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Author Topic: MUA1 Skin Thread Catalog  (Read 24155 times)

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MUA1 Skin Thread Catalog
« on: July 22, 2020, 07:58pm »


By BaconWizard17
Logo by Outsider
Dead Link Assistance by Ceamonks890

This is where you can find different skin threads for skins for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1. They are arranged in alphabetical order by creator. 

Listing individual skins was too cumbersome, so the admins decided to create a catalog of different common skin threads to help direct people.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please note that these mods are only compatible with the original 2006 port of MUA. They will not work on the "remastered" 2016 Steam version. Unsure which version you got? Check the game folder -- if you see .bin files and the exe file date is 2016, then you've got the "remastered" version that is useless here. You can find a free, legal, and safe archived version of the game in the MUA1 Mod Installation Guide.

425 Additional Alternate Skins:

AdrianoAp's Mannequins from A to Z:

Andersonbrazil's Small Packs:

Arachnid_Human_Male Mod Releases:

Aventureiromax's Galleries:

BaconWizard17's Custom Models:

BaconWizard17's PS2 Skins:

BLaw's Models:

BLaw's Skins:

BarryAllen Skins:

Cabral's Custom Models:

Cabral's Releases:

CaiqueWebslingerBrazil's Skins:

Canino's Mods:

Dr. Bruce Banner Presents:

Enchlore's Mods:

fighttherot's Spider-Man skins:

Guisguis skin:

Jayglass' Console Mods:

Kal's Mod Releases:

Link-Based Skin Catalog:

The Lionsden (Lionsden99's skins):

Maegawa's Stuff:

MJ Fan's Skins:

MrKablamm0fish's Releases:

NewCaptain's Skins:

Nicaras' Skins:

Nightcrawler171711' Skins:

Owl City's Releases:

Outsider Customs:

Panaka's Skins:

Quentin Hex's Skins:

solario's skin saloon:

Teancum's Console-Friendly Models:

Tommyboy2002's Meshes:

Tony Stark’s Workshop:

TQB's Re-Texture Project:

UltraMegaMagnus' Stuff (MUA1 PC Catalog):

UltraMegaMagnus' Stuff (Cross-Compatible Catalog):

Yeagarist09 Realm:

Zuluviking's skins

Zignutu's skins

This is an experimental thread of sorts. There are too many individual skins to list, and new skins are added all the time, but having all the skin threads in one place might be useful to others. What do you all think? Feedback is appreciated!
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