Documentation of all cut content from Ultimate Alliance

Started by BaconWizard17, February 29, 2020, 07:56AM

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I think we can assume from that that you would have to fight the Hulk, but it's hard to say for certain

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One of Mandarin's entities is called "electro_blast" and the power it goes with looks like it would fit Electro.
Mandarin's only other entity is called "mandarin_tornado".
All this suggests that the projectile power that includes the "electro_blast" entity was probably originally meant for Electro.

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Update on hela. There is no reference to her having a boss fight. After looking at the cut objectives and conversations she was likely going to be an npc in valhalla (maybe asgard). She has a temporary conversation.

kang the conquerer and annihilus had a 3d head like in xml2 which likely means he has a lost skin that hasnt been recovered

Agent X had objectives you would complete for him in levels such as mandarins palace.

MJ had a missing diary that needed to be found.

Frigga was a cut npc. Found a temporary convo for her in valhalla.