Official Characters Pack 2.4 Released!

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This is a huge overhaul to the Official Characters Pack for MUA PC 2006 English version that adds many new features

  • Includes files for all 55 "default" characters
    • MUA1 Next-Gen Exclusives: Colossus :colossus: and Moon Knight :moonk:
    • MUA1 Xbox 360/DLC Characters: Cyclops :cyclops:, Hawkeye :hawkeye:, Hulk :hulk_icon:, Nightcrawler :nightcrawler:, Dr. Doom :doom:, Magneto :magneto:, Sabretooth :stooth:, and Venom :venom:
    • MUA1 PSP Exclusives: Black Widow :blackwidow:, Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) :genis:, and Ronin :ronin:
    • XML2 Characters: Bishop :bishop:, Cable :cable2:, Cannonball :cball:, Dark Phoenix :darkphx:, Gambit :gambit2:, Jean Grey :phoenix:, Juggernaut :juggernaut:, Professor X :xavier:, Pyro :pyro:, Rogue :rogue:, Scarlet Witch :scarletw:, Sunfire :sunfire:, Toad :toad:, and X-Man :xman:
    • XML1 Characters: Beast :beast:, Emma Frost :emmafrost:, Jubilee :jubilee:, Magma :magma: (all by BLiZZ), and Psylocke :psylocke: (by Dihan)
  • Includes files for exclusive Comic Book missions
    • PSP exclusive Comic Book missions for Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Black Widow and Ronin
    • PC exclusive Comic Book missions for Hulk, Silver Surfer and Moon Knight
  • PC exclusive models and skins for Silver Surfer :silvers: (Captain Universe, The Keeper and Silver Savage)
  • Some unique character conversations from the XBox 360, updated with fixes from the 2016 release
  • An alternative storyline for Mephisto's Realm
  • New character loadscreens
  • Enhanced conversation portraits
  • Fixed skins and conversation portraits
  • X_voice includes official character voices only
  • Heroselect has been removed
  • Default controller support for Xbox One controllers, including optional support for Xbox 360 and PS3/4 controllers
  • Various power fixes and improvements
  • Strong characters (Captain Marvel, Colossus, Hulk, Juggernaut, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Thing, Thor) now have stun and knockback immunity
  • Black Widow & Cable uses Outsider's boosters
  • Toad, Gambit, and Bishop use Maegawa's boosters (but with standard costume passives)
  • Dihan's Psylocke has been modified to not use a custom fightstyle
  • BLiZZ's Magma has been modified to be even closer to her XML1 counterpart

The base roster is still the 23 main characters + Hulk, Captain Marvel, Moon Knight, and Hawkeye. You can swap in the others using XMLBCUI, OpenHeroSelect, or QuickBatch.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please note that the Official Characters Pack is only compatible with the original 2006 port of MUA. It will not work on the "remastered" 2016 Steam version. Unsure which version you got? Check the game folder -- if you see .bin files and the exe file date is 2016, then you've got the "remastered" version that is useless here. You can find a free, legal, and safe archived version of the game in the MUA1 Mod Installation Guide.

Please read all information provided before reporting anything. (Planned updates and bug-list)

Download Here!
Preview Video
Compatibility pack for boosters
Including sounds fix for Nightcrawler, Silver Surfer, Ronin, Cyclops, Dr. Doom, Magneto, Hulk, etc; block fix for Gambit, Iceman, Juggernaut, Storm, Thor, etc. More information in the Readme.

Optional Files
Optional files folder of OCP 2.4 - Includes more comic missions, conversations, backups, 5th and 6th skins, speed mods and much more
Translation helper for OCP 2.4


Official Character Pack 2.4
  • Game developer credits: Raven Software, Beenox, Activision, Marvel, Vicarious Vision (game engine & MUA2/MUAPSP), N-Space (MUA2 Wii content), Salami Studios & Talking Dogz (Voice acting), Zoe Mode (Remaster Edition content)
  • Additional original MUA credits: Blur Studio (cinematics), CRI Middleware (video), Four Bars Entertainment (music)
  • THX: for starting and hosting
  • UltraMegaMagnus: His amazing efforts in putting together this pack, upscaling files, fixing skins, adding packages, CSS, etc. This wouldn't be here without him!
  • XML2 Character Conversions Credits
  • BLiZZ: Beast, Emma Frost, Jubilee, Magma, Cable, and X-Man mods
  • Dihan: Psylocke mod
  • Boreman: Cannonball mod
  • Matt710: Dark Phoenix mod
  • LarsAlexandersson: RE sounds for many char., Dark retexture, Ronin comic mission conversion, general help
  • Krisan Thyme: DLC sounds, fixing various scripts
  • Shafcrawler: Loadscreens
  • Ceamonks890: general help and providing CSS callouts
  • Canino: coding and icons conversion
  • Outsider: Black Widow & Cable boosters, Dark Phoenix fix, herostats
  • MrKablamm0fish: Map + object fixes, Black Widow comic mission conversion
  • nodoubt_jr: Magma conversion for XML2, where the OCP2 Magma was updated from
  • Rasdel: Moon Knight retexture of 4105 skin
  • Nowhereman: Hand Ninjas & JulioCabral: SIM coding
  • Nicaras: Jean Grey fix
  • BloodyMares: Hulk hud fixes
  • BaconWizard17: Statues of NC and Jean, XML skins, Xbox One controller fix and instructions.
  • Nikita488: IGB to FBX conversions, Alchemy tools, raven-formats and Zsnd (sound editor)
  • ak2yny: General fixes, assistance, gold sounds upgrade, Cyclops, conversion, XML icons upscale
  • MrKablamm0fish, Outsider, Nikita488, LucasFernandesBr, BaconWizard17, deforexa, Jayglass, Andersonbrazil, Aventureiromax, Revknight, Cyborg Sun 天, Nick, Enchlore, UltraMegaMagnus, LarsKusanagi, brandonmeek, Stickbro, Tubular Spaceman, BloodyMares, KingAdam, Julio Cabral, Datkofguy, Master Reaver, Rock, Maegawa, epicandragon94, "M.", Fr3ddy
  • Dark_Mark: Swordsman model, Super Skrull skin, converting Xbox 360 Gold Edition unique character conversations, Venom, Hulk's and Hawkeye's power sounds, revised power sounds for Dr. Doom, Cyclops, Ronin and Nightcrawler, Black Widow fixes, alternative Murderworld storyline, (his other work and models from OCP1 are not included in OCP2)
  • Whiteking: 5th and 6th skin for Emma Frost
  • Anyone else we forgot: Thanks
Official Character Pack 1.3 (remaining)
  • BliZZ: for heading up the mod for a long time, doing the bulk of the character conversions, converting PSP exclusive missions for Hawkeye and Captain Marvel, making Comic Book missions for Hulk, Silver Surfer and Moon Knight, Dr Strange's Mannequin
  • Tommyboy2002: for his overall work on character models for MUA, as well as his Dr. Doom mannequin
  • Dark_Mark: Venom, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Ronin and Magneto models/mannequins, Cyclops models/skins, Silver Savage model/hud icon, Sabretooth mannequin, Swordsman model, Super Skrull skin, converting Xbox 360 Gold Edition unique character conversations, Venom, Hulk's and Hawkeye's power sounds, revised power sounds for Dr. Doom, Cyclops, Ronin and Nightcrawler, Black Widow fixes, alternative Murderworld storyline, preparation and compilation of versions 1.0 to 1.3
  • Iammingy: For incredible skins, fixing of effects, new boltons and the Black Widow mannequin
  • Norrin Radd: For Heroselect, the additional 3 Dr Doom skins, the Original Sabretooth skin, research on looping sounds in zsm's and other misc
  • Winstrol: for ZSMEditor, without which we wouldn't have sounds
  • Teancum: Converting character sounds, capturing Xbox 360 conversations and character voices, compiling of beta 3
  • Overload: For the posed Cyclops and Nightcrawler mannequins
  • Burning Rage, darkmythology: initial 360 conversion research
  • Noelemahc: invaluable research on game texture formats
  • LarsAlexandersson: converting more PSP sounds for Ronin
  • Venom: RC1 testing

June 03, 2022, 05:51AM #1 Last Edit: June 03, 2022, 06:04AM by alexwesker123
my game is crash after alt + tap

June 05, 2022, 11:20AM #2 Last Edit: June 05, 2022, 11:25AM by ak2yny
This is from the official readme (Docs\enu\readme.txt):
Quote from: Activision on August 24, 2006, 05:00AM
1. Alt-Tab & Alt-Enter

Using Alt-Tab or Alt-Enter to exit Marvel(TM): ULtimate Alliance and switch to another application is not recommended. While you may be able to Alt-Tab/Alt-Enter to exit Marvel(TM): Ultimate Alliance, and the game will remain running in the task bar, you may not be able to recover the game by Alt-Tabbing/Alt-Entering back to it. At this point, you may have to use the Windows(R) Task Manager to close Marvel(TM): Ultimate Alliance. Hold down the Ctrl-Alt-Delete keys to bring up the Task Manager, then select Marvel(TM): Ultimate Alliance from the list of programs currently running and hit the End Task button. Alt-Tab & Alt-Enter are not supported features of Marvel(TM): Ultimate Alliance.

This behaviour is normal and has nothing to do with the OCP 2.4.