BarryAllen - Skins w/ Mannequins + HUDs (New Electro Classic)

Started by BarryAllen, March 21, 2021, 05:03PM

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Taskmaster MCU

Not perfect, has some gaps and some weird stretching in the menu but looks pretty good in game.

Please backup any files before replacing and let me know if it doesn't work   :tmaster:

Download here:

Includes a hud, and optional sword, bow boltons and an arrow.

Change the skin and hud numbers to the skin you want to replace, and copy the actors and hud folders to the game.
If you want the sword and bow and arrow, copy models across too.

Massive thanks to BaconWizard and UltraMegaMagnus for helping me and to AgentBachello for the model.

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Electro Classic

I might have missed it, but I could not find an Electro skin with the mask. Max deserves it so here it is!

EDIT - Just saw this same model on AdrianoAp's awesome mannequin, but oh well this was still fun to make lol

Get it here:

Includes hex edited skin, mannequin and a hud.

Thanks to marvel heroes (rip) for the great model and thanks to everyone who worked on the modelling tutorial!

Wow! Very nice!
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