  • SKINS: Skin numbers will be assigned to you. By default, you will be given 7 skin numbers. If you need more (for minions or alternate forms), you can request that in the request form
    • An example of an alternate form would be Magma or Human Torch's Fiery forms or Husk's various forms
    • An example of a minion would be Lilandra's Shi'ar soldier minion
    • When creating your mod, please create packages for all 7 assigned skin numbers
    • When creating your mod, please make skins in the following order on the herostat: skin, skin_60s, skin_70s, skin_weaponx, skin_future, skin_winter, skin_civilian, skin_magmacivilian
  • VERSIONS OF ONE CHARACTER: Different versions of a character are expected to use different skin numbers, but the same character numbers. Recreations of existing mods are expected to use the same numbers as the original
    • An example of different versions of a character would be Colossus and Unstoppable Colossus (different versions of a character). Both use the number 09, but they use different skin numbers (0901-0907 for Colossus, 0910-0917 for Unstoppable Colossus)
    • An example of a recreation of an existing mod would be nodoubt_jr's Beast mod and Cohollow's Beast mod (different mods, but the same character). Both use the number 05, and both use skin numbers 0501-0509
    • If you are creating a different version of a character, please make it so that they can play independently from the other version(s)