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Started by Enchlore, May 20, 2020, 10:06AM

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Quote from: Enchlore on February 10, 2021, 01:18AM
Do you like playing with the Fantastic Four, but feel tired of not having enough good up-to-date skins for them? Your troubles are over! Announcing the Fantastic Four Skin Pack, featuring four skins for each of the Four! Go grab it in the first post!

Each character gets these skins:
- Original (based on their first costumes)
- Classic (based on John Byrne's revamp)
- New Marvel (based on the late 1990s designs)
- Future Foundation (based on, well, the Future Foundation)

Mannequins are included for every Original, Classic and New Marvel skin. The Human Torch is different in that his mannequins are all flamed on, so they're organized differently.

These are all custom models made out of kitbashes and customized textures, with the exception of Reed, Sue and Johnny's Future Foundation skins which are taken directly from Marvel Future Fight.

The source parts for Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and Human Torch were taken from Marvel Future Fight. Thing's model was taken from Marvel Heroes and modified to fit in with the others (I chose this model because I feel it is more deformed/monstrous than his Future Fight model).

On another note, the Daredevil Yellow skin has been updated - there is now a version of the skin with extra texture maps.
Ficou incrível, são as melhores do quarteto fantástico que eu vi até agora

Released a new Spider-Man skin based on a Brazilian fan film project.

Big releases including major updates for my character mods of Rogue and Mega Man X are coming soon. Please be patient as I am currently pretty busy.
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Yes, yes, I've been promising this for a long time... now I'm finally starting to update my previous mods.

Mega Man X Updates:
- Now uses a mixed animation set. Some powers now have more unique animations. Special thanks to Ceamonks890 for the initial mixed set which I built off from.
- Rebalanced stats.
- Herostat now comes in XMLBCUI and raven-formats versions.
- Now has support for the Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Rogue Updates:
- Animation errors have been fixed.
- Minor power errors have been fixed.
- A texture mapping issue in the X-Treme skin has been fixed.
- Now has support for the Brazilian Portuguese translation.
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Mega Man X has received a big update! Please re-download him, and also don't forget to change his herostat in your game.

Changes from last version:
- His skins have been replaced to models from the game Mega Man X DiVE. These look way better and also have better rigging. The old skins are still included as a bonus for completion and preservation's sake.
- The Flash Laser error has been fixed.
- New animations have been inserted.
- Speed Burner now functions differently, behaving more like in Mega Man X2.
- Oddities in Twin Slasher have been fixed.
- Level requirements for powers have been adjusted.
- Other minor re-balancing updates.
- Typos have been fixed in power descriptions in both English and Brazilian Portuguese versions.
I'm a modder from Brazil. Check out my mods!

I'm confused as to how I'm suppose to install this skins because after I add one some parts look all broken mainly the arms... like am I suppose to have a specific model base for each character, for the skin to look as its suppose to?

Quote from: Huey on August 16, 2022, 07:41PM
I'm confused as to how I'm suppose to install this skins because after I add one some parts look all broken mainly the arms... like am I suppose to have a specific model base for each character, for the skin to look as its suppose to?

If you can provide some screenshots of how the skins look and describe which skins you used, where you got them, and how you installed them, that would be very helpful in figuring out the issue

Big update!

The following skins have been released:

Ant-Man: The Adjuster
Black Panther: Super War, Modern
Black Widow: End Time Arena
Captain Marvel: Genis-Vell, Legacy, Kree Genis, Photon, Kree Mar-Vell
Crimson Dynamo: Marvel Duel
Dr. Strange: End Time Arena, 1902, Defenders
Electro: Modern
Executioner: Super War Classic
Hank Pym: West Coast Avengers V2
Iron Man: Modular Armor V2, Ultimate
Loki: Future Fight Classic
Mandarin: Pinball
Ms. Marvel: Original
Mysterio: Future Fight Classic
Namor: Super War Classic
Odin: Future Fight
Professor X: 90s Classic
Thor: Classic/Season One, End Time Arena, Ultimate, Thunderstrike
NPCs: AIM Soldiers, Tony Stark, Uatu, Weasel
Skin packs: Asgardians, Skrulls
Characters without mods: Serpent, Whiplash

Because I ran out of space in the first post, I had to temporarily erase some stuff. I will re-organize the thread soon, it's just that I'm currently very tired and wanted to get these new skins out already. Meanwhile you can still get my boosters and sound packs from Ceamonks' archives. This is a temporary measure.
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My mod thread is undergoing a revamp for better presentation and to give viewers better previews of mods. This revamp is under construction, so expect the thread to change further as I organize things better.

A new skin has been added: Dr. Strange - Blue Mage!

Some skins have been updated:

- Crystal - Classic and Fantastic Four: Fixed an issue where the skins had inappropriate shadows over them. Also gave them new specular maps.
- Hulk - Maestro: New rig with less deformities and a new specular map.
- Jarvis: Completely reworked so that you don't need to mess with the NPCstat to use the skin. He has an appropriate height and tea plate from the get-go. The skin can be installed on a default NPCstat and will look as intended. IF YOU WERE ALREADY USING THIS SKIN ON YOUR GAME, REMOVE THE SCALE FACTOR AND BOLTON CODES FROM JARVIS' NPCSTAT ENTRY!
- Spider-Man - Panopticon: Now includes a mannequin.
- Spider-Man - Ben Reilly: Now has comic-accurate shoes, a new rig and a new specular map.
- Spider-Man - 2099: New rig and new web cape, looking more faithful to the comics. Also has a new specular map.
- Spider-Man - Future Foundation: New specular map.
- Spider-Man - Iron Spider: New rig and new specular map.
- Thor - Classic: Fixed a shadow error.
- Uatu the Watcher: Fixed a shadow error.
- Wonder Man - Classic: New rig and new specular map.

Additionally, the following skins have been given the global color fix and will no longer turn pitch black when under status effects or getting hit by enemies (this also applies to the updated skins listed above):

- Black Panther: MCU Killmonger
- Daredevil: Yellow, Man Without Fear
- Darkhawk: Classic, Modern
- Hank Pym: Giant-Man, Goliath
- Hulk: Classic, Gray, Immortal
- Iron Man: Classic
- Wasp: Modern

Also, my sound packs and boosters are back online.
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New update! The following skins have been added:

Storm: X-Men Red, Inhumans vs. X-Men
NPCs and others: Doom Bot, Dr. Jemma Simmons, Frost Giant, Kurse, Loki Troll, Surtur/Fire Giant, Ultimo
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New Captain America skins!

- Classic
- Original
- Ultimate
- Bucky
- Isaiah Bradley
- US Agent/The Captain
- Director Rogers (with 3 versions)

Classic and Ultimate include mannequins.
I'm a modder from Brazil. Check out my mods!

Fantastic collection of Cap skins! All of them are terrific!

Really like the Rogue mod!
Are all the skins offline? I don't see any download links. I was hoping to get Storm's.