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Started by Tony Stark, May 02, 2012, 03:16PM

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Quote from: Tony Stark on July 09, 2012, 01:48PM
I've created a TRON-style team management screen, to go with my TRON-Style skins. Instructions are below the image. Download it from the main posts!


1. Go to your Marvel Ultimate Alliance folder in the Program Files. Open the ui folder and open the models folder in it. (For example, mine is located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Activision\Marvel - Ultimate Alliance\ui\models".)

2. Find the file called "m_team_stage.igb" and make a backup of it (just rename it to something like "m_team_stage_backup.igb".)

3. Download my TRON-Style Team Management Screen file. Do not rename it, it should be named "m_team_stage.igb".

4. Place my version of the file in the models folder you opened in step 1.

5. Open up the game, and go to swap out characters.

6. Profit.

what main post? Can I please get a link? I went to page one of this post and saw nothing.

Check out my Emporium🥳! (all my voice mods are here):,10845.msg198383.html#msg198383
And the Village🤪! (my voice workbench):,10636.msg196523.html#msg196523

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I've been working to improve the quality of the FMV movies in the game. I actually had them upscaled to 4k but the game only accepts 768x432 videos. I was able to make them look a little cleaner, and interpolate them to run at 60fps. This batch of videos will replace the old ones (make a backup of your movies folder, and then drag this one over and replace all the old files). This includes my Avengers themed main menu background video.

In other words this is a "remaster" of sorts for the videos, but it's still stuck at a low resolution unfortunately. Nonetheless I think it's better than the originals, so enjoy.

Thank you for keeping this game amazing!