XML1 Prototype Sound Files

Started by Enigma, October 29, 2021, 08:19PM

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October 29, 2021, 08:19PM Last Edit: April 16, 2023, 02:11PM by Enigma
XML1 Prototype Sound Files v2.0


Because of the list of what's in here is so long, I've also posted the readme as a separate download instead of listing it in this thread: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11XQc9qfJVOj1tjwLT1OT8j31WFss6N8A/view?usp=share_link

The audio files in the XML1 Prototype are in a different format from the final game.
I posted what info that had been figured out on XeNTaX and someone named DKDave made some tools that could extract most of the files. The ones that didn't, DKDave said the reason was they has a "weird interleave."

Included are extracted versions of all the X-Men Legends 1 Prototype's sound files that the extraction tools will work for.
I haven't been able to compare every single file to the final version of XML1 due to lack of time.

I've sorted everything into folders and included a list here about what it all is.
I haven't completely figured out what's all different versus the final version because of the large number of files.
If you notice something is different than the final game, or not in the final game at all, please let me know.
If you want more info about XML1's cut content, see my XML1 cut content thread in the Knowledge Database on the forums.
If you use this or anything else I've done for anything, please credit me.

*Most power sounds are probably different versus the final game.
*Many of these folders have placeholders present. You'll know them when you hear them.
*Some power sounds, like most of Iceman's for example, are split into multiple very short clips that would need to be edited together into the full power sounds.
*The X-Mansion audio is organized very differently from the final game.
*Any with "_a" at the end are ambience noise tracks.
*Any with "_v" at the end are full voiced lines.
*Any with "_d" at the end are sound effects.
*Any with "_m" at the end are power/sound effects and/or grunts.
*Feel free to use this audio for whatever, just credit me.

-I've sorted through all the audio further. I haven't been able to compare every single file to the final version of XML1 due to lack of time.
-I captured the following music by recording it using an emulator and Audacity. They probably all loop more than once, but it was hard to tell when the music started looping again, and this way, I knew I had all of it: Main Menu, Arbiter Exterior, Juggernaut Flashback Boss, Toad Boss, Music Sting (a music sting that plays sometimes), Xtraction Change Character Music (this plays after you exit the character select menu and reenter the map if you've changed characters)

Tubular Spaceman: for helping me sort through x_voice.
BaconWizard17: for advice, encouragement, etc.
Ceamonks890: for cleaning up Angel's voiceset.

Slight update: the morl_t_m sounds are all different in this versus the final game. I'm not gonna update the whole archive just to note that, so I'm putting it here.

Slight update: sound#3 in avalan_m is in his voice and not used. it sounds like an alternate death sound. All the rest of the sounds in that folder are either placeholders or are used in the final version, but sound #3 is the exception.