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Started by SuperNatural-Witch, June 03, 2012, 05:08AM

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I can't say I do however, I might look up one night sooo check tomorrow and  might have it for yA

*v* ohh, the UMvC3 OP CG was it? -|*v*|- Ok, X-23 suits fine for me.
Call me Lars. I'm Power Cosmic no more.

"Trying to solve mysteries of modding here"

My Progress:,4671.0.html

Feel free to mod my releases, as long you credit me:,4488.0.html

Those all look really awesome! :D

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So after looking online for  MUA 2006. I realize I saved a copy of the game on an old phone, Palm Pre very old indeed, thankfully it worked so now I have MUA, yes.
So good news I still have my old files avabile and I'm about done with Sue. I'm looking at ways to make her better. She's about 90% done. some of the moves are needed to tone down so bright, I tell ya

I want to revamp Scarlet Witch closely to the MCU Wanda,idk